Car Spotlight>> The World’s Fastest Gt-r

Reece McGregor's R32 GT-R holds the world record as the fastest ever GT-R. Having snatched the long-held title from HKS, this New Zealander's GT-R is now the one that everyone has in their sights.

You may remember my previous post on the car testing prior to Jamboree, so let's take a closer look. The GT-R, prepared by the Heat Treatments team, has run a devastating 7.57 @ 190.7mph which broke the record held by HKS' R33 GT-R. Under the hood is a dry-sumped RB26 with a single turbo conversion and running on methanol. It produces 1668hp and is capable of revving up to 10,000rpm. Check out the dyno run here.

Transmissions play a huge part in drag racing, and the Heat Treatments R32 GT-R uses a Liberty five-speed. It's fitted with an air shifter with adustable pressures for each gear. The button is located on the shifter for gear changing. 

A pair of 'chutes help to pull the 190mph machine to a halt.

The R32 has been resprayed in custom Ice White paint with the headlights and blinkers airbrushed onto the one-piece front bar.

Few cars can wear this NZPC decal. 

The interior is obviously simple to keep weight to an absolute minimum. Lexan windows are used, while the driver is held in place by a five-point harness and Race Pro seat. 

I have to say, one of my favorite aspects of drag events is hearing the cars launch off the line. In case you haven't seen the Heat Treatment's GT-R run down the 1/4 mile, here's a YouTube clip of its record breaking run

The car rides on a set of ubiquitous Bogart Racing rims wrapped in Goodyear slicks.

It was unfortunate the GT-R only got to run a couple of times at Jamboree last month, having snapped an output shaft on its qualifying pass. I hope to see Reece and the rest of his crew back in action next year, and I'm looking forward to them going even quicker!

Heat Treatments NZ

-Casey Dhnaram



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10,000rpm!!! WOW!!!


Anyone remember the Exvitermini website before it went down? I wonder what happened to the R33...


thanks for all the detailed info


d00d for car spotlights can we get like tech specs and stuff?


Not a single compromise. This thing is insane!



love that engine


nz ftw! top notch


the sound of this thing is intense, i saw it earlyer this year at the 4 and rotary nations. truely insane.


Yeah the old dyno-hop video... that R33 was a beast!

10K rev on this sounds incredible though


You guys are seriously giving me a drag racing fever.

I forgot how awesome drag racing can be.


Reving that way, maybe is better to put an F20 on it :D

Honda way..


Awesome. would love to see the car run in person.


Was this the GTR that had the front bar designed by a F1 or similar level manufacturer? l remember something about it was in a magazine in AUS saying it was specifically designed to assist with shaving time.


TO SPEEDHUNTERS- you should really do a post on Outlaw Pro-Mods in the U.S, i race with a team in new jersey,and the east coast, all out 2300/2500 HP cars with screw blowers+Nitrous annnndddddd doors that open. IM JUST SAYING????????


Yes I loved that website, with all the Japanese vids it had. It is deeply engrained my memories of a 13yo just getting into cars. I remember the driver fell ill, and then I heard nothing past that point.


Pictures are amazing as usual.


I remember Reece from the High Octance Vids from like 6 or 7 years ago. Dude is just as built as his cars. The Blue R33 was sick nasty already but this things beats everything.


wow.. it revs like the devils own personal ride.. liking the airbrushed front end, it is very well done! puts me in the mind of a life-size R/C car!!


The motive dvd crew has info on the exvitermini gtr-700. The car is rumored to be under wraps at crydon racing devopklements. The same shop that originally made the car. But from my understanding the motive crew is going to have a exlusive when the car comes out of "hiding".


I name this car Billy Badass.


Does anyone know if this is just the fastest GTR in the world or the fastest 4WD car outright?


Erkki82 is correct in saying Croydon Racing Developments has it. I did work experience there and they also had the DVLISH 200sx there (fastest SR20 std rear end-8s?) and RH9 R34 Skyline (purple, TE37s etc)

GTR700 was there a few years ago when i was doing work experience there. I havent heard of it being moved anywhere although i havent been around to CRD for some time now. Might go check them out, they arent far from my place



Back in 2002 I witnessed a car that would leave a permanent impression on me. Drag racing was never really


Yep simon fastest GTR and 4WD in the world


Back in May when Rod and I headed to Australia for the World Time Attack Challenge there were tons of