Builds: Rtr-x Progress: Teaser #2

Hope you are having a good weekend. Here is the second Teaser image of the Team Need for Speed Mustang RTR-X.

With the assistance of BASF and the Auto-Explosion paint shop we have achived a very strong 'Team Need for Speed' graphic on the hood, all in paint. The easy option would have been to lay Green and Satin Grey Vinyl on the hood….but we have higher standards than that.

The RTR-X will be launched on Tuesday, at 10.50AM on the Ford stand, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. If you are lucky to attend, please pop by, say hello and take a look!

Stay tuned to Speedhunters for more exclusive teasers!

- Andy Blackmore

RTR-X Build on Speedhunters

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