Random Snap>> Dirty Red Bull

Found this on Red Bull’s media site….Not many teams would have the balls to show their crashed car on their own press site, particularly after a Red Bull 1-2 was on the cards.  

As it was, Mark Webber crashed and Sebastian Vettel’s engine went pop, leaving Fernando Alonso to the win the Inaugural Korean Grand Prix, from Lewis Hamilton. With two rounds to go. Alonso leads from Webber, with Hamilton in 3rd, Vettel is now 4th.

Who do you want to win the 2010 Formula One World Championship???

I will put the first vote down,,, I may have a bias for McLaren, for good reason, but Alonso deserves the championship for me. He’s scored more points than anyone in the 2nd half of the season and hasn’t had the errors or poor performances of the other championship contenders. Probably not the popular choice.

-Andy Blackmore

Photo: Red Bull/GEPA Pictures



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That's a cool dirty pic !


Desktop please.


I want Webber to take it, cause he is an old guy like me.

Vettel will win the WDC, he has the skills but I hope not this year.


Anyone just not alonso, but i hope webber wins it. i woudnt mind hamilton vettel or button though


that pic sums up their horrible race day.


alonso all the way


Vettel FTW

and i second the motion for Dssktop request


Alonso please...

His consistency has been unmatched by all in the last 7 races he is killing it.




Alonso FTW!


no brainer. Driver leading the championship despite not having the best car (and a crap one at the start of the season).

Mr Alonso.


i am a huge McLaren fan and i am rooting for Lewis, Button is practically mathmaticaly eliminated at this point.


Hamilton!!! "dirty" pic none-the-less :P


I'd like to see Alonso win the championship as well! Red Bull has been doing really well this season, but that's exactly the reason I'd like to see Alonso win hehe.


Webber is my first pick for Champ this year. It feels like he's been round for so long... now he's got a good team and a real good chance to go all the way. Plus he seems a good bloke - real down to earth and genuine.

Alonso is my 2nd pick. Mainly cos he seems to be very methodical in his championship attack this year. Not hyping himself up or slagging off other teams or drivers. Just doin his own thing and doing it well.

Being a Kiwi I should really be going for Mclaren... but in my mind Hamilton has turned into a bit of a douche and Button hasn't really been on it lately (he's an ok guy though).

Vettel is up there too of course, but I'd much rather see the 'number 2' driver Webber take it out this year!

Been a great season so far, should be a close finish whoever wins.


I would like Webber to take it!


Very nice find!! Link and wallpaper too much to ask for?


exe - no desktop, this is a Red Bull press image and we only release our own desktops. I'm sure you can find them elsewhere


I'd like to see Vettel win the championship, also btw desktop please


All in for Webber.


I want Webber to take it, but I agree about Alonso and despite my dislike of him, he is one fast bastard and I wouldn't complain if he did win this year.


my vote goes to sebastian vettel


i put the tv on, a few seconds later i saw Mark leave the track! couldnt belive it! awsome pic would like a desktop please!

oh i want either of the Mclaren drivers but i think/want mark to take it instead of alonso!...i dont like him..like a snake in the grass...


i'd be stoked if Webber won as i'm an aussie :)

he's only retired twice this season and driven really well so i'm hoping he can pull through.

f1 coverage on speedhunters appreciated :D

p.s that new korean track was brilliant


on one hand i feel that the new korea track is a technical marvel and one of the better tracks that Tilke has designed.

on the other hand, its a blind, wet, unfinished race track that shouldnt have been raced on so soon, the tarmac hasnt even cured, puddles were everywhere, FLOWING water on the track??!

im sorry but this race was doomed before it started.

too bad for Red Bull, hope all goes well for the rest of the season


Webber, or anyone but Vettel.


Webber for me. He deserves it IMO.


I say Alonso, only if he wins championship by more than a 7 point lead. Webber... sure. Vettel... not his time yet, hes a champion but not now.


id say hamilton will take the championship this year!


webber FTW. he has been at it for so many years without any results and in the last two has really found his form. great to see an aussie up there giving it a good smashing. Plus he is so humble, and a top bloke.


webber definitely deserves to win the championship . personally i despise alonso and Ferrari  for what happened in germany he should have been striped of his points for the race. he only cares about winning not how he wins


Red Bull are my team, BUT they are doing a bloody good job at not winning the championship. They should have walked it, with the car they have, but reliability + driver errors, some very basic (Webber this weekend, Both driven into each other, Vettel driving into Button at Spa etc etc).

Hamilton the same + some penalties and too many 'off' races.

Which leaves Alonso. He has been impressive all year, put Massa in his place and NEVER gives up even though the Red Bull is the quicker car. Low point was the team orders affair. At Silverstone, he said he now has the car to win the championship. Everyone laughed at the time....

Obviously, it is points which count, but the stats are interesting.

Alonso : 231 points, 5 wins, 2 poles, 5 fastest laps, 9 podiums

Webber: 220 points, 4wins, 5 poles, 3 fastest laps, 9 Podiums

Hamilton: 210 points, 3wins, 1 poles, 3 fastest laps, 8 Podiums

Vettel 206 points: 3 wins,9(!) poles, 3 fastest laps, 8 Podiums

Ferrari - Winning Constructor 5 times

Red Bull - 7 times

McLaren - 5 times

I was never a fan of Alonso until this year, but he has always been there, ready, collecting the points and podiums


please in Walpeper !


Webber FTW!


Webber. Its ok with alonso too because he drives simply very good. Vettel if he wins has i guess earned it too but i dont like too because of all the crashes he makes.


Awesome pic.


cool shot... f1 goes rally :-)


Yea, Id love for McLaren to win, get the Kiwi badge at the pinicle of motorsport once again, but I really dont like Hamilton, he seems too much of a hype to me, he has no modesty, too arrogant. and Button really has no chance.

So I want Webber to win! he has been in F1 for so long and has finally found a team that has the car to take him to the championship win. He has been a common sight on the podium this season and I really think he deserves to win!


Alonso is the dark horse of the season! He has come from nowhere in the last 5 or so races. Webber IMO deserves the win for his consistency this season. He has only pulled out of 2 races, this crash came at the most crucial time for him!

It will be an interesting 2 races in Brazil and Abu Dhabi! Look forward to it :)


Alonso should win this one. I simply love his attitude - so oldschool :)


did a quick adding up of the votes (as of 11am PST). Webber is the Speedhunters choice, so far

Webber :20

Alonso 10

Vettel 4

Hamilton 3


Webber is just such a class A fella i'd love to see him take the championship. On the other hand Alonso is such a brilliant driver he'd deserve it as well. I'm satisfied with pretty much anyone though as long as it's not the golden boy Hamilton...


Ive wanted mark webber to win all season! Hes definitely the "peoples" favourite.

Equally ive liked alonso since his renault days..kinda the anti hero..so arrogant..still gota admire him though!

I hope mark can pull it back..but i wont be disappointed if fernando does it!


Webber. For Australia! top bloke, great driver.


Webber for me.

The guy is class, a gent and a top bloke.

How can ANYONE want Alonso to win? The guy is a cry baby BULLY who FORCED Ferrari to let Massa pull over and let him win.



It is his time and he has spent many years working for it


Webber, or anyone other than Alsonso


Please put spoiler alert in the title! I've got the race pvr'd and haven't seen it yet!


Desktop version please :D


I'm gong for Hamlton. He has had a lot of adversity this season and yet he has still fought to be in the front of the pack.


@TrevSkyline - Right, so Alonso made the might of Ferrari tell Massa to move over in Germany? Its a team sport.

Maybe if Red Bull drivers didn't take points off each other, have reliability problems, driver errors, they would be leading, but...

Ferrari has rarely been the best car this year but Alonso leads.

' Who do you WANT to win.....' is a different question to' Who do you THINK will win'. I would like Lewis to win, but I think Fernando will (and deserves it)

wow, as a Lewis fan, I NEVER thought I would defend Alonso.....


Anyone but Alonso. I guess he found where he needs to be this year: a whiny, pompous, entitled acting driver with the same type of ridiculous Italian team. It's a match made in bitchy, whiny, girly heaven.

Redbull should win, no doubt. Ferrari should catch on fire the last 2 races and complain about someone else s diffuser some more. And McLaren should get 2nd, but still get a huge trophy just for continuing to be the best team in motorsport. (Ferrari can eat me, suck it)


at least somebody else won besides team red bull but did it have to be ferrari


Alonso FTW! all you ferrari hating back-runners stuff yourselves....butthurt to da max


Desktop pls?


Mark Webber!

Mark's story is an inspiring one. He's endured tough times being away from his family and having no solid base to fund his racing early in his career. He fought his way up to Lemans, then to F1 with a never give up attitude. Mark deserves to be 2010 World Champion! Go Aussie!


I'm sure many of you were glued to your TV sets to watch the final Formula 1 race of 2010. Going