Gallery>>cars & Coffee 8-28-10 Pt.2

So, is anybody out there going to be Speedhunting this weekend?

Here in the USA we've got a three-day weekend thanks to Labor Day, meaning there's some good possibilities for automotive action.

For those in SoCal, Cars & Coffee never fails – here's some more photos from last weekend's edition.

This NSX was one of the coolest cars of the day. Looks so right on AVS Model 5's. Still can't believe this wheel was discontinued…

I've posted this E92 M3 at least once before, but it never gets old.

I remember when the turbocharged Buick Grand National was considered a "modern" muscle car. These things are over 25 years old now!

There was a nice showing of vintage Mercedes last Saturday. In either gull-wing form…

…and in roadster form. Both looked like they were ready for some old fashioned motoring…

How can you not like sleeper muscle cars? Something like this big block-powered Chevelle sedan rolling on steelies and poverty caps.

I usually don't get terribly excited about late model Lambos, but this blacked out Murcielago was looking hard.

Yep, the 1990's were a good time for automobiles.

This fine Porsche 904 replica is done by a company called Beck out of Atlanta. The fact that it's a replica just means you can enjoy it even more without regret.

Interesting color on this Mach 1 Mustang.

Here's the rear view of the Fiat I posted in the first story.

As an American, I feel have to salute in the presence of such incredible machinery.

Another one of the traditional hot rods that made it out.

Original Minis are pretty common in a lot of countries around the world. Not so much here in the states.

I'm sure Tom Cruise would be proud.

This Fox Body 5.0 Mustang was immaculate. Nice to see these cars getting some historical recognition, aside from their long established reputation as performance bargains.

Cars & Coffee, always the place to have your automotive senses overwhelmed. Whether it's something modern, yet inspired by the classic…

…or something that's genuinely classic.

Until next time! Have a good weekend everyone.

-Mike Garrett



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928 Porsche looks nice. i like the polished wheels


Every Friday here, there's a moderate sized muscle car meet up of anywhere from 25-50 cars. ranging from old Cobra kit cars, hot rods, 60s and 70s muscle cars, to Z06s


my dad had one of those gull wings when he sold dope... now he rides a bike! dont get high on ya own supply


hell yea the 90's was the shit


I'm hoping to get out and shoot some local drift action! "Team Eh" from the Kent, WA drift comp is a local group of guys... They are putting on a drift comp just south of here... Figured I would try my hand at drift photography...


The red Mercedes race car is actually a 190 SL, not a 300 SL.


are those the headlights of a silver morgan?


the gnx and e92 look absolutely amazing! 2 of my favorite cars.


A FOX on Halibrands!


Jake,,who said the red Mercedes race car is a 190 SL?


there wont be much speed this weekend for me. However i will be pulling my KA out of my S14 and cleaning up the engine bay so i can drop my RB20 in its place.


such a nice NSX


hey mike when is the next cars & coffee meet? id like to go to one


No picture of the 2 924 GTSes?


Vette looks ricey with that lame hood and chromies.


I was born in the 90''s. And ive always been an import kid. But things like this make me slowly lean towards muscle and classic euro cars. I NEED MOAR INFO :)

Anyone got a website or something for muscle cars and classic ferraris and car history?. Im hungry for more


That NSX....dear lord is that car hot...those wheels....



does that E92 m3 belong to Judy from driving concepts. I have seen her ripping around the track on one of those.


that NSX is sick!


That 904 replica looks great. I'm gonna be speedhunting at Lime Rock Park for the vintage fest on monday.


That Monte Carlo looks wicked.

Im not a huge fan of anything besides JDM but i approve


Some nice shots there. I'm at Cars and Coffee EVERY weekend! I'm surprised you didn't manage to get me in any of the shots. :-P

BTW the blacked out Murcielago is the only Black one of the 20 Versace editions built.


love the Mach 1 Mustang & ther Porker 904 replica.. very cool event


the buick gn it's amazing look


this Vette looks really,I mean REALLY good,but not in red paint. It's beautiful like teenager's face.


that fox body 5.0 is parked in a handicapped spot!


NSX looks nice!

Lambo looks tuff!

The Fiat is a little cutie *laugh*


banana 993 olololololo


Every Saturday morning here in Great Falls, VA there is a similar meet. In fact I call it the East Coast Cars & Coffee. Saturday was my first time and it was overwhelming! Nearly 40 Ferraris including an F40, a vintage 365 GTB, two 430 Scuderias as well as countless F430s, 360 Modenas, 355s, 328s, and a gorgeous 246 Dino. In addition, there were vintage Jag E-types, XK120s, classic Porsches, a brand spankin' new 911 GT3RS, a new SLS Gullwing, an AC Aceca, an Ariel Atom, several vintage Alfas, a vintage Marcos (one of only 5 in the US!), an original Shelby GT350, a Fiat500 Abarth, a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr, a Panoz AIV Roadster and more!!!

Apparently, a couple weeks back there was even an original Bugatti!!! Unfortunately, I missed that one.

Later that day, I went to an ENORMOUS hot rod show in Pottstown, PA where some of the finest hot rods and customs show up. What an epic day!

I have about 500 high quality pictures from that day if you want to use them, Mike.