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It's update time !!! The Need for Speed D-Mac '86 is coming along very nicely at MCNSPORT HQ. Let's take a look at some of the interesting details of the build so far……

I wanted a way to be able to add caster to the front suspension without pulling the wheel forward so we got these tops made up and welded in place … simple but effective!

The scuttle or wiper panel has been removed and the roll cage has been extended to the strut tops and reinforced further with swagged plates. I love swagged plates like these, they look so cool :-)

The passenger side also gets this treatment. Here you can also see the air intake for the heater has been sealed up along with the bulkhead for the AC pipes. No AC in this hachi!

We have started to fab the chassis mount for the track control arms. These should be fully finished in the next update.

The rear end has seen most of our attention. We have decided to go with a rear four link. Three forward facing links and a panhard bar for various reasons. One of them being the position of the fuel cell behind the passenger seat (car is RHD). You can see one of the mounting brackets for the cell in the picture above. Placing the cell behind the passenger seat gives us the best possible weight distribution. Oh and this is only a mock up like arm, the final one will be much nicer.

Here is a good shot of the rear section of the roll cage. You can see the tabs welded at various intervals on the main hoop section. This will be paneled off to prevent Falken tire smoke, water, dirt and flames from entering the cockpit. You can also see how the third link has been integrated into the roll cage and has four different mounting positions for different suspension setups.

More rear end detail; The original Panhard Rod mount has been removed from the chassis and 2 more have been fabbed, one on each side. They are much shorter than the original cos this car will be much lower than Toyota intended or at least the axle is. As with any live axle vehicle, the bigger the wheels you use the closer the axle gets to the floor. The chassis panhard mount remains slotted until the vehicle is dropped onto the floor and the final suspension geometry is done. At that point a tab with 3 to 4 holes in it will be welded over the slot in the correct position. Also we can see the axle has been triangulated for strength, we'll take a closer look at that two pictures below.

This is the rear most structural part of our AE86 chassis. if we bend this we are after hitting hard! The bolt flange you see welded on is just for mounting on our rotisserie but the same flange will be used to mount the removal bumper bars front and rear.

Here we can see the axle triangulation. I don't think this much torque has been put through an AE86 before especially with only 3 forward axle links. So to prevent the axle twisting we strengthened it at its weakest point.

Time to drool! Here are the Work Meister S1's in 17×10 with negative 39 offset. The most gangster wheels ever to be fitted to a hachi ! Big thank you to Work Wheels for their support and enthusiasm for this project.

Here is where the wheels would be if they were fitted to a standard car. Out of focus you can see the swagged plate continues from the engine bay up the "A" pillar.

The powerplant is finally at MCNSPORT HQ. A Hayward Rotary built Bridgeported 13B.

Here you can see our amazing MCN / AVO AE86 Rear Coilovers. The best AE86 shock absorbers on the market shall be used to transmit 500BHP to the pavement.

The majority of the roof skin has been removed and will be replaced with our FRP roof skin. The section behind the centre hoop will have a drop vent to provide air for the rear mounted radiator.

Our WRC inspired roll cage is now fully finished.

This swagged plate is just awaiting welding in to complete the strengthening of the floor mounted axle link points

The new disposable rear is ready ahead of time. It's a complete clam shell style mould of a JDM spec ae86 rear with tail lights and all in place. This will make wall rubbing inexpensive and quiet spectacular but best of all panels can be replaced easily between runs.

A nice stack of Work Wheels ready for Falken Tires and some serious abuse!!

And here is my latest purchase, a genuine Black Limited Trueno which will be getting the MCNSPORT treatment along side the Need for Speed D-Mac 86. It's AE86 heaven here at the moment !
In the next update hopefully we will have the motor and transmission fitted or engine and box (depending on where your from), propshaft / driveshaft and radiator as well !
See you next time





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cool black limited ae86

are you useing this in formula D?


cool black limited ae86

are you useing the nfs one in formula D?


500bhp rotary in a Hachi, amazing!


No don't change anything on the black limited!! use any other Hachi....


What a rocket this thing will be!


This will be used in Europe nit Formula D

We put our own twist on all our cars. The black limited will get bronze wheels, suspension and a 1.8 stroked 20v


this is a masterpiece in the making, you inspire me D-MAC!


omg...................speechless being an ae86 fan


Like this alot!


Yesssssssssssss rotary swap. This makes me so happy.


WIN @ AE-Rotary!!


Rotary powered 86. Cant wait for this thing man its gonna be so sick.


Oh man the perfect ride with the perfect engine!!!!



If it's Team NFS, i guess it's safe to assume it's coming stateside?


NOOOO leave the Black Limited alone, even better, return it to its factory glory. there are some cars that deserve nothing but to be admired for the preservation of themselves.

that is unless its already been molested beyond restorable, then mod away.

wasnt the 86 thats being featured wrecked real hard? the car is making good progress if so.

500hp rotory? might as well get a few more built, 500 is the cusp of death for those motors. not talking shit about the build or anything, as the amount of work going into just the chassis alone is phenomenal, its just that rotaries should be considered consumables like tires and brakes. lol

d-mac, youve got good taste, please do that Black Limited right and restore it OEM style, i hope its not too far gone already. that car will pull a VERY pretty penny in a few years. i know its not about money, but the homage you would be paying to everything that was right with toyota will be something to marvel, more so than just another drifting hachi-roku.

either way youll do something spectacular with these cars, no doubt.


Love it! i wish i'm still debating which way to go with my corolla, 1UZ or SR at the moment...


Are you going to use Martelius Exhaust products in this build?


OMG, -39 offset......0_0


I can't say I've been happy with what Speedhunters has shown lately. Too many crappy posts, but this is an excellent one ! Keep it up Mac.


I think you guys are building probably the greatest ae86 of all time.

Seriously amazing work, and you've only just started.....CANNOT WAIT to see this once finished.


"Bernd said:

No don't change anything on the black limited!! use any other Hachi...."

couldnt agree more!


wow sick build


Omg the "Black Limited" :O GL mac


Leave the Black Limited in original shape!


Holding it down for the 86'rs around the world.



Doing anything but restoration to that black limited would be a crime.


this is my kinda article. Love the fab work


This is some amazing fabrication work and great thinking. Can't wait to see the finished build.

Those cars that deserve preservation for admiration are normally more than a colour/trim package, Weasel. Even in Japan there are PLENTY of modded Black Limiteds, its not the sacrilege you make it out to be.


why still using solid axle?


agree leave the poor black limited alone that car is priceless its 2010


its a car. enjoy it. The work done is incredible, i hope you enjoy the black limited for yourself.


Got mig?? havnt heard of a tig welder before? Diff housing is way over engineered.


The Black Limited to be left alone!!!?No!!! Just cut the firewall ,plonk in a 2jz single turbo...move the engine as far back as possible, move the seating positions(WRC style)....Tiltons floor pedals, IRS ,etc....i think it would be more epic than this rotary ae86 hahahaha!!!!BTW how will your overfender & stance gonna look like????(the same question that had been discussed in the Jr mustang build topic!!Black Limited or not, any ae86 models track or road legal should be treated the same ..respect ,cherish & honor plus oh yea ,drive it hard..!


Nothing but love..


Black Limited.... Drool.... Anyways, can't wait to see the rotary Hachi finished! :D


alex sucks. he's never happy. down with alex! down with alex!


The way the rollcage goes through the firewall makes it illegal for F.D. if I understood their rulebook correctly. But i hope the "BE86" makes it to the American Southwest so I can get some drool on it :)


Thanks for the comments guys, let me answer a few things

The Black Limited is already taken from its original form by the previous owner. When im an old man i'll restore it but for now i plan to drive the crap out of it

We have a spare engine being built also but we shouldn need it really

Martelius will be making the custom exhaust manifold for us

We decided to stay with the live axle as we wanted to push the live axle rear setup as far as we could and see how it performs. A car with a live axle is leading formal d at the moment. nuff said

I dont have a TIG welder i have a MIG welder thats why i used MIG

Tracks in Europe are really bumpy sometimes so we decided to reinforce the live axle rally car style and take no chances

2JZ is way too heavy for the ae86, we like to build lightweight cars


yes the Black Limited! love the thread.. seems like your well on your way to big things.. good luck!


wow i love old school cars. but too expensive to built or import. thats why i got a da9. hopefully ill make things happen with this one lol


i want to see the motor mounts im about to do this project need some ideas on motor mounts


If this is used in FD I thought no part of the cage was allowed to enter the engine compartment? Please correct me if I am wrong.


Looks like a great start! looking forward to seeing more of this build


Wil people not read before they post????? It is NOT being used in FD.... The car WILL be used in EUROPE!


i need to fly to europe to see this thing personally!