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I noticed that one of the commenters said "To be fair, these cars are just the small percentage of the show that does look good, Most of the cars there are either full of tupperware or full of ICE, or both…" in Part I of my coverage. In the end, it all comes down to taste and the availability of parts. Luckily my taste of cars complies with the majority of the Speedhunters audience.

So let's have a look at part two of my coverage of the 100% Tuning Show.

The EVO X is still a car you don't normally see on Dutch roads, I have seen several Sportbacks but it doesn't come close to the real deal. This particular version had a lot of carbon details like the frontsplitter and vent in the fender.

The EP3 Civic isn't a very popular platform to start modifying, but in the right hands they can be turned into a real showstopper.

In the parking lot I saw this Ford Focus in a bright orange paintjob. The fact it was orange made me believe it came from Holland but actually it came from Belgium.

This custom widened GS came all the way from the UK. Another custom part is the trunk, where the inner rear lights have been removed.

Another cool EG was this turbo'd version that belonged to the same group as the white version in part one.

The MSD ignition, Koyo radiator and Mugen valve cover are the parts you can find in almost every tuned Civic. The turbo on the other hand is something special on Dutch roads.

It's younger brother looked exceptionally good in this brown paintjob together with the white wheels.

Another look at the grey Peugeot 106 reveals the custom interior. The dashboard and other parts have been covered in a red fabric. Those BBS wheels are hard to find these days, especially in those sizes.

The Scirocco is still a personal favorite of mine. This one had Dotz wheels, which are not my personal favorite but at least it didn't have scissor doors like all the others on the showfloor.

This very clean 350Z could be found on the J&R Cardesign stand.

The Opel Kadett is a car you can find in very different guises; many of them don't look that good. This one was the exception.

The Cobra on airbags that got a lot of positive comments, something I didn't expected.

Yep, this car was my favorite of the show.

A car that got a lot of mixed comments was this BMW E24 M6. Some called it sacrilege modifying a car like this and others called it carporn. Either way there is no denying it has a lot of presence.

In the next few days I'll have two spotlights from the show.

-Jeroen Willemsen

100% Tuning

100% Tuning Rotterdam Part 1



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O and that GS isn't a GS, but an Aristo. It is lacking the round lights in the thrunk and had the Toyota grill. Don't know if it is a real Aristo though, could be just a modded GS.


It is a Toyota Aristo, JDM import, but it's still the same as a GS.. This one is a V300 version with the 2JZ-GTE engine.


lol @ old school frost tails on that civic.


Egads, what's with all the fake parts everywhere? All the hondas save for that white EG are knockoff city.



Speedhunters your coverages of events and shows are rubbish !

People if you really want something worth looking then check this out:



some nice creatyions in here - love the Evo and the Civic in grey.. car shows are really just peoples personal opinion and interpretation of what they want to show off.. i never understand why some folk get all het up about what they see..


..are you sure Aristo's had that back end?? love the pics.. nice Evo X


Whould be realy nice to see more photos of that Kadett!


The Aristo is an Aristo, its mine! The trunk is custom, as Jerome has stated, as I have removed the inner lights. The engine has been single turbo'd too.


haha, comments are being heard hence my quote in the first line. You're right, it is a matter of taste. But a lot of the cars don't have a high standard of finish and that's a shame. Even if I don't like the style of the car, I do admire the work that has gone into them if they are well executed. In Belgium that standard is much higher it seems.


Why not show more of the Kadett?


hahaha, the 350z is "clean"....are you kidding me? it's the definition of UNCLEAN!

I think it's hella funny that the car that is your fav is so clean!


@ tizer : yes it's an aristo, previously owned by Driftworks' Phil Morrison.


The wheels on the EP3 Civic are just evil...

In a good way.


THE GS/Aristo/whatever looks like it used 02-07 WRX flares for its flaring


Moar pics of that STagea!


Moar pics of that STagea!


WOW, the Cobra on air was a bit of a shocker. The M6 was very nice. Rarely does one see those modified to such extent!


Tizer both aristo and lexus gs 300 has those round lights. If you read the text in the picture it clearly says they have been removed


Your favorite of the show is disgusting, sorry. And people should never, EVER do that to a Shelby Cobra.


show more on that sick m6


That white EG was beautiful. But that focus was pukeworthy, rice garbage. Hell, look at the cars behind it, altezza lights altezza lights altezza lights bleurgh! Oh, and the Z and the Scirocco's wheels were too big for my likings, but the cars were nicely done. Other than that, drool at those R34 waggos.


the white civic turbo need to shave is engine bay....way to many holes that make it look cheap


1st. picture, the white R34 on green (midori) fake Volkswagen TE37.....mimicking the Midori Seibi R34.....fvcking ghey !!!!!

The sad part is, lots of JDM wannabe love this stuff.


The BMW is from the town where I live. It looks a lot better in pictures than in real life, it looks and sounds very ricey.


The Orange Focus is probably an ST, hence the colour...


I'm sure that Aristo had a bootjob just check his blog on driftworks.


Varrstoen FTL

That Aristo is probably the classiest car there. Then again those probably aren't real Work Meisters.


First pics - Varrstoen = fake TE37's... FAIL.

Jeroen: "In the end, it all comes down to taste and the availability of parts. Luckily my taste of cars complies with the majority of the Speedhunters audience."

I think most here know where to source legit parts. They're as available as the fake stuff, just with the different price tag. Why? because it took the legit companys time, money, R&D to produce these fine parts... "availability of parts" – BS.

Most car enthusiast here don't support fake rip off crap like this – Don't underestimate your audience.


More of the Kadett and the white Civic EG Turbo!!!


I have never underestimated my audience, that is why I have made a selection of the cars. The tuning scene is very different in Holland than in other countries. If I would have shown you some of the other cars that were present you wouldn't have clicked on this feature.

I do not support fake wheels and/or other stuff, but if I want to show you the Dutch scene I have no choice.


En ik maar denken dat er alleen pure rice was in ons landje


@ Domo-kun


Jeroen is by far the worst editor on SH. Whether it's the topics he comes up with or content of articles, I always find them lacking quality somehow.. not to mention not livin' up to the standard set by the other SH contributors.. Did improve his photo skills though..


Good mix of cars and tuning styles and some great pics. Thank you.


@ ///M3 EVO, Hmmm, dick much?




X - that carbonvision site had scissor-door scirocco as the first post. What are you on about?

Domo-Kun & M3 Evo - ok talkers. Show us your stuff.

Post your web pages where you're blowing it up. Only players should judge the game.

I wanna see your photos, dialogue and car tuning mastery.

Everyone I've met who actually get work done don't talk shit. I'd guess you're a couple of 15 year old kids, still in need of a proper beating. You'd never talk that way to someone's face.


Skyline, GS and E24 is awsome!!! Wallpaper plz =)


Thanks for the comments Will.

You are right, they aren't real Work Meister, I am sorry. They are only Garson DR302's. I hope that is acceptable to you. (lol)


What wheels are on the EP3?