Magazine Blog: Modified>> 9-sec S14 Nissan 240sx

In a sea of drift S-chassis Nissans it's not only uncommon to find a drag-prepped 240SX but one that runs 9-seconds and drives on the street is all but non-existent. Truth be told, this car may not actually see the streets anymore since its feature in Modified Mag in 2007. But to this day it still stands out as one of the wildest drag-setup street cars I have ever encountered.

Lighting up the massive 28×11.5 15-inch Hoosier slicks is done with relative ease with the TSI automatic race transmission and PTC high stall racing torque converter. That's right this car runs a custom race built automatic transmission which helps it lay down consistent low 9-sec passes at over 157mph.

The man behind this creation, Ivan Phipps (who works at AMS Performance), spared nothing when building the heart of his drag machine. What you see here is a fully built KA24DE engine with a custom turbo kit housing a massive Garrett GT42R turbo.

As if the turbo couldn't supply enough go-fast energy, a Nitrous Express kit is plumbed into the intake manifold to provide even more power on demand.

Comprehending how big the turbo is compared to the engine isn't easily done in photos. When one sees the engine bay in person is when they truly appreciate the size of the snail and that it fit in such a confined area.

Other than the Bogart wheels, slicks and the S15 front end conversion this 240 is rather tame looking on the outside. Can you imagine a set of street wheels and tires on this car? Total sleeper!

You can't help but admire this 240SX for what it is, a true street driven 9-second drag car. It's very reminiscent of a 70s muscle car with its stance and no frills body lines. I hope Ivan can chime in and tell us all where this car is three years on and whether it still lurks the streets of Chicago.

Modified Mag

- Peter Tarach



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Loving this. I can tolerate an automatic in a drag car. Less shift-shock makes for more consistent runs.


i loved this car back in '07, and i still love it 3 years later. stupid dumb fresh


That looks amazing


Man, this car looks good. I really like the stance it's got. And as seaninc said, drag is the only place where auto is ok.


Seriously one of my favorite S chassis cars I have ever seen in my life.


This car is amazing! You guys shoudl check out the videos of this thing on youtube!


thats sick. i have been considering an LS1 swap. very cool to see a 9 second KA24DE for once.


Idk y everyone is saying it looks good, it doesn't- its just got a beast motor setup, thats all


I totally agree with Seaninc about the at trany. Fucking sexy looking car just that he should have put the kouki tail lights for more style.


awesome cars..

to bad ams doesn't deal wit ka motors any more, since their isnt a big enough market in their eyes...

or at least so they say when trying to get help with the ka motor,,

rock on ka-t!


Amazing car!


s chassis are so plaid out the drift scene and jdm fanboy is all played out. yeah the car is fresh but like i said s chassis is done.


I always loved this car. Probably always will.


I saw this car run at Great Lakes Dragaway in '06 I believe and it was absolutely nuts! I've always loved the s-chassis and what this guy has done with it and with the KA is what inspired me to start my KA-T build a year ago.


looking good, love the pipework under the bonnet, especially the nitrous!! very fast car indeed


awesome KA24


This has to be the cleanest Ichigo conversion ever and it's a drag racer.

Be champions!


I think it's not good idea to build dragster from silvia =(


modern day muscle car ....i love it



It looks purposeful. No wild mods, just big-ass slicks.


Sucks to live in Chicago..

Everytime I see a AMS sticker, I have to reconsider.. LOL

Keep it up mang! You're doing it right!


Some serious rake in the suspension ... but then you look at the burnout picture and the car is 100% level... someone knows how to tune their Squat

*Amazing car*


Half price manifold sale? soon? ...PLEASE!


Which fenders, and bumper is he using for this conversion? looks great and OEM+. i hate vented fenders. please get back to us! thanks man,



I remember this from 2007, one of the best 240sx's ever, thanks for posting it here!


This car helped convince me to go KA-T several years back. It's been 20,000 miles and the original setup is still running strong. Thanks for the inspiration, Ivan.


This is a perfect mix.

Stance and the badass power of a old school muscle

And the look of a beautiful S-serie

Its one of the most nice looking cars i've ever seen..


Loved that car since forever, but we all know there is a 7 second 1100HP KA-T in philly.


You can run 9's and not look this bad. Awful


I've talked to Ivan a few times years ago when I was building my KA, and I don't think I've ever met anyone else with as much working knowledge of the KA platform as he does. Congratz to him on that, I know it' takes a lot of work to do something like that, but he did it and proved that it can be done..

btw, the 1100hp KA in philly isn't a street car..