Car Spotlight>> Mitsubishi Galant Vr-4 Rs

The Mitsubishi Galant may not be the most obvious choice to start with and definitely not the most beautiful car (I might offend a few people with that last statement.) But this car is not so much about the outside but more about what is underneath it's outer shell, so I'll concentrate on that.

The chute and Hoosier tires are a sure sign that this car has been built with only one purpose in mind. It is drag month after all …

The amazing clean engine bay is filled with top notch parts and of course the 4G63 2.3 liter DOHC 16v i4. The ‘box' you see on the left that is attached to the turbo is an icebox that is filled with, you guessed it, ice before every run.

The cool air then flows into the 120mm throttle body and into the custom intake plenum just before it explodes inside the cylinder.

The timing can be corrected with these adjustable HKS pulleys specifically made for the 4G63.

The tried and tested HKS T51R SPL turbo makes sure the engine is being fed enough air. This results in 1050bhp at 30psi.

The massive Sard 66mm external wastegate expels the excess gasses.

When you look closely at the fuel rail you'll notice that there is another one beneath it. This results in not 4 injectors but eight 1600cc injectors that feed the engine as much fuel as it needs.

You will need a lot of sticky rubber to get all that power on the strip. So the owner went with Hoosier tires.

Getting a dragster off the line is all about the right setup underneath the car. So Koni was contacted for custom built drag specific shocks for the front and rear. Both have been fitted with King springs. The other parts like the upper and lower rear arms have all been removed and replaced with custom built items.

Carbon is the prime choice for making your car lighter. So a lot of metal parts have been removed and replaced by this precious material like the rear floor and door inserts.

The Stack dash provides the driver with all the necessary intel together with the four Sard exhaust temperature meters. The pedal box came from Wilwood and Racepro provided the seat. 

This unlikely candidate proves that you should never judge a book by it's cover. This could be the wildest Galant you will ever see !

I need to thank NZ Performance Car for the use of these pictures

-Jeroen Willemsen



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I've never used the words "Galant" and "awesome" in the same sentence and I won't....because this Galant is FRIGGIN' INSANE. I used to have a 2000 Galant and I can't begin to imagine 1,000+ hp in it (though it felt like it only had 50 hp being an ES model, FWD/NA).

Though I love the paint on most of the car, the flames gotta go, otherwise it's easily the beastiest Galant I've ever laid eyes on!


so fast, such great technology, but that paint job is HIDEOUS!!!


Another one of my shoots and no mention of who shot it.


Yes, never judge a book by its cover. With those numbers, It'll even shut up me from hating.


Whats this puppy run?



duh. you've sold those pictures to nz performance car? they've got permission from there.


Ssssoooo insane looking and all but what time does it do?


What a random car to use, I absolutely love it! Interesting paint color to use but I love the flames! I have simillar ones like them on my Volkswagen, really clashes nicely on the car color, excellent job!


omfg im in love... im about to send my wife to the store so i can spend some "alone" time with this thing.



whats the 1/4 mile numbers?


Good to see a lot of NZ cars being featured on here.

Good work.!


Awesome car, my 5 speed swap galant actually has one of these generation galant's shifter assemblies.


im pretty sure it hasnt run anything impressive at all


@skalski, No I worked for them, they own the photos so they dont have to but would have been nice to get a mention


@ Spencer P: Not random at all, the Galant vr4 came with all the goodness Evo's have before Mitsi decided to switch to the smaller lancer for it's Rally cars. Works vr4's won 6 wrc events (equal to any model of evo lancer) as well as several European and Asia pacific championships.

They are very popular cars over here, with several running 10's and one running 9's.

That's a nissan diff (gtr? iirc) in a custom rear subframe btw!


awesome - looks like it can put some good times down.. i mean like sub 8 secs! cool flames (you know what i mean!)


very sick but i would never take a super rare car like a vr4 galant to make an all out drag racer. couldnt he just as easily converted a regular galant since im sure mostly everything has been replaced/upgraded.


so so sick.


@ H05TYL: wow, i didnt realize galants had such a culture behind them. And where is "over here"? I live in New Jersey, I'm used to seeing American Drag Racers haha, but I got to say the Japanese and European ones are quickly growing on me


@ Spencer P: I live in New Zealand, same as the feature car.

@eDub: vr4's aren't really that rare - Mitsubishi made over 20,000 of them, they were never sold new here in New Zealand, but a huge number made it over as second hand imports - they used to be really popular before Evo's became cheap enough for people to afford.


I finally get to see an HH Galant on speedunters and it's got one hideous paint job IMO. The flame really doesn't suit the car.



He's probably the US, and we both know out of those 20k made only 3009 were sent to the states.


how about the E.T?


.....alright speedhunters, smashed it finding such a sick galant to showcase, now time to go and find a sweet legnum VR4 to do a feature on....

YES PLEASE :) !!!!!


Brendon likes boys!