The R35 GT-R quarter mile record continues to tumble, with the AMS Performance R35 running a devastating 9.33 @ 153.24mph. Fitted with their Alpha 10 upgrade, the AMS GT-R has double the stock power output (1100hp+) and set its time in full street trim.

AMS Performance

– Charles Kha



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what's that song again??

not that i don't care about the car and the perf.


Dammmmm 1000hp


that gave me goosebumps i never watch the vids on here that was fucking awesome.


video was a bit dramatic, but sub 10 seconds rules!


:D AMS knows. Do you?


nice one! new RH9? =p


the song is from inception OST, "time"

awesome GTR, glad to see some passionate guys on the work. Truely a piece of art.


uffff i would love to the response to this from the switzer r1k GTR


Engineering at its finest.


lol @ 2:15, "f*** me!"


i am curious to know how much they actually spent on this project?

btw anybody knows what the song is?


I think the track on video is Hans Zimmer - Time


why dont they just get a faster car that was made for straight line speed. that isnt awd. that wasnt designed for tracks with corners. and isnt as heavy. gt-r times are pretty dumb.


Was this on pump gas?


this cars done already?? damn good shit AMS


Name of that song please!


Like watching a trailer to a movie lol. Congrats to AMS


MrZuffenhausen, I don't recall which one it is specifically but it's off of the Inception soundtrack.


Extremely overwrought production, but amazing car.


Brilliant! Congrats to AMS for building what they set out to do. The R35 GTR tuning scene is definatly moving forward in leaps and bounds now.


hah, try to beat that one


the song is from inception, definitely hans zimmer... Once again AMS is showing what is great about tuning in the USA. Very very nice job guys! I hope you convince the owner to take this beast to Texas mile this year!!! I would love to look it over in person.





because this is a street car in what looks like full street trim. how many cars pull sub ten seconds and can still happily be driven round all day?


Good sound, good body, good power, good car, good AMS =)


hahaha very nice i feel like crying at the end


Believe it or not, it's the over production that builds to the climax. Some of you have Zero artistic attributes about you lol, seriously.

Great run, Considering it's still in street trim aka HEAVY AS S**** then that makes it even more amazing cause those things are as heavy as trucks lol Really nice


Still only 900hp at the wheels but in stock trim this is hellaquick :)


Only 900bhp isnt to be sniffed at! So so cool, sounds amazing and goes like stink in stock trim - siiiick.


i think this is absolutely nuts, 3900lbs and running 9's haha. nissan shoulda kept the skyline name... cuz the gTR is taking names left and right.



love the whole Inception score!


video was over dramatic for just a 9 sec car.


Epic! The Inception OST that is...

AMS outdid themselves with the R35 GT-R!

That's like 'old school' R34 GT-R values when tuners squeezed out all they could off the RB25.


IF you guys knew what all went into this build you wouldnt call the vid over dramatic.

the setup has be designed to fit and finish.

its a full weight street car.

I would love to see what this thing could do in other forms of motorsport (and Im sure we will)

BTW I think we all need to give mad respect to John Shepard for being the Badass that he is

Badass enough to not be afraid of the GTR Trans Like most the aftermarket has been,

and Badass enough to drive it the way he did.

PS AMS has multiple GTR Builds going to dominate other motorsports.

this is just the beginning.

I think were witnessing the Genesis of the American Sumo Power...


I love how everybodies already making excuses for the vehicle. People say "1000hp in the 9's isn't that special" and then someone else replies with "its in full trim" and brings up the weight or "It looks like a normal car that could proudly drive you around all day". I agree with the guy that doesn't think 9's are that special at 1000hp. I mean doesn't it kind've say something to you about a vehicle if everybody makes such a huge deal about the vehicle doing 9's with 900-1000hp on AWD and race slicks (I don't care how stock it looks and if it is still on full trim)? I'm not saying that I believe that the GTR is a horrible vehicle because I don't... I just think people are too pumped up over an overpriced, AWD, turbocharged, re-skinned Infiniti G37 (Let me tell you a secret... Its an R series Nissan on a Fairlady Z chassis ;]). Excuse me if I offended any GTR lovers. Didn't mean to preach.

Anyways.... Honestly, I just miss the good ol' days when you could squeeze 9's out of around 700-800hp on a decent pair of slick tires.

And *Ralph*? The Skyline R34 GTR was an RB26... not an RB25. And how young are you when you think an R34 is "old school"? Those were the days when the GTR was still something ridiculously cool even to me and that wasn't that long ago.