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The Toyota TS020 aka GT-ONE.

Without fear of contradiction, I can lay a claim that this is the wildest road car ever built. Forget Zonda and Bugatti, nothing is likely to ever eclipse the sense of sheer madness and excess involved in chassis number LM803. Imagine popping down to shops for a pint of milk and a packet of ciggies in this…………

Appearing in this shot there are four of the seven GT-ONE cars that were built. The occasion was the Scrutineering part for the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours. I had a quick look at that year's race, HERE.

Even as the years pass the GT-ONE does not lose the power to astound. 

For those who might be interested the story of this Toyota's time on the tracks can be found HERE and HERE.

John Brooks



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"Without fear of contradiction, I can lay a claim that this is the wildest road car ever built. Forget Zonda and Bugatti, nothing is likely to ever eclipse the sense of sheer madness and excess involved in chassis number LM803. "



i have a hard on


i have a video of one these "flying like a good 'un.." - i like so much i very rarely play it!! iconic...


uah looks so damn good

beautiful car


That car was my primary vehicle for probably 30% of Gran Turismo 3...legendary.


didnt they have to make some street legal cars? i wonder how many they made and who owns them cause i havent seen any videos of one on the road


Car Guy: "Wow, nice car! Pagani? Ferrari? Lamborghini?"

LM803 Owner: "Toyota"

Car Guy: (silence)


I do not share the feeling...

But for me Dauer962 has the crown of most wildest road car...


no doubt, toyota's finest machine. The Wheel venting was so innovative


Sick car but the 1998 Nissan R390 GT1 would like a word.


timeless! this car will never grow old and fail to amaze!

i never knew about this car until GT3...and a lot of other old le mans cars!!!

cant wait for GT5....eventually!


I'm sorry, as much as attempting to mention a somewhat potential contender to the GT1 road car miiight make you look cool and car weary on this website, there is just NO WAY that the Dauer962 could beat the GT1 for the number 1 title, it sounds like cursing to me. Look at the design, the technology, the history, the performance and the stance. Now be silent. It is like comparing a slutty stripper with a big flat bum and a Ukrainian supermodel.


1998 Nissan R390 GT1 and Toyota TS020....Porsche 911 gt1 would like to see both of you in his Office.


I do not want to look cool and weary or anything like that...

It is just my opinion... If you disagree ok, but respect it...

Talk about technology and history and performance. The 962 has it all and more, since it is the biggest winner ever at LeMans, and even after they banned it, Dauer reworked the Porsche 962 to made it go again, and they WON.

As design, it is too personal. I like both, but I prefer the 962...

PLUS they made true 962 to the road, GT-One... Only to homologation...


The Dauer won in 1994, sevens after the last 962 Porsche won Le Mans in 1987.

Now, I would have loved to seen how a Toyota GT-One would have fared against the dominate P1 car for Le Mans sevens after it ALMOST won Le Mans in 1999. That would put it up against the newly introduced Audi R10 in 2006. Or if you want to even it out you could have the GT-One go up against the R8, which is more similar to the GT1 car than the diesel R10

The GT-One may have been awesome in design, but design doesn't win Le Mans. The irony is, the only Japanese car to ever win Le Man looks kind of like a 962. Strange.


IMHO It's pointless to say about 'sheer madness of road-going GT-One' cause anyway you couldn't buy it no matter how rich you were.

There was just one road-going Toyota GT-One ever built, it was never offered for sale (unlike, for example, Dauer 962 or Mercedes CLK-GTR) and it stayed with Toyota.


Wallfisch youy talked good!

I would LOVE to see a road going 787B. That would be wild!!!


You're comparing a Le Mans prototype with road cars... nope, that's not wise, and you SHOULD fear contradiction. The Zonda, as a road car, is equally as impressive as the GT One, race wise. Awesome pic, love the livery.


I wish toyota would have made the GT-1 there super/halo car father than the LF-A. I like the LF -A but just dont see why the price tag is so steep.If the LF -A looked like the GT-1 then the steep price is justified.


There was only one GT-ONE street car ever made and it's only job was to fullfill the rules because the race car had to be based on the street car. This street car was built from discarded and old parts of the race cars, for example the engine was not that healthy but it was good enough to be driven around slowly. The street version is still owned by TMG, no street cars were ever sold to anyone.