Event>> G-works Drag In Sendai – Pt3

Let's dive right into this final set of pictures form G-Works drag meet event with an image of yet another pretty rare car on the streets of Japan, a C110 yonmeri (yon means four for 4-door Kenmery) Skyline. Check out how the sidewalls of the drag slicks are deforming under the acceleration.

This was the most original out of the S30s present, not often you see yellow ones. Obligatory deep-dish Watanabes completed the spotless exterior.

Let's take a look at a few more rotaries starting with this Kamata Body FD in the pro class, managing to get into the high 9s on most of its runs.

The guys form Team Radical had some impressive rides in like this FC3S…

…and orange SA parked up next to it.

The Protect FC getting ready for a run.

I just have to share a few more pictures of the 610 Bluebird we saw in Part 1. I just can't get over how a simple revision in stance and a nice set of wheels…

…can make the otherwise stock exterior look so good!

Genesis Japan, the guys that bring the Hyundai Genesis into the country, had this car on display all day and then decided to have some fun at the end of the event. Can't recall what time it got but it was all stock.

This RA28 Celica liftback was getting a lot of looks…

…not surprising seeing how the 18R-G had been modded. Again it was great to see that these older engines are not replaced with something more modern!

Battle of the Celicas!

Other interesting cars included this 964, which went up the Z32 you can see in the other lane. The Zed had the upper hand thanks to tons of power but the Porsche got off the line so cleanly every time.

This R32 GTS-t managed to get constant elevens thanks to a very focused drag set-up.

Here it is against the Z20 we saw in Part 1.

Someone wanted to see more of the red MR2, so here it is lining up to go against an RPS13…

…and launching away!

Color scheme aside this JZA70 meant serious business…

…as you can see from the engine bay!

I was told it could easily get into the 8-sec on a good day.

Well I hope you enjoyed this look at a very unique side of Japanese drag culture. To say I will be back for more would be a major understatement, I am officially hooked!

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-Dino Dalle Carboanre



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FC3S... awsome =)


Great stuff Dino, grazie!


Thanks for posting more of the MR2, Dino! I'm a sucka for that generation. What times did it post?


Brilliant covderage dino in all three parts and some intresting spotlights to boot. i look forward to more from sendai. But a spotlight on the jza80 is needed.


There was an amazing white MR2 feature in the Option Super Street Series. That car really changed my view of the MR2 from a hair dresses car to a car with large potential. Cars like the red MR2 just build on that idea


massive love the Celica team up.. plus the Bluebird is classic looking..


That yellow z is awesome.


Excellent coverage as usual!! It's great to see the classic iron getting their proper workouts.


Absolutely awesome aero-work on that JZA70. 8-secs... I do believe it.


That orange RX-7 is an FB not an SA.