Guest Blog: Larry Chen>> Rotary Madness @ Seven Stock ’10 Pt.1

Seven Stock is the largest Rotary enthusiast meet in the world. Hundreds of cars and thousands of fans from as far as Japan come to Mazda USA headquarters to celebrate the Wankel lifestyle. 

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard of a little thing RX-7 enthusiast do to kind of poke fun at their love for the rotary. When you see another RX-7 owner driving on the street, you hold up your fingers to indicate how many motors have you gone though on that particular car. I asked CX-Racing Formula D driver, Jeff Jones, if that was true since he drives an FD RX-7. Jokingly, he said he would have to let go of the steering wheel all together because he needs all his fingers to indicate the correct amount of motors he has gone through. But he said he’s never heard of such a thing. I don’t think I will ever be able to understand the loyalty of a rotary head. 

I know what you’re thinking. No big deal. Anyone can put a rotary in a Datsun 510. 

This one is special. It only has 205 width Falken Azenis in the rear. 

I’m totally loving the back window decoration. 

Max stock horsepower is 96 but this beast has over six times the amount under the hood. 

Bam! Three rotor awesomeness. The block alone costs over 5 grand, with the entire motor costing the owner 20 grand. The best part is this is the owner daily drives it. I bet if he floors it rolling at 60mph he would spin those thin Azenis no problem. 

To add to the sleeper look the interior seriously looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. 

This airplane car was definitely the weirdest thing at Seven Stock. 

This cockpit was seriously tiny. It was driven in by girls who could not be found. 

The rear end is off of an RX-2. So at least this hybrid still uses some Mazda parts.

The front axle is off of some old Volkswagen. 

A true hybrid. So far from what I can tell this thing has parts from Mazda, Volkswagen and Toyota. 

A really old 13b with some Mickey Mouse rigged throttle linkage. At least it will be easy to change the oil on this thing thanks to the “sure grip”. 

What you’re looking at is the gas pedal. I bet those girls don’t take off their high heels to drive home after a night out in this bad boy. 

The Datsun 510 I commented about earlier was definitely a sleeper but it would still get looks and people like me would still drool at how mint it was from the outside, regardless of the beast within. But I wouldn’t flinch if a mom in a big SUV leaving the grocery store happened to back into this truck. 

This truck had its fair share of winters with enough rust to give me tetanus just looking at it. 

You can see the owner modified the seat with his behind. It probably took 20 years to get it to how he liked it. 

The red tailgate adds a nice touch to the rear of the car, and he must not get pulled over too often since he doesn’t bother to put in the right taillights. 

At least Bondo is better than rust. 

I never would have expected this rust bucket packed so much heat. Turbo 2 FC transmission and a 13B out of a 93’ RX-7 FD. 

There were quite a bit of Mazda 
R100 This was one of the more extravagant ones. 

R power indeed. 

Dave Lemon, the owner of Mazda Trix, came out to support the rotary crowd. He is holding a signed T-shirt from Bergenholtz Racing driver Joon Maeng. 

Dave brought out his Redline Time Attack car as well as Kyle Mohan’s Formula D RX-8. Kyle could not be at his favorite car show because he was driving round 8 of the Redline Time Attack series at Spring Mountain Speedway in Nevada. 

Ron Bergenholtz thinks if the president of Mazda USA told the rotary heads at Seven Stock to take a mysterious purple pill they would gulp it down without hesitation. It’s amazing how loyal rotary enthusiasts are. It’s almost cult like. 

Ron deafened a crowd of delighted fans when he started the RX-8 and let it bounce off the rev limiter for an hour or two. 

Joon Maeng loves his fans so much he gives out personalized T-shirts to all of them. 

I like this guy’s style. Matching his snack to his car. 

There were quite a few RX-2 owners who didn't have a problem with giving up their 60-0 distance by running itty bitty front tires for better 0-60 time and 60ft time. 

The owner of this rotary powered lawn mower claims he can mow 5 acres in one hour. 

That is all for now. Stay tuned for some more crazy rotary creations in Part 2.




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Dope Coverage Larry!


gotta love rotary powered cars.. Mazda ftw


Great pic of Joon! That guy just doesn't stop smiling! I hope to one day be THAT happy! The sheer awesomeness of the 510's ya'll have posted lately just keep dragging me in. And I'm LOVING the wide body kit on the rx-8 at the top. I never really liked the rx-8 but a widebody kit makes me do a double take.


larry good work


Awesome footage & great coverage, Larry! You covered this event as well as you do with moving subjects. Keep up the great work!


cool... love the black looking RX-2 and the airplance car.. haven't seen anything like that in years.. i this my generation is too lazy.. LOL


love the 20b datsun must be a fistful or two while on boost. Small correction about the little black car, its a US spec R100 not an RX2


id like to meet joon maeng, he seems like one cool dude.


So good to see mr chen as part of the SH crew. Good coverage. See you at rd 4 topdrift!!! Larry for president!!


Damn I missed 7Stock!!! loooked awesome! Good shots Larry Chen.. I haven't seen Dave Lemon smile that big since he set a LAP RECORD!


You have stated that a Red Mazada is a RX2 when it is in fact a R100

Please correct


i cant imagine having my senses assaulted by such an outrageous creation.

that sheetmetal deathtrap jap-rod is the shit.

the lawnmower is awesome too


engine on the aeroplane car looks like it could be a 12A maybe?

love some of the ratty cars on here, it's nice to see some rotors in cars besides show-shine FDs.


The RePu i so badass!


Reposted on MaydayGarage's FB page! Love it!




that repu is sick! come tax season my repu will be turbo 13b powered. CANT WAIT!


I never liked the rx-8 stock, but when done right looks appealing. Only one rx-8 in Redline makes me sad since Redline represents all the small guys of the road racing world. Ironically, speed world challenge is dominated by 8's. ahah


R100 muffler - nice touch.


Hey, great write up but you need more fc coverage hopefully well see some in the next rotor stock post


Great pics. However, this is a terribly written article.


Love THE RE!!!!


The exhaust on R100 is awesome!!!


Cool pics! You can never trust a rotary powered vehicle because even the ones that look beaten up usually carry a lot of power under the hood. Can't wait to see part 2...


Cool mazda's there =)


I gotta say, I have an RX8 and it's the most fun I ve ever had in my life (best investment too). If your thinking of buying any rotary car just sign up their forums first though...

and dont buy from ebay.


Im drooling all over my keyboard!!!!!! I LOVE ROTARIES AND THIS IS A MUST FOR ME NEXT YEAR. BTW the pick up datsun is Freaking cool!


I wish I could be there for all that rotary goodness.


not a black r100 but a black sapphire preal ala 2010 lexus (midnight blue)


i never thought of my obsesion as cult like but ok i am gladly a part of the rotor cult!!!!!!! ROTARY FOR LIFE!!!!!


Feature of Rotary powered lawn-mower please


I saw the airplane car at sevenstock a few years ago and it was driven by a guy with long white 'Doc Brown' kinda hair. Great pictures, I look forward to the ones to come. I wish I could get out there every year!


Hate to say it, but the wheel size on that R100 is hideous. Other than that.... Great coverage, can't wait to see more.


Aww, no pics of my my FC, it wasn cool enough lol jk! srsly best car show i been to all year in so cal! So awesome to finally be on the inside premises! There was a really special vibe in the air I'm very happy me and "Hitomi" made it out this year! XD


"You can see the owner modified the seat with his behind" haha!


Maybe if you don't understand rotary loyalty you should drive a few good'll become a believer.

The top guys race their cars for a whole season or two without a teardown, not after every event, or every other round...

Wasn't anybody else available to cover SevenStock?



I love the pictures! Make sure that you know what model of car you are talking about. The third picture above is a Mazda R-100.




One thing concerning the "hold up your fingers to indicate how many motors you have gone though" story:

This story descended from the NSU Ro 80, the first car to ever utilize the Wankel (rotary) Engine of Felix Wankel.

Due to the fact that the right materials, to make the rotary engine last, weren't invented back then, Ro 80 Drivers had a pretty decent chance of an Engine failure while driving daily.

As many Drivers didn't have the first Engine anymore this gesture became kind of a running gag ;)