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Team Need for Speed Drift wrapped up the 2010 Formula Drift season at Irwindale Speedway with both Matt Powers and Mike Whiddett making the top 16. Since the “Introducing Team Need for Speed – Drift” video in July – we’ve been following Matt and Mike at Seattle, Las Vegas, Sonoma, and finally Irwindale. Instead of releasing a film for each round, as a re-cap, we’ve created a mash up combining two different view points into a original crazy composition.

DJ Miki Taka has been doing her own video blogs from each event and showing a behind the scenes look from the Need for Speed Electro lounge. Miki captured some moments in the pits and Formula Drift lifestyle that only she has access to – being her rad self. Mad Mike skateboarding at the Incline Club, Courtney and Vanessa messing with fans, and Matt Powers with the Mattely Crue.

Miki’s style of coverage is in contrast to my own. The drift-music video was a style that I helped to popularize in 2008 along with other drift filmmakers – who saw the connection between drift and skate section videos. Along with the Speedhunter’s original “slow-mo” moments – this mash up is a response to both of those styles of video.

When selecting footage for this edit, Rod and I agreed that we should push things into uncomfortable territory. After all, music video montages are relatively straight forward: Drift footage + Music track = been done before. We want you to question what you are being shown. To smash two different kinds of coverage into one unrecognizable new thing.

Something more abstract, nonsensical, and so intense you can’t take your eyes off it.

You should be asking yourself, what the heck did I just watch? You aren’t being seduced by smooth music, slow motion visuals that fetishize detail, or anything familiar. Prepare for a collision course.

Thanks to: Miki Taka (co-camera), Josh Awesome & Anthony Corsi (editors), and Ekstrak (for the original score).

– Will Roegge



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that was to much for me!


what the hell did I just attempt to watch? a little over board with the specials effects there Mr editor guy.... chill out on the red bull before you decide to cut together your video that crap made me dizzy. smooth transitions... this is drifting not a rave.


acid trip holy shit. would be fine if it started out "smooth" or ended that way. that's entirely too hard to watch.


You got your freak on for this one eh Will :D


Damn I need that soundtrack, awesome video too, nice work!


Push it Will.


That wasn't a video. I would like to say it was 'Retard Recycling' because the same stuff was used so much. It's more like something you would put in the next Need For Speed game to unlock or something. Not a video.

I didn't like it much. Sorry guys.


Nice take! Tons of good memories and moments. and yes I question myself, what the heck did I just watch!? In a good way of course. Also, you gotta love Miki's video blogs. Tons of fun. hahahaha.


That hurt my brain. Thanks for showing us Formula Drift on drugs :)


Not a fan of the new style. Kinda made me go cross eyed!


A.D.D. TV!


What the hell were you trying to do with that video? Trigger epileptic seizures?

There was nothing coherent in that... nothing at all.


do not want, i'll take slowmow and music any day over this


Too jumpy for me... didn't like it at all.

Try harder next time.


That was near impossible to watch, i got to the end but it was really hard on the eyes.

It could of worked if that was just a mash up style intro then into something a little more relaxed but that really done nothing positive for the achievements of Matt and Mike this year.


lol, i feel like i was being made to watch something to get brain wait? who do i have to assassinate?


I am not very sure how to judge his video.

It is definitively giving the viewer a impression of the atmosphere in the pits of a FD event und it transfers a feeling or a impression.

But after all it is called a "drift-video" and in my opinion there was not a lot of drifting in it. And you didn't really get to see any nice driftscenes. If you would have shown this video to someboy that doesn't know what drifting is, to explain it to him, he wold have thought drifting is a kind of techno-music...

If every driftscene in the movie would be twice as long as it is, it would be a much cooler movie thought ... this way i needet to wacht it tow times to even see a car ^^ .. the cuts are just to fast .. ^^

Anyway nice to see someone pushing the boundarys and trying something new ;)


it hurts 2 watch and i was high wen i watched sux cant enjoy it sober or high


video sucks.


this is the kind of stuff i see in bad dreams with clowns and giant pigs.


holy shit, that was terrible


I agree, the editing was a tad over done, but it was still a great video.

That music on the other hand... I like techno, but that song was just a little off. Better music would of made the editing more tolerable.


Where do I get my 2 minutes back? That was terrible, don't know what to make of it. My eyes hurt!


I think that made my head asplode. Videos like that leave little wonder why so many people have A.D.D.


didnt really enjoy it


Very cool video Will. It's good to see you trying different things and this video succeeds on a level I dont think most people will get.

Keep at it!


As a student of film and having followed your work over the last few years, I must say that I am at a loss here Will; it doesn't indulge the viewer in any of the lovely cinematic moments that drifting offers...scenes that you helped popularize; scenes proving that drifting was the ULTIMATE viewer sport. With no trackable story, no hero car, no personal interaction, editing built around the music, and a general choppiness, it failed to contain a story of its own and thus, sadly, nothing tangible . It may have been the look you were going for, but I desperatly hope you and Josh come back from your KDF tour with a coherent message: it is ,after all, the essence of filmmaking...condensed storytelling. That said, thanks again for all your hard work, and all the inspirational material you have produced over the last few years. I honestly dont know where I would be with my career without your pieces, and I can't tell you how many times I have been over (and back over) your work, to understand the impact of the editing devices used. Your a hero of mine Will, and I can't wait to see what ya have in store for us; Smoke and Mirrors, by the way, looks sexellent: maybe one day soon Americans will have their own, homegrown brand of gear-head humor and we can stop sucking on the teet of the Clarkson and his BBC sized budget.

PS - Keep Drifting Fun tee!

Thanks again: for everything. Seriously.


The video is no good. Feels like its cut together in 20mins with no thought. Didn't see anything long enough to know what I was watching. Has that acid trip vibe.




That sucked pretty bad. although the shots were pretty awesome but the effects,random clips, and pointless chatter dumbed it down and robbed it of what it could've been. It was like watching the background of the game "frequency" for 2 minutes straight. Never a good outcome.


Only dopes use dope!


ergh....i am not a fan....random shots, bad music, and trippy editing made it quiet horrible and hard to watch. normals shots, and little or no music (so we can hear the sounds of the cars) would be much better


that's probably like one of the worst promo video I have ever watched. too much zooming in on random people's faces and going in reverse.... @_@


not feeling it breh


Put me down for one more "No Bueno". Videos like this make drifting look like it is just for a bunch of spastic kids. Maybe that is where you are at, but I'm not. And I want two minutes of my life back now...


Terrible Video - Offensive to nearly every sense - and Completely incoherent and sloppy.

I hope you're not proud of this.


You can't put this type of music/editing with matt and mike.. bring the fucking rock and roll.

I can tell you put a lot of work into that but I have no idea what the point of that was.. nothing flowed at all or even made sense.


im sorry, it hurt to watch. too much psychedelic shit


not bad at all.. well the editing was OTT.. and the point of it was?? i'm not sure - anyway in her pic DJ Miki Taka looks like Ruby Wax!! well done all involved!


Some advice, Will: "Different" doesn't have to mean "shitty". I'm disappointed, since I know you can do better. It looks like there were plenty of highly-interesting things going on there that simply didn't get the exposure they deserved. Throwing something that disjointed at us leaves you looking either very lazy or very pretentious, and while I bet neither is the impression you were going for, clearly I'm not the only one who disliked this. To illustrate what I *would* have enjoyed, my favourite part was the title-card at the end, the footage of Mad Mike ending his run was clean, involved little to no post-processing (for the video not the title), and, PLEASE READ THIS PART BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: it had audio, I could clearly hear his car.


That's all I have to say.


Love the artistic about the movie.. More editors should dare to challange the market with new and innovative ways to make movie clips!! HIGH FIVE!! :)


Sorry but that was rubbish, dont care how "crazy" you want to be but that was crap. I would have rather watched and probably enjoy more a video filmed by a retarded kid with alzheimers with a cell phone all filmed while skateboarding next to drifting. I cant imagine how much time you must have wasted pieceing this shit together. I'm sorry WIll, but sometimes sticking to the basics is good, and there is a very good reason why people dont make "videos" in this way...


I need panadol!