Car Spotlight>>  L28-powered S13 Silvia

It might not be too much of a classic but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to devote a spotlight to this Nissan S13 Silvia. What made this ride stand out form all the other cars at the recent G-Works drag meet in Sendai Hi-Land was the engine powering it. While a lot of owners of vintage cars we see seem to ditch their old engines for something more modern, powerful and reliable, here is someone that has that has done the complete opposite with his car.

You won't find an SR or even an RB powering it, but a stroked and highly modified L28!

It seemed to have quite a lot of power to play with, averaging 12 second passes throughout the day.

It might be an old lump, but the L28 has a lot of potential as I kept seeing in cars present at the G-Works event.

Who needs fuel injection!

Not something you expect to see when you lift the hood of an S13.

The interior was completely stripped out and outfitted with the sort of gauges and switchgear you expect to find on a dedicated drag car.

The drag slicks allowed it to really hook up when dropping the clutch off the line.

G-???? (G-Works) sticker adorns the trunk lid. You just have to love such unique cars!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Worse in some ways, but definitely cooler


WOW! just when you think you've seen it all...


Unique and i mean in a good way, i'm glad someones thinking ouside of the box.


very nice S13, I like that it's so simple and clean on the outside. While the engine bay might not be one of the shiniest it's definitely all business under there. It's nice to see the aftermarket exterior pieces painted to match the stock trim to give it that real low key feel.


it looks cool..


reminds me of the car from freeway speedway 2 with the fart sticker on the motor haahahhaaha


This is very interesting. The list of strange engine choices for the s13 grows .... L28, BMW V12, Toyota V12, 13b .....


This car is absolutely beautiful. It's great to always see people do something different from the norm. :D


ooh yesss


S13's are vintage?!


Holy...... Very interesting.... Can I ask how much power it is puting onto the rear tires?




Some one beat me to the punch. Maybe I could do rear drum brake conversion on my 240sx.


This reminds me of a swap Rich from Daft Innovations did for a 240SX years ago. Of course it wasn't a G Works set-up but it's still nice going retro. One of the few swaps that gets overlooked. ITB on a 6 cyl. *drool*


Screw the 3sgte, I'm keeping my 18rg <3


I've seen a few Toyota V engined drag cars. Just wonder why they aren't more popular, side from availability.


Nice. Running 12s too, I'm impressed! Probably amongst the best sounding Silvias on earth too


L28's were always good engines!

Something different for a S13 I guess.


mm volk cv pros.