Event>> 100% Tuning Rotterdam Part I

It was that time of year again to enter the showground of the 100% Tuning show in Rotterdam. The show included a very wide variety of cars from all over the country and even some from abroad. This row of Hondas was a very refreshing sight and reminded me of their American counterparts.

Especially this white EG that looked like it had been inspired by the Phaze2 EG. For Dutch standards it looked incredible with it’s awesome stance and BBS wheels.

This Peugeot 106 came from Germany together with it’s blue brother you see below. It’s a very popular starter car for someone who has just turned 18 and got their first driving license.

This car had a set of Schmidt wheels and a striking blue paintjob. For more information on this car check out Blue106

This Audi A4 really impressed me with its white on white theme. When the wheels are tucked like this, it is almost certainly on bags.

The Bentley wheels with it’s red accent worked wonders on the overall appearance.

This S15 belonged to the guys from JB-Tuning. A company that specializes in everything Nissan. Their other car they brought to the show was a very special Stagea, more on that later.

This red Mazda RX7 was one of the first cars I saw when I entered the showgrounds. It had a lot of carbon parts like the hood, front lip, trunk and side skirts. The fact that it didn’t have a huge spoiler made it that bit more special.

Outside the main exhibition hall was a small strip of asphalt that was used for some drifting demos. This widebody 350Z was one of the cars that caught my eye. Maybe I should do a proper shoot with this car ?

Not sure if this Belgium MKIV was on bags or coilovers but it looked stunning nonetheless.

Porsche wheels never looked better on an Audi.

Could this be described as Oni-Kyan or Demon camber? If so it has found its way on a Opel Corsa and European roads.

I don’t need an excuse to show you guys this pristine Lancer Evolution, they always look good.

Airbags can be found on a wide variety of cars but this was a first for me.

The pattern on the roof of this car was an exact copy of the stitching on the seats.

This first generation E24 M6 series looked very menacing with it’s black paint and chrome Mito rims. It has a lot of custom parts so I suggest you take a look at some of the buildup pictures.

More coming in part two !

-Jeroen Willemsen

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love the Honds but the Dub boys seem to be bringing it on leaps and bounds..


I don't fancy those slammed cuties,but when I saw this Lancer... my eyes experienced orgasm. It's too good to be true. Also the Silivia and Rx-7 look fantastic.


I want to see some lines about that grey 106.


Good to finally see my Buddie Lex his EG Hatch on Speedhunters.


lovin the Evo


didn't we see some those at Nisei.. great pics though..


OOOOO WEEEEE that S15 is sweet!!!!!!


the cobra with aorbags is kind of sad to me it looks great in sexy but not sure about the airbags every man or woman for their own i guess


it's interesting to see, what's possible with metal work but it's a lot of work on the wrong car!!!

the m6 completely lost it's beautiful classic character!!!:-(


Don't forget to post the dark green american Audi, RB26 powered E36 and the RC cars in part 2. To be fair, these cars are just the small percentage of the show that does look good, Most of the cars there are either full of tupperware or full of ICE, or both..


more of that Z!!!


The BMW should be the topic photo. That car is out of control. I'm a bimmer fan but that is wild.



i see hatchbacks like this meeting in the multi-storey for my work every night.


Both that Audi and that golf 4 are bagged, kinda impossible to drive if they werent, and they dont want to risk destroying anything on a "show" car!


i definitely want to see more of the 350z. it looks like a GT300 car, is it used for drifting?


I've seen that white EG on NWP before. So sick that he's running a Chronicles decal! I bet sticky would be stoked to see that.


God that bagged cobra is out of control!


Love E24 M6's, Hate that thing, and the spoiler?! Why? Looks like a Ken-Mary Skyline kit-car with a BMW front end. Like the effort, but try again.

Dig the FD and the S15

But that Cobra takes it.. Soo cool.


interested in the GC8 that's behind the FD ... perhaps part 2 will show more Subaru love.


Nice BMW, but front bumper is sh*t =)


Where are the picts of wanders drifting?


more of the 350z


wow is that a single cam motor is the EG6 last time i rode one was like 10 years ago..time for a K20A swap..best 4 cylinder engine in the world


You should do a post of the other cars, as in the bad ones or "different" ones


DROOLING ON THAT old school M6 way better then the new one =P


Civics are the best,also EVO,but peugeots are very nice too)



Yes the car is used for drifting, its driven by Bas Plugge.

It has a LS-V8 under the hood dont know wich LS


Peugeot 106 = Starlet and EK9 had babies


Oh my god that poor Cobra needs to be lifted off the ground!!!


For sure make a story of that wide body 350Z <3


Poor Cobra I agree, but besides the stance, it's on point! Love that Lancer as well! Very pristine!