News>> The 400 Mph Wall, Cracked!

For 45 years, Bill and Bob Summers's land speed record of 409.27 MPH, made possible by four (yes, FOUR) 6.9L fuel injected Chrysler engines which produced a combined 2,400 horse power, had yet to be broken. But this past week, at the FIA regulated, Mike Cook Top Speed Shootout, the wall of 400 fell down –TWICE. 

The Spirit of Rett, a nitrous-injected, gasoline fueled Reher Morrison DRCE2 all-aluminum Chevrolet big block, made back-to-back speed runs over 400mph. The first run averaged 417 mph with an exit speed of 422.6 mph. The car was hauled back in to be serviced so it can prove its speed once again with a second run. The Spirit of Rett's driver, Charles Nearburg, laid down a 411.7 mph with a top speed of 417.65 mph on the second run. The two runs are then averaged as per FIA regulations.

The red and yellow streamliner also set the fastest single-engine car record in history with an average speed of 414.5 mph.

Watch the full record breaking run here. And also check out this video of driver, Charles Nearburg, talking about said run here.

The second car to break 400 was the 8.8L, single Cadillac engined, Spectre Performance streamliner, The Infidel, driven by the Spectre Performance founder, Amir Rosenbaum. The menacing murdered out streamliner plowed to an average speed of 408mph and an exit speed of 415mph!

And here's the official FIA certificate to prove it. 

Both the Spirit of Rett, and The Infidel, are now the two fastest cars in the world. If that isn't proper speedhunting, then we don't know what is. Congrats to both teams! 




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Eh, I guess that's pretty fast.


thats right, gm approx. 45 years to catch up to mopar


That has got to be the biggest adrenaline rush EVER.


Linhberg, THATS THE NEW SLOGAN RIGHT THERE!!! lol u made it urself. " If that isn't proper speedhunting, then we don't know what is."


@ St. Anne, yeah but it only took a single GM engine to kick the record out of four Mopar's working together.


Actually, if you don't include records, there were 5 runs over 400. The Nish team and the Speed Demon also went over 400. Nuts!


woot! and it was on my birthday!


St Anne,

I don't know, 4 mopars to one gm. Not to shabby for Generous Motors. Really though, Reher-Morrison is one of the top engine builders in the world. David Reher is capable of melting most humans brains by merely explaining some of his knowledge on pistons. I've seen it.....actually, he did it to me. I felt really stupid after 30 seconds of him talking.

Records are made to be broken though, this one too shall fall one day.


clearly this shows the superiority of cadillac as an engine maker!!!!!!!!!!!!

/NOT hahahahhahahhaha seriously guys? fully modded and maxed out engines, taken so far from their original design and your comparing the names on the engine.

it's like "well my 100% stock v6 mustang is sooo much better than your camaro because this tube frame race mustang trounced on this other tube frame race camaro. take THAT!"


Wheres the motor pics?


Haha, it looks like something a Looney Tune character would drive


why dont they race these cars side by side like a drag race? that would be cool!


You need to be a little more specific about what records have been broken here, THE land speed record is supersonic!


Car-engined record or something?


I wonder how much power that 8.8L puts out and whether its naturally aspirated or boosted / blown in some way


400 mph is really quite an extraordinary accomplishement. But i don't understand why are you guys calling it a new record.

The Thrust SSC has already set the land speed record of 763mph in 1997. The Thrust SSC is powered by two Rolls Roys Jet engines.

Here's a picture of the beast:

Maybe this is a speed record for a car powered by cylinder engines?


@ floodo1

Direct Quote from Specre,

"All of this was accomplished with a stock Cadillac engine using off-the-shelf aftermarket speed parts, some serious engineering from Performance Fabrication and The Cad Company, and standard Spectre hpR Air Filters. That’s what blows everyone away – this car has no exotic parts or custom engine pieces, they’re all obtainable and available to the average gearhead.”

The engine is 100% Cadillac. I think at one point they were even running 330 MPH using the stock crankshaft and rods. The Cadillac 472 and 500 are capable of some serious performance.


Rich, he said it the fastest piston driven car in the world in one of the videos linked at the top.

Floodo1, you make a good point. Either one is supremely cool. I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but yall seem cool, so i'll let you in on it. How they make those engines make so much power and the cars so fast?..... Cheetah blood.



This is a record for piston engines. As you said the Thrust was jet powered. So yes, it is a new record.


The Spectre car is the fastest gasoline powered car, the Caddy motors are twin turbocharged. Great accomplishment guys.


Speedweek at Bonneville has been one of the two events (the other being the Pikes Peak International