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Luke Fink caused quite a stir in the UK drifting scene this by quite literally overnight becoming the man to beat. After driving non-stop from Madrid to Manchester, some 1300 miles, to make practice of the first JDM Allstars round this year, Luke managed a handful of practice laps before qualifying first in an event that featured the recognised talent of Mark Luney, Dan Chapman, Phil Morrisson, Martin Ffrench and many others. This shows probably two of Luke's finest attributes: His dedication to what he does and his determination and raw talent to pull it all off. Speedhunters caught up with Luke recently and here's what we managed to get out of him.

Speedhunters Most of our readers would know a little bit of your history in
motorsport but it would appear that BMX was your first love. Tell us a
little bit about that ?

Well BMX just started out as a hobby because I wasn't too much of a fan of
teamsports. I really liked the creativity of BMX and the fact that I could
do anything I really wanted to when I felt like it and not having anyone
tell me how I could or couldnt do it … Something about BMX is so pure … But I guess things got a bit out of hand with BMX it snowballed into
something bigger than I ever expected. I turned up at the world
championships one year and a mate pushed me to enter and somehow I won! I just rode the wave from there on, going all over the place competing.

Speedhunters What made you make the jump from bikes to drifting ?

I get asked this question alot … I never really stopped one for the
other but I stumbled across drifting because some old BMX buddies of
mine had started drifting. So when I finally got my drivers licence at 22, I went
to see what they were doing … It looked pretty cool so I gave it a
shot and was instantly hooked.

Speedhunters What similarities do you see between drifting and other extreme sports ?

Just the individual style you can have … You're not just a number, you're a
personality and that can really come through with your driving. I guess
it's the same with BMX, you just have your own style.

Speedhunters Was there any UK / European drivers here that you had heard about before you set sail from Australia ?

Yeah of course! Bon-Bon and Dan Chapman probably stood out the most. I
remember watching UK vids and thinking 'Damn I gotta get over there and
have a thrash with these guys! They looked like a laugh to drive with and
sure enough it's been an awesome year especially with Dan … It would have been
with Bon-Bon as well if his car didn't break every event !

Speedhunters What exactly attracted you to JDM Allstars and European drifting in general?

Well the fact that the top guys I see from Europe all competed in JDM Allstars. So that's where I wanted to go and I always want to compete against the
best and push myself … That and the fact the events just looked like rad

Speedhunters What are the main differences you see between Australian and European drifting ?

in Australia, the scene in the last two years has
concentrated on speed, where in Europe it's a bit slower is the
only real difference I guess … It's funny no matter where in the world
you go for drifting, it's always a similar scene.

Speedhunters I heard you recently tried your hand at drifting online. How did that go for you ?

Haha, Yeah I have been a fan of online drifting since a few years back when I
broke my ankle and was laid up for a few months. I got stuck right into Live for Speed and played that alot. Then got away from that because I
was busy doing the real stuff … Then recently at my mate Josh
Allen's (WillShootForFood) house we were mostly stuck inside with the typical
english weather so we started having a bit of fun online drifting.. all
good for a laugh I guess.

Speedhunters Of every driver you have drove against previously, who would you
least like to have roll up beside you at the start line in an equally
capable car ?

Probably someone that left foot brakes … I'm more than happy to drive with anyone but tactical driving shits me to tears.

Speedhunters Similar to question nine, who would you like to take the fight to next ?

Well I would love to keep the progression going and go to Formula D, as in the drift world that is where it's at in my eyes … D1 is good
but the judging seems a bit, hmmm, interesting? So yeah, I'd definitely like to
go mix it up with Vaughn Gitten & co. in FD

Speedhunters A UK driver has never won the JDM Allstars series – Where are they going wrong ?

I don't know, there is definitely a few guys there that made it hard for me … I guess car setup is what I could see holding some of them back.

Speedhunters You've sacrificed a lot to stay in Europe for the season, have you any regrets about leaving home ?

really. My girlfriend Jacqueline and I left home for a two week trip and seven
months later we are still here and loving it! I have sacrificed a lot,
but I would never regret any of it, it's been an amazing year.

Speedhunters What does 2011 hold for Luke Fink ?

Well just pushing to do
as much drifting as I can next year … I don't know whether I'll be based
in Australia or Europe … or anywhere else for that matter I'm just taking
it as it comes … Life is awesome and if you had told me I would be sitting here
in my new mate's Rene Portz house ten minutes from the Hockenhiem Ring writing to
you about the amazing year it's been, I would of told you you're nuts ! One year
ago I was in a factory driving forklifts, anything from here is just an
awesome ride.


Interview by Paddy McGrath



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Live For Speed drifting ftw, ive played with Luke Fink befor and some other top Aussie drivers like Leighton fine tho i dont think he plays anymore, Luke if u read this what server u play on?


would really like to see him come to formula D


is it me or does alot of people in motorsports start out with bmx. i know i


Love his attitude to life, really would like to see him go balls out in Formula D and maybe lighten the athmosphere.


We def need an Aussie over in the states representing for Formula D, get over there Fink!


Luke you are a inspiration to others to just get out there and have a go.

The true aussie battler!

Go Fink!


Keep at it my man. I have said from day one I met and drove with you at 2008 WDC. Your a killer and I am hopeful your passion, skill and commitment takes you where you want to go!


Been great fun driving with Luke this year, good luck for the future mate !!


See you in Poznan :>


Go to formula D, I'd love to see you go big, you got the skills.


Fink you are a hero

amazing watching all the videos all year and i havent been to one event!!

hope you follow in the footsteps of 2008 JDM Champ Eric o Sullivan and follow suit to Formula D

AS JR said hang in there good things will happen


Luke's "Balls to the Wall" drifting style and pure determination are something that got him where he is today.

The fact that he stays focussed despite all the setbacks is one thing that I admire about him... JDM Allstars..BELARUS..and now Poland as well? There is no stopping this guy!! Best of luck Luke see you on track sometime!!..


top work Fink, love what you're doing for the aus drift scene


We dont want anyone else from the South Pacific. Millen ruined that for us.




Well done Luke. good on you for having the balls to do it in the first place and and ten points for having the skill to bring home the bacon. Hi Octane Racing Australia


Good work finkalink!!!


I've been following luke on FB about his europe domination, cant wait to see him tear it up in FD where he belongs!


Best driver I have ever seen! I hope to see you in Formula D next year, thats the right place for you. Great attitude! I wish you all the best!


I liked you better when you were fatter...


u r an inspiration to our minds u can get everything if u want it mate ! go for it aussie


loving the always improving style and consistency. 100% effort is always there no questions asked. true inspiration.


well done luke, would have loved to drift at JDM allstars. hahahaa and alot of people that drift the real thing love LFS.

comment better late then never lol.


top shit luke! well done dude


keep tearing it up over there luke. your 1 of the best there is. aussie aussie aussie .... oi oi oi


For a driver to come over to the UK and not only dominate but get huge support from the crowd and gain hundreds of new fans.. thats one hell of a driver.




Nice read :)

All i can say is if Formula D isnt pulling you soon they are definitely gonna miss out on one of the best drifters. Your Driftstyle is just amazing and i love watching you and learning from you.

Anyways believe me i would have never imagined having Luke Fink staying at my house :) It all got us with a surprise but its awesome that we got to know you and Jacqueline and are now all mates :)

Cheers to the good times :)


Well done mate..... Take to the Yanks !...... Then D1 :P


great job in europe, mate, now go get those yanks!