Poll>>mazda Roadster: Race Or Street?

This week Dino brought us spotlights on a couple of NA-chassis Mazda Roadsters he found at the Roadster & Rotary meeting in Japan. One is the slightly beat up, yet cool looking street/drift machine pictured above.

While the other is the race-tuned NA from Auto Garage K2.

In my book any almost any Roadster is a good car, but which of these two do it for you?

Let's hear it.

The race car or the battered drift car?



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prefer the race one becauselooks like a well done weekend warrior track day machine


I don't get the battered drift car look. All it means is the person is too lazy to even make an attempt at fixing the dents.


or, hes learning and is possibly expecting another crash? No point repainting all the time - besides, it gives the car a personality


I'd go for the drift car vote if I was forced to choose, but really I'd prefer a stock NA like the little red one (#29) in this post. http://www.speedhunters.com/archive/2010/09/29/event-roadster-amp-rotary-meeting-2010-pt1.aspx

The car was designed to be fun so I guess I'd like it to be fun, forgiving and relaxing to drive when it needs to.


I would choose...both!


Id Much Prefer The Drift Car If It WASNT Battered But Sexy Regardless


One of each would be lovely ;)


race FTMFW


I prefer the race car. Too many drifter/srift style car owners think that quality of workmanship, cosmetic, and saftey take a back seat to "attitude."

Quality of build is what makes a car timeless, no matter what/where/how the car is used. Seems alot of the drift folk (among other subcultures) have not learned that. There are some sick quality drift cars out there, but when I attend the local events there are a large number of ill-built cars that really soil the image of drifting.


i prefer the race one. cuz mine already looks like the drift one


Race car. Why beat up something good? lol


Two dif type of cars

first I would use as everydays car

secons as trackcar


race, street legal race machine!


I vote for combining both into an awesome track/daily driver!


Oh god, I can't decide! D:


I like the red one.... DD and have fun 24/7


And what's the point of this poll?


none there both mx-5s!


gotta love the beaten around look.. im not a big fan of clean cars and im more into the drifting part of it anyway.. when you see a beaten car you can see it has character


I think both are rad. But am feelin the race version more. It is very well done and, for me, would be more fun to run that car.


@All haters of the drift cars: Not everyone can have a perfectly shiny, $40,000 drift car that they are too scared to push to the limit. Just like at the matsuris, you can go crazy and push WAY harder if you aren't concerned with your perfect paint, or perfect $2500 wheels, or worry about blowing up your motor that you put $15,000 into.


the race one is one of the best Roadsters out there, and as such (being race car) it is down to setings to become a drift car. While any lowered Miata can hit a wall and will (kind of) get the look of the red one.

So, the race one wins, as it can do everything, while the other one is more or less just a crashed car with rare (to the people outside Japan) wheels.


holy crap 49% plays 51!

lovin it


2 henry hahaha it gives the car character and why fix the dents everytime that only ends up with a lot of bondo plus no crashes means your not pushing yourself



I think the roadster is more suited to the battered drift car look.

If you want a race car like that, get an FD.


Battered ftw


I prefer the drift one, actually. I love NA Roadster to begin with, so both are great, but I like the drift one more because it has a grassroots personality. That car belongs to someone, and its not just brought to the track to post times and gather readings. It's got personality and flair, and just because the owner doesn't fix the dents, it doesn't mean that they don't care about it. It has an underdog spirit, and I like that.


race that bitch dont weight shit


wow I'll take both please... thats like talking aboput religion or who was better tupac or biggie??? Miata is an amazing car for a circuit or drift!


Dont hate on drift both are dope styles, I think what some may not understand about drift is that its still a sport that most can get into for a low cost, and when a nice diff is 1000$ and nice coilovers are 1000$ and tires are 100000....$ it really starts to add up. Your priorities change from i want this sick D1GP s13 to i want a car that gets me around the track for as little as possible and you could put the time and money into quality body work but then whats left for tires? The dents and bashes and scrapes are all reminders or mistakes made or glory obtained and when you own your own drift car and have battled in it and busted your ass having the time of your life against some of the best in your area or country, you'll never forget those marks.


I could understand maybe if it was like a war torn spec miata or some sort of actual race car, but it's not, it's just some hellaflushed beat up piece of shit.

How can anyone with taste possibly pick that over the racing one, I mean come on it's got a built engine with ITBs for crying out loud.


Race car for sure. so mean looking. just love it.


i choose the battered drift car, its nice to see that people are having so much fun with cheap cars, these types are my favorite, not everyone has the money to build track cars let alone have money for entry fees to drive on a track


Why couldn't having a beat to crap tracked car be cool when i owned my 240 5 years ago?

Track Car FTW



Plus it's easier to have fun with the drift car than the $97k car..........if u get my point...


I like how well done the track car is, but i'm going to have to go with the beater. Those banged up panels and wheels give it heaps of character. The track car just looks like it was built for someone by a garage, while as the beater looks like a young drifter from the streets came to push it. And I really like that vibe. Don't get me wrong, both cars are awesome, but I have a thing for missles. :3


id have to pick the drift roadster.

i love clean, track built cars, but beginner drifter/drift bitches just have so much character and history.

and just because a drift car is battered, doesnt mean its unsafe. i've seen plenty of fu**ed up drift cars with regulation rollcages, proper harnesses, etc.


whys it gotta be a battared drift car?how about a sick street car that sees the track?

we need more NB love around here


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neither tbh but i guess if i had to pick it'd be the red street one without the ridiculous wing


i prefer the race car but only for this situation just because miatas are sluggish.


I prefer the drift roadster, because the dents and and other odds and ends give the car personality. Plus a clean car gives me the mental picture that it's not used


i'd choose the race car. it shows how much attention to detail was put in building that track car. i'm not really a fan of banged up cars simply because it goes to show the owner's little appreciation for his work. i think you can fix dents and rust like that without spending much. also, why get into the expensive hobby of tuning in the first place if you're not willing to spend to make the car look good? it's just my opinion.


this car is for race absolutely


I'd combine the two. Have a street looking MX5, but have all the performance goodies the track one has.

If I couldn't, I'd have to go street.


They both look awesome, but I prefer the race car. Taking such an old chassis and turning it in a proper race car is just amazing. Ideally I would go for something in between, a street going race car.


Race. I plan on building a street version as soon as I can find a clean shell here in Alberta.


can't we have both.. it looks the part in both environments..


i prefer the beater because im a fanboi and drifting is whats hot right now!!! WOOOOO


I only say the race car, because it seems like it'd do the trick better. I could change the settings on the race car a bit, and take it drifting... heck, in one of the pics, it seems to get some decent oversteer in the rain... I like how it looks functional. the red one looks like it wouldn't drive very well. If this was a battle of Street/Race Silvias, I'd have a harder time choosing. I'm just not a huge fan of the grassroots drift style MX-5's. just doesn't seem as right as a slammed s15 or JZX100...


Drift caaaaar!!! :D


race car for sure.