Car Spotlight>>  Hr31 Skyline Wagon

For anyone that has been reading Speedhunters you might have figured out that I have a sort of weird attraction to wagons. Performance and style definitely have to be part of the deal however, so not every old thing will do. Up at Sendai I just couldn't keep my eyes off this particular HR31 Skyline Wagon…

…especially after I saw it in action on the drag strip. I knew there was a very familiar about the sound coming out of the titanium exhaust…

…and upon closer inspection it turned out that the stock CA18S it was once fitted with had been replaced with an SR20DET. Power is around the 380 HP mark thanks to an S15 turbine and some clever ECU tuning.

The maroon interior is pretty much stock, even the factory seats remain, but the owner added a few must have gadgets for drag racing like the oversized AutoMeter rpm gauge and a boost controller. Additional boost and oil temperature gauges have also been fitted.

Oh yes it's a Skyline!

The titanium exhaust, custom made as there aren't many parts makers that cater to these cars.

So there you have it, not only a pretty rare Skyline body shape but a uniquely powered one at that. 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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These were only produced in Australia if I am not mistaken. Would love to get my hands on one of these to bring home to BC.


COOL FEATURE, nice power in that sr20, im shooting for those same numbers with mine


street legal?


Very nice indeed!


lol @ rare body shape. in australia you would be hard pressed to find a cheaper car!


fucking rare


Blech. That interior is so god awful it's awesome.


Not too often you come across the Skylines like these.


This spotlight means nothing without E.T.


my first car was an R31 Wagon so its cool to see this on Speedhunters!

I always wanted to drop an SR20DET into my old wagon rather then RB20DET/RB25DET, would feel alot more balanced I would think.


JordanP: HR31's were made and built in Japan. Some other R31's were also made and built in Japan.

Most R31's were made in parts then shipped to Australia to be assembled with Australian made differentials and gearboxes as that was all that needed to be counted as Australian made.


These things are bloody dime a dozen here in Australia. Our came out stock with the RB30, mostly automatic however. Easily turned into a manual-RB20 powered drift pig however.


in Australia they had RB30's in them.


JordanP: In Australia, the 4cyl CA20E "skylines" were called Pintaras and came in both wagon and sedan (should you feel like looking for one). The 6cyl were called skylines, and had RB30E's in them.

Side note: Even the R32 came out in Japan in a poverty pack CA18DE. So there is a chance that this was a native Japanese car.


Only in Aus? Mate if you want one theres heaps laying around. I live in a smallish town and I know of three that are sitting in backyards.


Maybe it's just me, but i was hoping for some rb power! Still a VERY cool car though.


they were relased in japan actually, they were spec'd pretty much the same as the hardtop 4 doors. but yeah here in aus their either bingo taxi's or modded haha


in nz these are considered rubbish and get scrapped alot. can get them sooooooo cheap


What times was it running?


And there are even less makers that cater to people that have SR20DETs in those cars :P


Pretty cool!!


Ya, how fast did it go?


Plenty of these in NZ too. They are used to transport islanders who haven't yet upgraded to a Toyota Estima or Previa solie bus.


nice car...