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The 2010 Time Attack Series has been a closely fought battle all season. Not just in the headline grabbing pro class but all the way through the ranks. Heading into the Snetterton event, none of the seven major classes had been decided and were all there for the taking. Fair enough, some were all but a forgone conclusion but there were still some surprises in store.

The Snetterton circuit is based in Norfolk near Norwich in the United Kingdom. It's an old RAF base which favours the fast. With minimal elevation change, the course is deceptive as it is fast. Two long straights connect either end of the circuit with the pro class cars reaching speeds in excess of 160MPH before crossing the finish line.

The paddock in the morning was quiet for the most part. A full season at some of the UK's finest racing circuit is surely enough for the teams to develop a routine and be ready for each event.

Preperation is key to Time Attack, ensuring your car is not only fast but reliable and feels good is of the utmost importance when it comes to setting that fast lap.

The day would be divided into a morning warmup session, practice, qualifying and the final session for the top ten qualifiers in each class.

Starting off with the Club Challenge 4WD class, Scott Robson was looking on form to take the class championship win after a win at the previous round in Cadwell Park. However, Fiona Kindness, Warren Kelly and Walter Morris amongst others would be doing everything in there power to pip Robson to the title in what has been described as the 'most competitive class' in the Time Attack Series.

Coming into the final round of the CC FWD class, Bo Nielsen in his Astra VXR was 100 points clear of his nearest rival David Ward. With 105 points up for grabs at the final event, Ward would need an early retirement from Nielsen and then dominate the event to take the championship.

The CC RWD class saw Matthew Webb in the Dragon Performance RX7 lead Ronnie Arms' Sierra Cosworth by some twenty points as they came into Snetterton.

The CC NA title could be taken by one of three drivers. Mark Pollard, Daniel Gannon and Tony Campbell would all be fighting it out right down to the last laps of the season. The Buddy Club DC5 of Paul Hughes, although struggling with the new class layout could still find his way onto the championship podium.

In the Club Pro RWD class, it would come down to a battle between the Lotus Exige of Jamie Wilson and the Toyota Supra of Steve Linton.

With 348 points heading into the final, the Scooby Clinic Impreza of Kevin Horseley and Andy Harvey look almost certain to take the 2010 crown. If Paul Doyle could capitalise on serious misfortune of the Scooby Clinic car, he was the only one who could take the champinship win from Horseley and Harvey.

The Pro Class is the headline class for the Time Attack series and the spoils this year have been shared by two men. Both Gareth Lloyd and Steve Guglielmie have won two rounds each and have set multiple Time Attack series lap records, with Lloyd having a slight two point advantage coming into this event. Lloyd in the CPR Evo and Guglielmi in the VAG powered Lotus Elise would go to battle for the 2010 title and what a battle it turned out to be …

With seven class championships to be decided (the eighth class of NA 3001cc and above had to competitors at this round) on the day, the tension was high around the Snetterton paddock.

Uncharacteristically for October in the UK, the sun was shining all day with temperatures reaching twenty degrees celcius, allowing almost perfect conditions for the event.

As the clock rolled over onto 9 a.m. the first cars took to the track for the morning warmup session. 

For some, it would be a day of fantastic success whilst others could do nothing but watch their title hopes slip away from them, out of their control.

Part II of this story will be online at the same time tomorrow …


Paddy McGrath

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Australia better get ready for the World Time Attack agin..2010 was a huge success next year the competition SHOULD be bigger but who knows this economy is so f*ck up many teams can't make it


god i love time attack. just the diversity of the cars is enough, and then there's the competitiveness of it too...


I love Time attack!


Dang the supra looks hella dope


cool stuff


f*** yeah i cant wait for next years aussie world time attack!!

was an awesome day down at the creek...

loving that rx7...


wow i forgot how sick time attack cars can be.. im stuck


yeah i couldn't make that time attack even though it was so close to where i live!

better be back next year i'm so keen


Yep, 2011 superlap au ftw.. I'll try and get a proper ustrem/livestream account for next year and more than 1 camera for those live US viewers :)


love the first pic.. such an agressive looking car even from the back, bring on Part 2..


So now there is only one time attack series? I realize that SH has completely and totally turned its back on time attack in the US, but that title looks as if it came from the mind of a mad man who is trying to deny the existence of Redline.



I'm more than aware of the Redline Time Attack Series in the US but with myself being based out of Ireland, I think you'll understand that I'm not in a position to cover the Redline events. The 'Time Attack Series' is the official title of the UK based series and is arguably the premier Time Attack series in Europe. This was the final event of 2010 so I think the title of this and subsequent stories is appropriate and with no intended malice towards any other series.

I hope that clears it up for you mate !


last pic is awesome!! desktop please!!

and also +1 @Wilson


@ Patrick McGarth

In case you had not noticed, you published your article on an international venue. In case you hadn't noticed, the domain name for SH is registered in California.

timeattack.com was registered in the UK by a group that neither represents a global organization for time attack events, nor the largest geographical, competitive, or talent pool among time attack sanctioning bodies.

Your failure to recognize these facts and qualify the title with "UK" shows disrespect to your readers and all of those who are aware of these facts.

SH's conspicuous omission of coverage of the Redline series is also a fact, which you, should be bringing to your editor. Repeat after me: "Why do I keep getting questioned about Redline and the lack of coverage of the US time attack series?" Now, repeat that sentence to your editor.


The tags that specify 'UK' and the second paragraph that reads 'The Snetterton circuit is based in Norfolk near Norwich in the United Kingdom' would be enough I'd imagine for our readers to deduce that this is a UK based series.

As far as I'm aware and please correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no international sanctioning body (ala FIA etc) for time attack. Each series is independently run.

timeattack.com is not the representing website for the UK based 'Time Attack Series' - You'll find that at http://www.timeattack.co.uk/

I'm more than aware of who our audience is but I can't see what the Speedhunters domain being registered in California has to do with your argument, can you clarify that please ?

I don't particularly want to drag out a long argument on the comments section but if you feel we can discuss this further, I'd be delighted to engage in a conversation with you. Please feel free to drop me an email to paddy@pmcgphotos.com where I would be delighted to talk you through any queries you may have.


Crazy SUBARU =)


I was there! It was a beautiful warm day at Snetterton, which is a rare thing anytime let alone October. That all black Supra looked and sounded fantastic as it flew down the back straight, I'd love to know how fast it was going. Some serious hard-tuned cars there, good day out.