Forget how you feel about the rally scene around the world, the rally scene in North America, RallyX, a few big name American drivers or your opinions of Mr. Ken Block. Forget it all. We are all petrol heads. And when one of the our own show a bit of driving prowess, there’s nothing else to do but applaud after such a showing.

Does part three trump the previous two Gymkhanas? Yes. Yes it does.

Can you hear the sound of the slow clap ringing in unison around the world? Because it’s happening right now. RIGHT. NOW.




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well get to do this on dirt 3.



But when he was crapping the TE37 was like Ò_Ó WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!?????????????


Win. That is all.


thats f#@king amazing...


ohhhh EMMM gEEe way too awesome, soo glad they picked a new location this time around


Yeah, its awesome, and its great to see that these videos are slowly becoming more mainstream and bringing the world of rally and drifting into the public eye. But to answer your question I think the first one will always be the best


Ken Block never disappoints!

Epic drift / slide action!


He's broken a pair of Te37 and the circuit, i h8 the video...

Subaru Ownz


Wow, love the rally style!


pretty sick, that sound is wicked.

but kinda failed off the start with some wall contact, and ruined a nice set of wheels!

also how pissed where they he just ate the f*ck outta that track?

very entertaining video, glad there is no rap or stupid gimmicks in this one.


"Jizz in my Pants" was looping in my mind while i watched the video. 'nuff said.


ken block is still a tool


Just watched this video.... Ken Block does it again! SO good!

Check this EBAY listing for the rims off that Fiesta that he drove in that video. Funny stuff


Does it get any better?...ok maybe more bacon.


Looks like they tried to bring back some of the ruggedness of the first one and keep the commercialism of the second one going too. In part one his rear bumper clips a wall too (well not a wall exactly, but it clips hard). Plus they brought back the segway. Wonder how they got the car to stay at the very top of that wall??? Sweet vid.


That's just what I've dreamed of doing for so long. Carving those banks like a surf/skate/snowboarder in a car!!! Totally awesome.



WAAAAY better than 2nd was real cool, we all wanted Ken to ride the bank!


Pretty entertaining to promote DC as a brand, but should he be focusing as he said "living a dream" and get to work on some pace notes and practice for wrc, and actually finish an event? Loeb is winning championships. Good video though.


I have to agree with you. This stomps the other ones. The video needs to be longer. I guess I just have to watch extra time




I bet Mr. Block looks at himself in the mirror everyday & falls in love. He needs his ego stroked constantly. Cant wait for him to go away. What he does has nothing to do with motor sports.


Pretty dang awesome. But I don't think that Ford will ever replace the Subie.


oh my god. fantastic video

0-60 (i'm assuming miles) in 1.9 seconds

that is amazing


i heartily disagree with saying this part three trumps the previous two Gymkhanas. although still good, the driving and stunts werent half as impressive as they were in the first two, and the fiesta is a joke. true, the ingenuity it took to build this thing is quite impressive, and the performance numbers speak for themselves. but underneath the Monster Energy wrap and the carbon fiber, holding up the one-off drivetrain, is the chassis of a tin-can commuter car whose original purpose has nothing to do with motorsports of any kind. ken's old subaru garnered a hundredfold more respect than this thing because it wasnt fake. the STI is a legit performance car with plenty of street cred . it's reputation is well established on the track the fiesta is what grandmas and commuters all over the country will be driving in the slow lane. theres no such thing as a performance-oriented fiesta.

dont let yourselves get caught up in the hype and flashy colors. i mean this vid is still sick, but not as impressive as his past work. if block is successfully selling this to people who think its THAT much better-- people who apparently subscribe to the "newer is better" philosophy-- i shudder to think what the future holds. i guess all it takes to please ken block fanboys are TE37-killing donuts and exotic locations. sorry linhberg, but that isnt me.


was there the first day he drove the rallycross spec fiesta gymkhana car, still looks as good now, well done, epic footage again


Oh yea, it takes an awesome driver to come in LAST PLACE.


I think those tires are pooched lol.


wow... i cried...amazing... but +1 for why do that to a set of volks... oh well i guess when you have a gazillion dollars you do what you want.




this has become waaaaaaaayyy too commercialized..

needs less hype/brand name crap.

car was cool till he destroyed the wheel and tires


holy crap that's.... oh my god.


I'm no Ken Block fan, and his WRC efforts are sad, but his gymkhana videos are hot fire


Cant believe it gets politicized... Waiting to see mr Gittin to do a one long drift on that wall despite that fact that it seems impossible, kick flip used to seem imposible too for people to do but once OLLIE was discovered ...


Haters, whatever.

That is one talented driver plain and simple!!!



You made a bold statement saying it beats the previous two. Although I do applaud Mr. Block for making the videos he does I don't see how this one beats the previous two. He did stunts from the past two videos except without the same skill or wow effect. For example @ 3:31 of G3 and 2:58 of G1 he doesn't get as close, his Fiesta with higher power seems to not grip as fast as his Impreza and he had multiple takes on both. It's like they didn't care, or put the same effort as they did into the past ones. You have multiple takes man, was that seriously the best? The location in G2 was far better then this one. However the skills he displayed in G1 were top notch. G3 I feel like I'm looking at a track from L.A. Rush. His car is slipping on the high banks and the video slows down and loses its awe everytime he drives on it. Idk maybe many viewers have never seen what a high bank track is really used for and they think that's the new catchy thing in this video. All the donuts out of the box are just time wasters that took no skill. There's hundreds of donut videos on youtube. @ 6:03 and 6:12 in G3 what is he doing? Absolutely nothing but holding the accelerator down while his wheel is on full turn. He's not in a box so he doesn't even have to watch for him to hit. It looks as though he used lesser quality cameras in this video too G2 graphically speaking looked better and I viewed both in HD. The nice eye candy visual explosion at the end of G2 was nice also! I don't think I've ever once hated to hear a car bounce off it's limiter until this video though :/ He had mistakes in G1 and G3 but it looked like he had more in G3. Just watch that face at 1:28...

Ken Block did an awesome job and he took a lot of qualities from G1 that I liked. He took a lot of tricks from both G1 and G2. He's great for putting out videos like this and I like the video I really do. Without constructive criticism and feedback however one can never get better and by saying this one is the best you have to of clearly not watched the previous two or forgot about them completely by now. He still hasn't beaten G1 and G2 in my book. It's not because of the car he drives either. From what it looks like a lot more money has been put into this car and it shows. Looks great, even all the personal little touches like his Block ebrake handle. A fiesta isn't my taste but that last impreza he used wasn't either. So I just judge based on what he does with the vehicle. Does G3 part 2 trump, beat, and stomp all over G3 part 1.... Hell yes it does!!!


@xtremeimport7 Wall taps are awesome, how could you say that :)


at least there was te37s in the video


Why must people hate on Ken Block? I fail to see how he's a tool/douche/ass. Is everyone just mad because he has the time, talent and money? So what if he destroyed 2 Volk wheels? So what if he kissed the wall. So what if he didn't do that well in his 3rd year in the WRC (part time schedule, I might add) against people who are arguably the BEST drivers on the planet? I've always seen him as a friendly guy who likes to have fun behind the wheel of a car and has the financial backing (co-founder of DC) to do so.

"Oh but he ruined that beautiful car." Doing what it was built to do? C'mon guys.

He's go talent. I'm not saying he's the best ever, but you've got to give it up to him. I guess every person that likes to take their car out and hoon it up (big budget or not) a bit is a douchebag. I'm sure this is falling on deaf ears, but I guess somebody HAS to be called the ass by jealous people. But just think... he's there living it and you're sitting on your butts talking trash.

*dawns flamesuit*


That is so cool!! And it looks like so much fun!!


Don't run volks if your gonna treat em like they're disposable. That's what rotas are for fool


just like the Subaru videos, but with a tossers car.

D*C = Douchey Car


They need to do the next one somewhere in italy or any where else where the streets are very narrow and buildings a made of stone and also a lot of little arcs around through the buildings and so on...


i must say..... Gymkhana 3, pt.2 FTMFW bruh bruh!!!


I don't see Loeb filming up those Gymkhana videos. Why? Because his results speak for themselves; he doesn't have to.

Ken Block on the other hand, since he's doing very poorly in WRC, he NEEDS those type of videos to promote his image. Very sad.

There are few reasons why he's racing part-time:

1. Nobody is willing to back him up 100% (financially). Without the budget, he's not able to race the whole WRC season. (DC shoes and Monster don't cut it).

2. He's running DC shoes already, which is a safer business for him to run, and because of that, he doesn't have enough time to practice rally.

Folks, it's one or the other. WRC rally drivers do only one thing. Race WRC cars and practice day and night; since they were kids (starting with karts and moving up the latter).

Ken Block started "racing" when he bought 3 Subaru STi for the Gunball 3000.

True rally drivers don't sell skate shoes on the side.

That's why Mr. Block is a tool.


Anyone else unimpressed by doughnuts in an AWD?

I've been backing it into corners for years, nothing new there. I'm with Andrew, how is Ken ranking as a driver? Sure there is some good driving in there but I watched plenty of good driving at WRC Japan. Probably didn't suit Ken, he couldn't practise enough. Nice car though...


Well done Mr. Block, how many takes? How many OUT takes? You don't get clever editing and second and third chances at a particular pass in a WRC event mate.

S. Loeb and friends are unimpressed.

Nice advertisement though.

Anyone thirsty? I think I'll throw on my DC Shoes and go buy a Monster.


Bah... I agree with Slappy. Not a good driver... He just smokes and wastes tyres that's all. Just think this: People like Loeb or Solberg would do the same..? IMHO they just don't have time to do stuff like that... cuz If they have time to try... we would see only stunning results ! In fact just watching an in-car footage of Loeb or Solberg during a stage is more exciting isn't it?!?!! :D

Just watch this -> and it was done during a stage!


Here you go Volk worshippers, it's your chance to save the day... :-)


video is crap, its just fcking hype about nothin special, keep watchin JDM Legends, let Block make show for teenagers n ricers


lol obama cant gymkhana! lovwe it!


he needs to get a far wilder car. poor TE's...


this is what we want to see cars do! if you dont like this then it is simple, YOU ARE A HATER HAAAAAAAAAA


Some of you people are such hypocritcal babies. You say Block is an untalented egomaniac who focuses way to much on marketing and stunts, yet you all constantly jizz all over anything Gitten does (not that he's a bad driver or anything) Ken Block is rediculously nice in person (doubt any of you would even bother to meet him) and worked his way here from nothing. He's coowner of dc shoes since the begining if you were unaware. His car is no different from any drift car covered in Advertisements. Gitten skateboards a car and you jizz, Block drifts and does stunts around a course and you say he's untalented. He's helping bring out drifting, rally, and general hooning to the masses and that's a bad thing because he markets his own business at the same time? Go do something significant with your life, then talk.


I wish he would have F(*%cked up the front two VOLKS as bad as the rears . . . . SHRED


Have to agree with Andrew - why has Block got time to be doing this when he should be perfecting his pace notes for the WRC.. it's clear that the boy got skills, but one too many errors in this vid echo's his performances in the WRC... Also agree that the Fiesta aint no Scooby and maybe this fact is why has not managed to finish a rally in it yet?... He was doing ok in Germany, but retired due to a "failled altenator belt" - WTF!! do they not have spares??? or borrow a local's tights until back to service??

Smacks of a cover-up to me!


I just love that there is little to no marks from 9million runs it took to get the final video great work. Lets hope he sticks with it and gets better at WRC racing.


What JC-MX5 said.

I don't see the difference between using a boro-boro missile car and destroying nice rims while drifting the hell out of it (which would be awesome by most people's standard's around here) and using a WRC-spec, nicely prepared car being driven like it's stolen.

You people need to check your biasing. Cool is cool, and if Ken Block can afford do to it with nicer equipment, why does that mean it's got less "spirit" or that he's a "poser".

Screw you guys, unless you can give a straight, valid answer.


i think the first one was the best




To all the haters..................lets see you top his videos

A cool dude from a cool company releasing cool videos.......ya....... lots to complain about.


JC-MX5 should run for President, he speaks the truth...too many but plugs here complaining about wheels, Subaru, etc.


Seriously, 90% of the haters here don't have a fucking clue what they are talking about, or understand shit about the WRC.

@Alex, you know what else you don't see Loeb doing? Giving two fucks about any of his fans, or helping spread awareness about rally in the United States, and actually worldwide. So go on hate as you will, be a fucking keyboard warrior, spreading misinformation. You will never understand the true impact of these videos on motorsport. You really are a dumb fuck.


that nigga knows he liked the STI better


Why is everyone complaining about him ruining a pair of TE's? Last time I checked, they're still making them, the only reason anyone could ever call them "rare" is because they're expensive. The only damage done here is a slight dent to his wallet, and Mr. Block has quite a large wallet. So quit complaining. I'd be more worried about him gouging a historic race-track than tearing up some wheels that I could go order online if I felt like wasting all of my money.


Like the vid, dont think its as groundbreaking or skillful as the first 2. Guys, calling this Fiesta a grocery-getting granny car is a huuuuuuuuge mistake. Rally-spec Fiestas have been killing it in WRC and other rally events for years and if you think it is anywhere remotely like the US watered down version, you are very wrong. These are not the same Fiestas available at your local Ford dealer, any more than a Cosworth Escort compared to the crap box Escorts that sold for $4999 new.

As for the TE-37s, that team has a whole room full and I can guarantee the cost was a drop in the bucket of the production cost of this vid. Now, if only Block would concentrate less on the video work and more on the WRC courses!


I will forever remember these 7 mins and 42 seconds!!!! I love all three but this is my FAV. yes i would never do that to the wheels but who cares not like they cant make another set they are not rare or anything. Great driving!!!


He's a good stunt driver. Horrible rally car driver...


That track is awesome!! Where is that at?


this one is for DRFTmonkeh - im not exactly sure where you get your "facts" from, you do realise that the fiesta ST is a factory car right? and quite a fun hatch to drive... kinda odd that you would make such a bold statement as their is no such thing as a performance oriented fiesta..

the first vid had shock appeal, by now, we kinda know what he plans on doing.. shred tires (well he took it a step further) lots of rpm, tire smoke, drifts, donuts, if you know your gonna hate on it dont watch it.

im not a ken block fanboy, i dont even own any dc shoes, but hey, i like watching cars get thrashed around.


so i havent looked in the mirror but im pretty sure ive got on the same sh*t eating grin as our buddy mr block here...







Dear LORD are you people some whining, crying, peeing-in-your-pants-with-JEALOUSY fools. NONE of you can do this but try and talk like YOU are better than Ken.

TRY JUST ENJOYING WATCHING SOMEONE DOING WHAT YOU CAN'T!! did watch it, and you're just SOOOOO offended. Get lives.

Mr., you regularly change alternator belts yourself on the side of the rally course without tools? Really?


To Drifter - did you not read the info at the beginning??.. it's an 86 year old track in France with a 51 degree bowl.


Chassis Architecture courtesy of Mazda2.

Engine by Pipo

Electronics by Cosworth.

Project Built by M-Sport UK.

Video concept by Subaru.

Ford taking credit for shit they didn't do, to promote a car they won't sell.

Money may not buy happiness, but it sure buys the admiration of lots of ignorant people.

Great video though.


@ Mr Lizard: While yes the belt failed, it was actually a tensioner that froze, causing the belt to heat up and snap. Not sure how you are going to fix that road side. And it happened on the transit of to the first stage, what was there to cover up? He was sitting in 9th place with a big lead on 10th. You do know what transit is correct?


This video is crap. Anyone can do that with an AWD car, pump a lot of HP out of their engine, practice on the track a few times, and edit their videos and shots like there's no 2morrow. AS THE VIDEO SAYS. Its rally video, he's a rally driver not a DRIFTER!!! To drift u need to loose control to gain control of the vehicle.. and. U can tell the little fiestas auto, even with the clutch pedal cause u can tell it has pedal shifters. Its easy as 1 2 3 pulling the e brake and lowering a gear with the pedal shifters. Why. Not do that stick with a RWD. Cause he can't. If ur gonna do it. DO IT RIGHT!


D1RGE.EXE - sorry, it was between stages, not actually on the rally course.

I suppose at least he didn't smash it up.



Most of what you just stated is wrong.

Ken's Gymkhana Fiesta is prepared by Olsbergs MSE (says it in the video). Not M-Sport. It's not a Pipo motor, not Cosworth Electronics. Oh, and because it's good form to state your sources, check the spec sheets at

Oh, and as far as everything I have ever read about Gymkhana, it was Block's idea to do the videos with DC. Subaru had nothing to do with it! I am pretty sure the Subaru logo never graces the videos. Sorry fan bois.


Oh, if I knew that you shot in Montlhery! I would have come take a sneek peak...

( i'm based in Paris)

It has to bee said, it's a beautiful vid an it certainly took a lot of work to do.stop.

It also looks like this new "little" Fiesta isn't as easy to place or to dose as the ol' Subie. Perhaps the 650bhp and the way they are delivered through the rev-band is the cause? Hence the wall tapps and the less precise placement of the vehicule (i know we're cutting hair).

I also found it funny to see that black'n'white'n'green splash run WOT where people come to homologate their "grey imports". The Service des Mines (DRIRE+UTAC) use the facility to test cars such as RHD Sevens or say a BNR32.

BTW I would also find it very interesting to have a bit of "behind the scene" and "making-of" of this vid.

As well as a "feedback" from Mr Block on the experience : how he came with the facility, how he enjoyed it, how it was to glide on the banking, and overall how was work at the office (aka the driver seat).

@OMGfail... the rev-limiter sound is typical of a rally car, ever heard a WRC car? it's as bad.


DAAAAAAMN!!! It's like the Haters Ball up in here... HATE! HATE! HATE! HATE! HATE! Da'hell is wrong wit ya'll. If you've every met this K.Block you would know that he does it for the love, and to share his world with fans and others who would never think to look at cars the way we do. Yeah there's a commercial aspect to it, but how else is he suppose to pay the bills and buy new sets of TE37's for Gymkhana 4?

Think about it, these videos are helping motorsports grow. What about K.Blocks Gymkhana event last month and the future ones to come??? Here's a man trying to share some thing with the world, and you spit on it.

My only question for the haters is, where does it come from? Then again I suppose I'm a walking contradiction because I HATE HATERS.


Video was awesome.

Ken Block drives better than you.

Who the hell cares if he sold out, bought his way in, drives a Ford, doesn't do well in rally, etc...? He's living the dream.


He still can't win a WRC stage...


there's a lot of comments here.

I got bored reading them

Just like I got bored watching this after a few "Wow"s for location and car.

There is definately no mechanical sympathy in this.

I'd like to see this location and a timed race.

We don't know If he is fast or slow?

Lets see a face off with Sebastian Loab in the C4.


If you dont like mr.block why did u watch the video? And why post things like "hes a tool" on a page for his video , its not like you putting that up is gonna chamge anything. If you hate him that much just ignore him and move on with your life.