Fellow Speedhunters, I've just had the pleasure of attending a screening of the Senna movie, due for worldwide release on October 8th. 

Without any doubt, it's a film worth watching. There's a fair bit of never-before-seen footage of the great driver, from family videos to some scintillating on-board footage at Monaco in '88. The film essentially focuses on Senna's life from '84 to '94, though there is also reference to his karting days; "The purest racing I ever did in my life. No politics, no money – just pure racing".

All in all, it's a dignified look at one of the world's greatest divers – though one who was undeniably flawed (think Monza '88 and especially, Suzuka '90). Nobody's perfect, and maybe that's why Senna tugs at the heartstrings of so many diehard F1 fans, his human infallability.

Like all biographical films, this one's directed clearly from Ayrton's side of the ring. Don't get me wrong, I am, and always have been, a huge admirer of the Brazilian's talents, often getting into heated arguments with Prost fans back in the day. But the fact remains, he brought in a whole new level of ruthlessness and intimidation to the sport.  And some would say, paved the way for the antics of future stars such as one Michael Schumacher…

No matter what side of the argument you agree with, there's no denying the fact that he brought an entire generation of new fans to F1, such was his prowess behind the wheel. He was also one of the most charismatic drivers of his era. 

 – Len Clarke



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so is the film in japanese or english? everything related to this film seems to be in japanese


Ayrton Senna... simplismente o melhor!


I'm just wondering where we can see this movie, doesn't seem like there will a theatrical release here in the US =(.


I been waiting for this for a while. I guess this is only gonna be played in smaller theaters?


I got my ticket a month ago and have been thoroughly anticipating it ever since!!


Hope it'll be released in Italy too... The best of all...!


Well said Len.

It still strikes me that ever 16 years after that day at Imola that last 20 or so seconds of footage takes me right back to the moment, all the emotions and general shock.

Defiantly a must watch film


Very well said. Senna was the last of the real drivers who got where he did by talent and talent alone.


rich_hobo94 and Carlos, I believe the film will be shown in English as it's a Universal Pictures release and the chief personnel (Director, Exec. Producer, Editors etc.) are all non-Japanese. That said, there's a lot of content in Portuguese (30% of the movie), which we had Japanese sub-titles for. I'm guessing there'll be English subtitles for those segments in the international release.


Where did you get tickets Max!

I've been looking for where to watch it everywhere. Are you in the US


Don't worry guyz! The movie will be released world wide (i guess)... Only japanese will be seeing it first, at october 8th.




Fellow Speedhunters, I've just had the pleasure of attending a screening of the Senna movie, due for WORLDWIDE release on October 8th.


Is this going to be released in select theaters? I can't find anything about a release.


5:04, I live in Tokyo so we get to see it from the 8th. I will be away at the Japanese GP so it will have to wait until Monday


In an area known for its increasing number of car-related events, the fifth running of the now hugely