Car Spotlight>> Skoty Chops 23

The hot rod scene is pretty much nonexistent in the Netherlands, let alone in other European countries. So I always enjoy the coverage that Mike is able to make on the hot rod related events in the US. So I was really surprised seeing this Ford Model A at the 100% Tuning Show.

The "Skoty Chops 23" as this car is called, has been built by Scott Ferreira in San Francisco. I'm not sure how the car got here, but I believe it has been bought by somebody from Germany.

I'm not very well versed in these kinds of cars, so please correct me if I'm wrong. Some would call this a Ratrod but I have been told this is a Hotrod that has been built with a 1950's vibe. The guys got back from the war and started racing these cars and removed all the extra weight even down to the paint. So in the 1950's this car would be called a Hotrod but nowadays it is known as a Ratrod. 

The car is powered by this Chevy 5.7 litre V8. It has a Weiand intake manifold with three Holley fuel injectors. I loved all the details and the fact that the engine was out in the open, you must realize that these kind cars might be pretty normal in the US but they are very rare in Holland.

At first I thought this was the handbrake but actually it was the gear lever that connects to the GM TH350 automatic transmission. This must be the coolest shift knob I have ever seen.

The fuel tank was inside the car right behind the seats. Not sure about the safety aspect of this setup but it looked very cool.

The interior featured a lot of bare metal and some more modern material like the Dynamat sound deadening in the doors.

It was really refreshing seeing a car like this and I would love to take it for a spin down the Zandvoort Boulevard. I'm sure they would hear me coming from afar.

-Jeroen Willemsen

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an old school ratrod with pin striping, white walls and minute detailing. What a recipe for perfection :)


safety and rat rods = ha!


Looks wild and does remind me a lot of our hotrod scene in the US. I'd love to see a little more of the engine bay but I'm definitely digging the details. I think I develop more and more of a thing for pin striping every time I see these cars. o.o


That looks like a very antique car with a lot of history behind it. I used to live in Amsterdam during the 80's and it didn't seem like there would be any room to race; all the streets are so small and tiny. Also, most people walked, biked or took the tram. Its more of an inconvenience to drive there because there is no parking


This is sort of a combination of rat rod and traditional hot rod. Traditional hot rods were never that low, but most every other detail looks period correct. Cool car man!


Looks like there's a lot more tread on the left rear tire than the right rear.....peg leg burnouts? :)


That is sexy!


rat rods are just unfinished hot rods.


I'm gonna build me a rat rod some day.

Awesome build kudos to the builder and envy to who ever drives it.


Good post Jeroen :) Hot rods are like this, but usually with finished paint and not dropped quite so much, more chrome. Rat rods are more unique(like the dash is), and tend to use patina/rust instead of paint, are slammed super-low like this, lots of attitude, and look like they were discarded for years.


Skoty chops is now located in Redwood City, CA its right down the street from the sign shop I work at. Its awesome to see this car over in europe, hopefully skoty can stay busy enough to keep the doors open, times are tough here in the US right now. Skoty if you ever need some pinstriping hit me up! Im local!


On youtube you have a clip of Scott Ferreira giving some information about this car:

He says it isn't a hotrod


Hey Jeroen.

Just saw your feature on this Rod. Looks great !!

But .... there's more of this in The Netherlands !! Check out the site of KARS, owned by Tristan, who has his shop in the very south of The Netherlands. He builds this kind of cars right here in NL.

There you'll find more of this kind of work. Maybe interesting for a photoshoot ....



i like it! i also like the steampunk-type vibe being given off by the copper fuel lines all coiled up beside each carb


With Dino's Mooneyes Japan coverage in full swing, I thought now would be a great time to publish