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The little Honda CR-Z is definitely getting a lot of interest from tuners in Japan. On a recent visit to Tsukuba Circuit I stumbled upon a test session that Top Secret and HKS were having with their respective demo cars. 

It looked like they were all pretty much done when I got close enough to take some pictures but I did manage to find out a little bit of information. Smoky from Top Secret has boosted the little hybrid 1.5L engine with a Trust TD04H turbocharger, which at a very mild 0.4 bar can help up power from 114 HP to 150 HP. The electric motor is still good for a 14 HP. Smoky wants to increase boost to 0.8 bar next to get more power, but stronger engine parts will be required. The exterior of the car is mostly stock except for a pair of R35 hood vents and a set of 18-inch matte black VR. G2s.

Taniguchi was at the wheel of the street-tuned HKS supercharged CR-Z which runs a milder tune than the main 300 + HP development car.

As soon as both companies are done with their development these are two cars I will definitely have to take a more in depth look into.

Top Secret


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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k20a2 or fc do it.


Yeah.. i like the front end and side profile of these.. but the way they tapered the upper section of the rear light cluster puts me of the car.. i've seen one with a roof mounted spoiler, that looked sweet!! keep us posted with your "depth look"..


Top Secret with a CR-Z? Hmm what Smoky



Too bad its a hybrid but find a way to drop a K series in that tiny little car!


on hks japan site they show videos of their crz pushing 280whp on the dyno!!! :D


What do you mean "rumor" about the HKS super charger? It's already been confirmed and there are numerous images of the unit as well as dyno charts and other specs in the CRZ Fun magazine which has been out for over a month now.

7 was a different car than the 326 PS "Full-tune" CRZ that they tested back in July. As they didn't let me take shots of the engine bay I can only assume that this was the second milder street tuned version that still runs a supercharger. I've made a correction to the text.


i didnt even know these cars were put into production?!?! wheres australias version!?!?!?


how much does it coast in Japan brand new


Smoky noooo!!!! You're supposed to be building twin turbo'd V-12 monsters for Nardo, not trying to squeeze 150 h.p. out of a CRZ!!?? Be careful or you're new nickname might be "Sparky" ;)


five dolla


Ahhhh gotcha Dino!


Sorry guys, I just hate this car very much.

The rear end is a total failure.


wilson - depends how big the hill is


Look forward to a real sport version from factory. ?Why all the Hype, not because it's fast, it's HONDA.


CRZ front is... ugly.


It needs "stronger engine parts" for 11.6psi?! That's a weak motor. I guess I'm spoiled since I went turbocharged, Volvo Redblock I4s are extremely durable. My B21FT would easily take twice as much boost as long as the tune was good.


car comes with nimh... no lithiums... that is why it is so affordable at 25kish...