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This BMW E46 M3 is one of the latest cars that GAS Motorsport put together and one that we were rather eager to shoot during our time at the workshop. The guys from GAS kindly pulled it out into the open and positioned it for a few quick shots before the threatening skies opened with a nice dose of cold rain.

Let's get one thing straight before we go any further, this may well be referred to as an E46 but it's only its shell that has any resemblance to BMW's legendary M3. As you can see, power comes courtesy of a GAS-built Toyota 2JZ, and the lot is bolted down onto a tubular frame.

Here is a shot Casey took up at this year's Jamboree.

The layout up front is very similar to the Celica and Scion we saw in the GAS Motorsport tour

…running a pretty wildly sized turbocharger…

…and a charge-cooler to help feed the engine with the coldest possible intake temperatures. 

One thing I really liked on these GAS beasts was the solid pole to actuate the throttle. Wire cables would be far too unreliable.

The 2JZ has, of course, dry sump lubrification.

The interior is pure pro drag car, with a very clean and uncluttered cabin and a very nice carbon dashboard and digital dash unit taking center stage.

The driver shifts the Liberty Equalizer 5-speed clutchless transmission, manually via the big lever.

"PRO BMW" has managed an impressive 6.929 sec / 200 mph pass earlier this year showing what incredible cars Joe Signorelli and the guys at GAS Motorsport keep building. They truly are 2JZ masters!

Gas Motorsport

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Very nice build! Though the interior confuses me; what car is that dash from? It's no BMW, that's for sure.


Boring. "Wow an M3 drag car?! Oh wait, it's a really fast Supra with a BMW badge on it." Come on. Why not just use a Supra shell? makes more sense to me. How about a real M3 drag car? Not a JDM powered M3 shell. An S54 engine, etc German powered. That's what I say.


Love it, asking santa this christmas!

But there is no gearbox cover?

Don't want to be in there if the gearbox decides to let go!


Good thinking Zero_G. Go build one. I'll be over here watching this thing break records.


yeah, it must get boring making the same car multiple times but just putting a different body on it :( Personally I really dislike how inset the rear tires are relative to the fender flare. Probably due to the way the body slopes in at the side, preventing them from moving the massive (tall) slicks farther out.

It still looks wack though


Hat´s of great article. GAS are well known for their 2jz knowledge and they make great drag car´s. Hopefully we will see a race between GAS Motorsport ,Titan and Rayglass car´s again someday. Keeping fingers crossed for the next Jamboree.


whats the limit for the 2jz 5 sec.


God I love Drag Racing!


What the f*$@ was wrong with using a BMW motor again? They turbo just fine...


man, drag racing month is the most boring thing ever. these cars lok like ass. November better be interesting or I am boycotting this BS.


wow!! some awesome times put down by this machine. the turbo is huge - they def. know what they doing just by the build quality [overall i mean] - i've seen that 'generic-style' dash before, but where?? - great write up!


Maybe it has a BMW-shell 'cos records for them are higher than for Supras etc.

More publicity? Business is business.


So much haterade. Why don't you guys build cars worth posting up then?

Keep up the good work Speedhunters! Great coverage of different scenes!


Here is my worthless .02:

They used the 2JZ because it's been proven over and over. It's relatively cheap to find one AND it makes good power out of the box.

Compared to a M5 engine is definitely a bargain. BMW engines are expensive.

Regardless of their decision (GAS shop); it's getting old very fast to see 2JZ (and LS2) in every other racecar these days. There are plenty of other great engines out there.

Again, the pics of this article are good, but the story, as usual, just sucks.....

Dino if you're reading this: ask yourself why Import Tuner and/ or Modified mag will be axed?


I wish I could put a 2jz in my 323ci.


@ zero_G.... You are a fucken fag!!! Learn to accept creativity, passion, goals and dreams. You don't let anyone tell you your ideas sucks too would you. Open your mind dude...


yeah, not digging speedhunters this month!

drag cars are so boring and ugly, but hey, i guess they got passion.


haha lol at move on. but it seems like if they wanted to make a faster car they would chose a lighter shell since they can just throw the 2jz in whatever.


Nice Supra!


Is that an altezza dash?


so what is BMW on the bmw dragster?


Yo GAS Motorsport, i'ma let you finish, but Queen Street made the best Japanese powered BMW dragster of all time!

But seriously, at least they didn't use a 2JZ.


Trick Titanium bell housing = dead sexy bitching cool parts.


Such hating I just don't see the need for it... As a Gearhead Mechanical Eng.; I appreciate all cars put together as long as its high quality builds (like this one), vintage, modern, domestic, import, jdm, usdm, whatever. As long as it fills a niche (or creates one), whats wrong with that ?

Dino, Bring on more great pictures and killer builds (as long as its 'automotive'..) !!




The term hater is one of the most idiotic, sweeping general-isms of objective criticism. One of my most HATED terms. Nobody here has hated, more they have expressed their criticism of a car that seems to be built purely for the purpose of exploiting, in my opinion, a loop hole so they can promote their business by breaking records using a "BMW." Which I simply think is boring. Higher numbers for the sake of seeing higher numbers doesn't light my fire. Like X-Willer said - It's seems 'Business is business.' HOWEVER, I'm sure the quality and ingenuity of this build is far from anything to scoff at.


So what, now every drag car has to be the shape of what the engine came out of, gee that'd be a tad boring.....ever think that some people just simply don'tlike the shape of a Supra? It's all about doing what YOU want with YOUR money! I for one love this car, proper BMW or not, powered by BMW or not, its' still top notch(and I hate 2J's). Don't be so narrowminded and blinkered, not everthing rotary powered must resemble and RX7 and not everything Chev powered must resemble a Comaro....move on!

PS: Drag FTW!!!!!


The past weekend saw the 21st Anniversary of Jamboree racing held at Willowbank Raceway, Queensland Australia