Car Spotlight>> Winterproof Mkiv

It seems that the winter is fast approaching in Europe, the days are becoming shorter and I really need a winter jacket. So a lot of car enthusiasts are getting their car ready for the harsher climate. Some of them will store the car in their garage while others prepare their car with winter wheels. The owner of this car did the same, but instead of getting some ugly steelies, he went with wheels from a BMW X5.

Easily obtained, these wheels do wonders with the overall appearance of the car. The Audi monoblocks are still inside the car and will go back on when the summer time is upon us.

The rear wheels are 19"x10j with 225/35/19 tires wrapped around them. Thanks to the H&R adapters the fitment is perfect.

The stance is really awesome, not really winter proof but who gives a ****.

I just couldn't resist posting this car, hope you like it.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Check out more photo's of this car on Flickr



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Seriously - it's probably the least deserving car to be featured on a speedhunter frontpage. The rims are too wide and big and just look plain silly on the car - and the last shot of the car it clearly shows where more work is needed to make it work with the car ..

disappointed to find such a FAIL on here .


this car will be hated just because it's not jdm...


Come on Jeroen. Those aren't winter tires at all. So thats just another set of wheels.

Not into euros that much, but this mkiv would look good if it didn't have too many doors :P


Big wheels do not an awesome car make - and this is a perfect example. First pic is interesting - there is something different, yet appealing about the shot. It's clean and simple. But then those wheels - maybe if the car was at the right ride height - it's not a rat rod - it's a golf. Raise it and make the wheel arches match those wheels and you might be on to something.


I also want to know why this is on the Front page. It looks Ridiculous with those Wheels on it.

Though i am Completly Biased as i am not into Euro.


wot a nice mk4 cars looking clean buddy it a gd example of euro love the stance to


Sick wheels hMd, sick stance, just everything is on point with your car ;)

keep it up dude


Those are NOT winter tires........


"Luzeri" said it right: this cars gonna take heat cause its not JDM. I think its an interesting and creative choice of wheels, and they suit the car well. I like the headlights and smooth bumper as well; raise this mkIV a few inches and its perfect.


this car look mad! i think the wheels are sort of marmite tho, love it or hate it! me.. i think it looks rather different! and i love that sticker! somes up the car in 3 words!


as for me this rims are too big for this one


I just love this bodykit!!! Could anybody tell me the name?


PEOPLE... The car is on air.. he can ride it like a 4x4 if he wanted to! These pictures are when the car is dumped and on the ground.. Yeah hate it as its not JDM but at the moment he is tearing up the MKIV scene! THIS CAR REALLY DOES DESERVE TO BE ON THE FRONT PAGE.. the amount of work that has gone into this car is phenomenal.. and @ Hans.. the rims are too wide.. are you crazy thats the whole point its called stance.. you know when the car is decked and the tyres fit into the arch but the tyre is stretched leaving the lip of the rim is exposed.. we are in 2010 mate not 1990's.... Dont understand what all the hating is about!


Beautiful. Great way to use X5 wheels.


@ Hans : ! WHINE !

i kinda like the Mk4 Golfs



wicked awesome stance! such an odd wheel choice, but it works really well.

...i'm still LOL'ing at Hans' comment. as if hate on something you clearly have no idea about.


this car will be hated just because it is NONSENSE!


Big wheels do not an awesome car make - and this is a perfect example. First pic is interesting - there is something different, yet appealing about the shot. It's clean and simple. But then those wheels - maybe if the car was at the right ride height - it's not a rat rod - it's a golf. Raise it and make the wheel arches match those wheels and you might be on to something.


as a side note, hate the wheels. love the drop and headlights.


This is a very nice looking car and i think the X5 wheels work really well. Sure they are different and not to everyones taste, but why make such a fuss about it? Full credit to the owner.


Now you see I like it.... and its only low when parked. Anyone heard of Air? :P


This car is insane !!!! Keep it up Hamidi....


stretch and poke, always creates some sort of controversy :)

love it, eff the hate.


pic 3 -> epic fail


The only thing that car needs is new center caps to ditch the BMW Logo... never been a fan of wheel swaps that keep' em don't care if its lambo wheels. TOTALLY DIG the STANCE & FITMENT on that car


I have to admit that I havn't been a fan of the Euro style, but as you've posted more of these, I've started to appreciate them more, so keep it up Jeroen. Its important to keep an open mind. I remember when I first saw some of the VIP styled cars I thought that they were the stupidest thing, but now, though its not my personal preferance, I can still like the style for what it is.

As far as this car itself, I quite like it, the X5 wheels are definatly something a bit more differant than the Audi and Porche wheels that seem to dominate the scene. I think they look better on this car than on the X5!


They're wheel, they're going to be used in winter = winter wheels.

Stop your moaning you losers, they fill the mk4s arches nicely and it sits beautifully.


LOL haters be hating. But seriously, they are SUV wheels, How could anyone actually drive that? It would feel terrible.


I really DONT like the vags using BMW rims... its just not acceptable... and i dont like it height. Too big rims, Dont like this car


hans, the site is based on car culture, not just the car culture you like, if you dont like the "hellaflush" movement then dont read it. End of story.


Whats with the big ass gap before the rear bumper. Ugly


What does it mean when you guys say winter wheels/tyres? Here in Australia I have never heard such terms, we just keep our cars the same all year around


im sure all of you have better cars and take better photos........


for my twopence worth,i think it looks sweet and fair play to the lad for trying to be differant,isnt that what its all about?


gwaaaaaaan bruddda. Looks phat. Thats how the HMD rolls >>>RAAAAAW<<<


Its overall look is ok, but the wheels are way to big in my opinion for a small car like this. If they were 17-18's they would be fine but 19s and with a stetched 225 tire looks like he's sitting on a rubber band with a wheel stuck to it. I dont love/hate this car but the 1st pic shows the fitment is pretty good, just not my cup of tea.


@Hans ... I think you forgot about that dodge charger they did a while back.


dude i may not be into euro but man.... is this a great golf. all you haters can just stop commenting because we all know you're just jelous that your civics dont look this good.


perfect stance!!


dude i may not be into euro but man.... is this a great golf. all you haters can just stop commenting because we all know you're just jelous that your civics dont look this good.


I love cars with wicked stance like this, air or static, but I would really like to see a car build on how this stance is achieved.


Car looks great, and depending on where the person lives, all seasons are perfectly fine as winter tires!

Props for making the car look good even in winter beater mode!


LOL at this car and some of the comments.

Golfin said:

"he is tearing up the MKIV scene!"

>>>>So he's on bags and ill fitting wheels...check! MKIV scene seems to have high standards.

"are you crazy thats the whole point its called stance.. you know when the car is decked and the tyres fit into the arch but the tyre is stretched leaving the lip of the rim is exposed.. we are in 2010 mate not 1990's"

>>>>LOL at the fact you think the stance scene is new. And btw, that VW is not a good stance and looks stupid.

Example of a proper stance...

Now see how ridiculous that VW looks? It looks broken.

P.S. And please for the love god, stop using "haters." This is 2010 and the only people that should be allowed to say that is 14 year old girls defending their favorite Twilight movie...not adults.


Haaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrsssssss...... I smell the awful stench of HaterRade i the air... I think its great... Keep up the HATING out there.. its keeps the auto-mo-billys on their toes...


winter setup? are the streets dry and chilly at 50* where he's at??? that thing, wouldn't survive one real winter snow day here in utah.....


this car is amazing the wheels are amazing aswell.

"once a hater always a hater"

this car is well known for his stance

too see what else he has done go to

peace :)


monoblocks need to go back on NAO!!


Do you know what I do when i look further into a car spotlight feature on speedhunters and end up not liking the car? *which is RARE btw!

I click BACK!

You retards that actually take the time to type a negative comment are just that: HATERS

The 2010 edition lol

So in other words, the difference between "hating" and "na not my style":

1 types some hating BS and hopes everyone agrees and another wastes no time and simply, clicks BACK.

Car is sweeeeeeet....


loooooks sick one of the best mk4s around ignore the haters they know nothing and are clearly arent open minded to different scenes tut tut

jst cuz its a different scene desnt mean u have to hate upon it so if he stuck some jap plates ad some rota wheels it would be effffing sweeet yo'


God, Speedhunters is full of idiots now. "this car will be hated just because it's not jdm..." JDM my ass. I hate how some terms have been raped to the point where they mean some unrelated shit.

And this Golf looks bad. Not because is European, I like all kinds of cars actually, but because the wheels don't look good. They don't suit, they are too big, the wheels arches don't cover enough, etc.


Love the car, good to see people think outside the box!!!!!

And for those people that hated it...too low too big, impractical......since when did the show cars or most of the cars featured here are practical? if you want practicallity, then buy a brand new car and dont modify it. And this website is not just for JDM cars.......grow up people.


I love how everyone talks about how terrible it is, well first then let's see what you drive. Second the car is simple and clean, Golf, dropped, with some cheap wheels. Props to him for trying something different and not putting BBS's on it. Second it is a daily, looks like a nice head turner to get him to and from work.


Not much love on here for the MK IV...

I guess it would have to have massive dents, JDM stickers, roof rack and rusted out panels to get some praise, the way things are going around here many would say so too...


a good stance never gets old. his caster may be way off in the rear but whatever. and that fact that its a wagon makes it cooler =P

4 doors+hatch=wagon


hans..! hes so lo! u must drive a saab


Terms? What terms? We customize our cars accordig to what pleases us visually and stirs up some kind of emotion. I dont think using terms as "Euro" or JDM is a problem...

These guys complianing about word usage to describe a style or w/e...

What are they english professors that drive mini-vans?



Firstly... Congratulations Hamidi. You have been dominating home soil for some time now so it's nice to see you invading foreign grounds like this lol

This car is beyond epic and the people hating on it are only showing their ignorance whilst bringing down this website. The criticisms that have been made are what make this car so good. It's like saying jennifer lopez's ass is too big! Wake up guys! That's what's makes her. Without that ass she's just another normal person. Also what a stupid comment to say these are not winters! Do you not understand the term winters just means they ain't your BEST show wheels. As if a man of Hamidi could roll on steelies! Be real!

I was with Hamidi the other night and saw the attention this car was getting. There was a satin black Lamborghini that got ignored because this mkiv was parked close by. FACT!


C'mon guys, an MKIV is a Supra... You're cheating on me, reading Speedhunters via my RSS reader, I click on what was supposed to be a great Supra and it ends on a.... useless slammed Golf.


It's typical to see this type of reaction, especially when you don't know half the story. Even the writer of the article got it wrong. Those that have been following his build threads would know that the Audi Monoblocks arent going back on for summer. those were for sale and the day he took them off, he had to find an alternative cheap set of wheels to go on pronto. He had adaptors at home and these were bought and went straight on with the adaptors. For christ sake, the kid even named his build thread "accidental stance". This is NOT a show car, its run daily.


hahahahahahaha i'm from England (u.k.) and i like many scenes including; jdm, drift, rat, rat rod, euro, muscle, etc.... i love this car and i see why all you clearly americans are hating, you do not get the VW scene at all! just because its not american or japanese and it doesn't have an impressive 1000bhp+ doesn't mean it all wrong! there are more websites and forums on the internet (english, american, german, etc...) that would love this car but unfortunately its been wasted on a american and japanese orientated peformance website with people who do not only have tunnel vision, but they feel the need to show their opinion on a car they clearly do not understand.


Yes mr HMD the car is looking awesome. stance is looking phat! Keep it RAAAAWW


There we go , now this is more like it .

You kids better get the lotion ready , too bad all you need now is a silvia and some drifting and we're all set.


This thing is AMAZING! stance is so beond perfect it is un-real. how can anyone hate on this.

hats off to you dude. friging amazing!!!!


I <3 Haters...


hope he has winter proof air ride...


looks like u got haters man.. i think those wheels look too wickeddd on the car and iv not seen anyone else do what you have done.. nice one mate !!


so i wondered why i hadn't been on this site for awhile, who needs all the negative bullshit? @speedhunters, you should stop allowing comments, they are ruining your site.


Car is looking sweet Hamidi :) and I would rather OWN a nice looking slow golf than an ugly quick bit of jap crap - FACT! but suppose your all going to call me a HATER now? works both ways peeps! and before you all jump on the bandwagon I understand other scenes just clearly stating which I would rather OWN!


what can we do...if the JDM guys want to hate..let them hate...

this is one...if not the best car on the mk4 scene and here to stay...

keep if coming hamidi. cant wait for the summer...


Hans, go away, this clearly isn't the site for you.


Man you people all miss the point of this site, what speedhunting is... just because you dont like it.. or dont understand the tuning style doesnt mean you have to hate on someones pride and joy... those rims are way 2 big yes.... but im 100% sure that is what he was going for. It looks sick and i dont even like Golfs, or european cars at all really.

peace out people!


you guys don't have a clue when it comes to this car.

hamidi has been setting trends in the game for a while now and if you don't like it, why leave negative comments? because it's not jap? NO. because you never thought of it first.

Don't badmouth a car which has a lot of time and effort put in when all you've got to show is a car that looks like an extra from fast and furious that didn't make the final cut.



plus you people care too much about what others write on this comment board , who gives a fuck, what is complaining gonna do anyway , everybody has their own opinion about what they "think" is good.

You guys are in love with your own voices/opinions.


Love the car(I have an MKIV), but damn those rims look dumb. Not only are they way too big, the actual rim style is ugly. The car is perfect except for the rims.


Show me pictures of this car driving down the road on a snowy day.


Excuses excuses.

"You guys don't like it because it's not JDM"

"you guys don't like it because it's not Japanese."

Uh no, we don't like it because it looks stupid. I drive a German car (Porsche 964) and couldn't care less what kind of car gets posted here. What's your guys excuse for all of the negative replies to the FD RX7 posted a few days ago? It's Japanese/JDM and it got a similar reaction as this.

And please, stop with the "hate" comments. Seriously, find some new material. I can't stress how dumb and immature you sound when you refer to detractors as "haters."


i dont think people hate cause its not jdm , i think people hate this kind of shit because it is purely for

show. I bet this idiot cant even drive around town without bottoming out everywhere. He just wants everyone to look at his stupid car.


Why dont some of you idiots go through his flickr and he can see him rolling fgs! rather than just asking to be spoon fed.


Wheels are just plain silly, but the rest of the car is mint. Stance is fine in my book, but that's just because I have an unhealthy obsession with Bosozoku cars. Size the wheels down, maybe thicken the tires up (but not widen...) a bit and i'd rock it.


@ JamesNz - I agree, Speedhunting is all about new and different, some things people wont like and if you are going to hate, bugger off and annoy another forum, not everyone is going to like different things, but there is some people out there who like the same styles as others who want to see these things. Thats what speedhunting is. Love of cars in all shapes and forms.