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As I mentioned earlier in the week, the highlight of my trip to the Coronado Speed Festival was seeing the Historic Trans Am cars race.

It was pretty much a given that I'd put together a gallery featuring nothing but these legendary machines.

Although relatively short-lived, the 1968-72 "Golden Era" of Trans Am Racing featured cars from several manufacturers doing battle in some of the tightest and most exciting races that North America has ever seen.

Cars from all over the world raced in the Trans Am series, but it was the "pony car" battles between Ford, GM, Chrysler, and AMC that defined the series.

From a media guy's standpoint, it's hard to think of something cooler to shoot. The cars look incredible, sound incredible, and the way they move is incredible.

One of the elements that made this series so popular was the fact the cars were still by and large production machines. In fact, homologation rules required manufacturers to produce and sell cars of a similar spec, with engines limited to five liters in displacement.

Thus the series is responsible for the birth of iconic street cars like the Boss 302 Mustang from Ford.

The Camaro Z/28 from Chevrolet.

As well as the Challenger T/A from Dodge and the AAR 'Cuda from Plymouth.

AMC also gave the Trans Am touch to its Javelin, including the rare Mark Donahue edition.

Jerry Titus campaigned a Pontiac Firebird with a destroked engine to meet displacement requirements. The series is also of course where the Pontiac Trans Am got its name, though its Camaro cousins were more successful in competition.

Here we have first and second generation Camaros hustling through one of the corners at NAS North Island.

Is there a better look for a '69 Camaro than fat Hooiser slicks, Minilites, and side pipes? I think not.

One of the many Boss 302 Mustangs running last weekend, looking great in Ford's "Grabber Green".

Then again not all the Mustang drivers were in Boss cars, some of them run the coupe body style as well.

'68 Camaro rolling into the paddock at the end of practice.

This car is actually driven by Christi Edelbrock of the well known Edelbrock performance parts family.

Camaro vs Mustang, the battle for the ages.

With so many awesome machines out on the track it's hard to pick a favorite, but the Sam Posey Challenger is definitely up there…

Now that the resurrected Camaro and Challenger have joined the Mustang in the modern pony car market, a lot of people are dreaming of a new Trans Am series in the spirit of the original.

It would definitely be cool to see the modern versions of these cars battling it out on North America's great race tracks. Until that happens though, I've got no problem with the originals…

-Mike Garrett



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i didn't read a single word of this article, and i am firmly convinced this is the best speedhunters post of all time.


I always look forward to going to this event, and I'm always jealous of you photographers standing just behind the k-rail. I have to limit my shooting to the pits, which is fun in its own way (I've only gotten 4 shots up on Flickr, so you're way ahead of me). Nice job on capturing those big beasts on the track.


well ford's already bringing back the Boss, so who knows...


Excellent coverage, very cool to see these cars out running and not locked away in a museum. Wallpaper of the last photo would be fantastic!


Very cool Mike, would love to see this for real someday!


This post is so full of win.


If you like these type of cars ,maybe Casey should get to the Muscle car master and get pic of the classic group C race cars and the central muscle car from Nz , They look like classic trans-ams but have no - restrictions on the motors and running gear . Some of them are running 8oo hp + in old school camaros, mustangs , falcons and Toranas .


The only car missing this year was the Donahue #6 Sunoco Camaro, although I am an AMC guy (believe it or not), the next best car is the blue and yellow Sunoco Camaro. Speaking of AMCs last year there were 4 AMC Javelins at this same meet, one was owned by Steve Jackson of Barrett Jacktson (not a nice guy). Bestsides the great collection of Datsuns, the Trans Am cars are a great reason to come out.


We need more articles like this. I love Trans-Am Racing.


This is one of my favorite posts on Speedhunters in a long time.

I have always loved the Trans-Am look, and this post captures it very well. Even though I am not a huge fan of the new muscle cars I would love to see Trans-Am resurrected.


#13 Camaro is utter perfection. Looks like it is bulging with muscles and barely-restrained power. Hammering the gas on that car must be one of the best feelings in the world!


love that brown 1969 Camaro.. thats just make me think American Muscle .. classic - love all the coverage & top quality pics.. - thanks


Mike strikes again.


I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite post on the site!


Inclined to agree 101% with jay dub up top...


Grab a cup of coffee and look up the history of the Yunik camaro. One of the all time greatest racecars...


great story mike!! Got to luv the Javelin!


Like Big Block said, if this is your sorta thing, check out the Muscle Car Masters series in Australia. Normally follows the V8 Supercar series around and produces some awesome old-school racing. Not shy to rub panels either


very similar to whats been running in Australia with our Touring Car Masters which runs at selected rounds of the V8 Supercars and is arguably more popular!