Random Snap>> Mean Fd3s

There were so many nice cars at the Roadster and Rotary Meeting last week, but it was this particular spoiler-less FD3S on Enkei RPF1s that really caught my attention. I think it was a combination of the swooping RE-Amemiya AD Step D-2 skirts, the rear fender trim and the pained lettering on the tires that gave it such a unique look. 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I think the skirts look a bit heavy compared to the rear of the car.


I think it would look better if the rear bumper lined up with the sideskirts. It looks off to me.


dewinged RX-7s, like dewinged Supras, S-chassis.. look so sleek and beautiful

and even when they come with carbon diffusers...

for me one of the best flush car would be 2010 C-Klasse DTM without rear spoiler and fitted with TE37 or other JDM wheels.

One can dream..


That is an awesome pic and such abeautiful car. Not sure if I dig the look 100% but I respect the owners unique choices and feel safe in belief that the car is a total monster on track.


Can we get a desktop of this beautiful fd?


I like when the rear of the car seems higher than the sides. That said, the actual design of the side skirt carries a lot of visual weight because it's sort of bulbous. Love it though. Always love the painted words on the tires.


This FD is both menacing and individual, and finished off perfectly by the tyres!

A great Random Snap. Can we see more of the painted tyres please!



High bumper is where its at, more room for the rear diffuser to do its thing. Take a look at the GT500 R35 rear and take away the fins; crazy high rear bumper for super performance (^-^). I think it looks beast without the wing and the beefy wheel/tire/flare.


Played-out wheels

Cheap Tires

Loads of fender gap

Sideskirts that don't flow with the rest of the body

...i'd say you have a recipe for "just another rx-7"


needs a huge gt wing


Oh my god fender gap? its the end of the world as we know it! Sometimes things are played out because they work.


Pretty cool FD. I can't believe he's lettering N3000's though. They are terrible tires.


a functional amount of fender gap will be the next popular thing once these hard parkers get over the whole "hella-flush" ish and move on to emulating people who actually DRIVE their cars.