Random Snap>>wwjtpd?

When DMCC driver Dave Briggs got his "What would JTP do?" sticker, he didn't slap it on the outside of his car, but on the inside of his windshield, just a few inches away from his face.

How's that for motivation? Spotted on Jarod DeAnda's blog.

-Mike Garrett



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Oh look, how exciting...


@ Mike:

What kind of reaction to you expect people to have? No seriously?

Who gives a flying F where people put stickers?

First with the hellaflush community; where EVERYONE places the stickers on the rear windshield at an angle. VERY "unique"......NOT !!!!!!!

How much time do we have to bear this trend? Can people stop copying each other and think with their own head? Does it really matter where people put stickers?

Now someone put a sticker inside the cabin on the front windshield and it's like "OMG what's going on?"

Tt doesn't get any more lame than this.

Why do you even bother posting this IRRELEVANT crap?


^ dude u need medication


Can someone please explain who/what JTP is?


if u aint interested then dont read, better yet just leave


@Alex.- You should really understand things before you run your mouth. Speedhunters actually made that sticker for the sonoma event, so that is why this blog is relevant. Cool post Mike!


I thought it was funny.


lol wow let's get all angry on speed hunters. lol its' a blog man just a random scroll of thoughts and stuff -- this is more blog-like than normal actually so just relax. i personally like the candid photos that come through here occasionally. Nick, JTP is Justin Pawlak. He drives the blue/green Falken Mustang in FormulaD and used to privateer green (previously blue) FC3S RX7. It's pretty fly. He's a pretty respected person/driver in the scene and though I've only met him for a few seconds at a FD event everyone that knows him thinks he's a pretty swell guy.


@Nick, JTP is Justin Pawlak. He drives one of the Falken mustangs in Formula Drift. (The Monster Car is Vaughn Gittin).


Justin Thomas Pawlak = J.T.P.


Actually i think Alex has a point. I dont know why waste your time with this and not cover more of the 7stock for example. JTP waas there in the flesh with this car even. My guess is that someone wants to make a good impression and capture the "BROmance" he wants with JTP someday. That sticker is WAY LAME by the way and in my opinion Justin is one of my favorite drivers, even though he can be a complete jack ass from time to time.


What reaction did YOU expect Alex, no one gives a crap about YOU. Now please GTFO my webz.


@Alex: so everyone knows by now that you're the worst troll ever! Keep em coming... you're making my day... every now and then... maybe... or well... who are you again?


Some people just never do get it... its just a "random snap" post, what is so hard to read about that? Just like my "random thoughts" posts on my blog, its just about random stuff. So if you are smart enough to know what it is, why bother opening the link and complaining? Also, without these guys none of you even get to see all these coverage on this website so be thankful for what they are doing even if it is irrelevant to what is normally posted. Its not like we are even paying to see all these stuff...

Back onto topic here, I wonder if a "What Would MTP Do" sticker is gonna be made soon... =D


Thanks Mike and SpeedHunters for the plug...

Love the negativity and comments against random posts, Negativity is a CANCER be the CURE!

Ironic how the people complaining about the random posts are looked upon by us as they are exactly what we think of their comments, useless babbling...