Event>> Jdm Allstars Silverstone Final 2010

I had hardly finished picking the rubber out of my hair from Wembley, when it was time to for the final visit to Silverstone for the JDM Allstars final.

The fastest track on the UK calendar, and a 3 way battle for the championship between Dan Chapman , Luke Fink and Jon Clavert; Silverstone 2010 promised to be quite a spectacle.

There is something about Jon Claverts s13…

..And Mat Steele's s14. Cant put my finger on what it is, but in my opinion they are two of the best looking cars in the JDM Allstars paddock.

Since Rod's visit to Wembley last week with a fresh supply of  Speedhunters.com stickers, they have been popping up everywhere…

.. Sometimes in the most unlikely places.

With Sliverstone being the premier circuit in the UK, the faculties are second to none. The Brooklands suite overlooks the entire drift course giving drivers a chance to watch lines and talk tactics…

..Disagreements are rare but do happen from time to time. Usually sorted in the time honored way.

Team twisted were out in force to support Bruno Espananga and Tom Yates.

Qualifying was a tricky affair. As the cars took to the track it was nice and dry…

..But within minutes constant drizzle turned the track into a constantly changing nightmare. Some dry parts, some wet… making it impossible to predict the next corner..

Luke Fink's first run was hampered by a tire coming off the rim at Brooklands.

Dan Chapmans championship ended in the worst possible way. Spins in unpredictable conditions meant a poor qualifying result and Dan was out of the finals.

Matt Steele's first visit to Silverstone in 6 years didn't go well. He turned out to be another victim of the wet/dry track.

Trela Blitzed the track qualifying 3rd. Unfortunately on his final run the familiar sound of metal grinding metal filled the air, and Trela was out with mechanical gremlins.

To huge cheers from the enormous crowd, Steve Evans would have qualified 2nd. But he had to pull off track during his final run with mechanical issues…

..On closer inspection the problem was obvious.

That left Luke Fink to take the top spot in qualifying followed by Alan McCord..

..with an excellent result for Marcin Mospinek in the V8 powered E30 in 3rd.i m

Thankfully the top 16 was to be dry. First up Luke Fink took a win against Piotr Jankowski.

And Walton Smith wion against Steve Will.

A spin from Alan Mccord gave Jon Clavert an easy pass into the top 8.

Brochenek progressed to the top 8 with a win against Greg Gush.

Anthony Scott beat George Tilling.

And Marcin Mospinek got a top 8 place with win against Matt Chiappa

Brad Hacker went through against Marcin Mocnek.

Final place in the top 8 was taken by Dwayne McKeever with a win against Brad McQueen.

Taking the advantage on the fist run, Luke Fink sealed the deal by shadowing Walton Smith's every move on the second to win a semi final place.

Crazy entries with a fast and consistent runs saw Mospinek thought to the semis.

Bochenek took the the advantage over Anthony Scott in both runs.

A spin from a hard charging Brad Hacker put a end to his day and gave Jon Calvert a place in the next round.

Into the semi finals, Luke Fink and Maciej Bochenek were both super fast with Fink taking a slight advantage in the first run. With a 5-5 scored for the second the slight advantage was enough for a place in the finals.

Mospinek made a ever so slight mistake, but that was enough of a invitation for Jon Calvert to go for a pass in the luffield complex and take the win..

.. Leaving it down to a Fink – Calvert final. Calvert took a small lead in the first run after a slight correction from Fink, but Luke was close enough to read the safety disclaimer on Jon's helmet  in the second, desperately trying to make up the disadvantage..

..To no avail.. Jon Clavert took the round 5 win with Luke Fink taking the overall JDM Allstars 2010 championship.

And so ends Speedhunters.com's JDM Allstars 2010 event coverage. Paddy will be along soon for a look behind the scenes.




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This whole thing was full on BS, the worst drift event I've ever attended. Chapman span just once after repeatedly nailing the track time and again - but that was it because of the useless qualifying 'schedule'. Battles were only judged on one run - WTF?? And people like Fink with power advantages just raced off and dropped the lower power guys so they had no chance - completely unfair, and nobody was penalised for it.

The whole thing was a complete shambles.


well done to fink aus needs a drifter on the world stage and theres none better to do it then fink


That's exactly my problem with drifting, Rich, it's completely subjective. If you want to get sideways, go rallying ;)

In the 4th pic Mat Steele's S14 looks like the black dragon from How To Train Your Dragon, just putting it out there.


Can we have that first pic as a wallpaper if possible, cause thats all types of awesome!


Go Fink! Well done champ! doing Australia proud


Please, please grace us with desktop of 3rd from bottom pic of Fink all up in Calvert's junk. So WIN.

So.....I'm gonna call it here...Fink comes from down under to destroy the UK scene...next will be, I predict an appearance or 2 in Formula D next year. Can you just imagine him against Aasbo or Gitten? Aquiver at the thought.


shame about Dan Chapmans efforts i'd have like to see him put some work in! but once again Salute to Luke Fink as JDM Allstars champ - nice one - thanks for the pics and coverage!


3rd picture from the bottom as wall paper pleeease! awsome photos as aways


Brad FD remins the R-Magic FD.

I wanna see a event of Formula D vs JDM allstar.

Great cover.


Loving Brad's RX7!


nice shot of the S13 without the tire


Dan chapman just had a poor qualifying runs as did his team mate Bon Bon, qualifying outside the top 20 due to the wet conditions catching them out probably some of the most

top 16 battles where rushed due to schedule but top 8 onwards the driving was world class with the in between three car train demo runs

fink deserved it qualified first and dominated his twin battles


man, you sound like a real drift fan. love how you put it. That's how this stuff goes sometimes, you can't control the weather, and you gotta stay on time, but when you loose because of lame stuff like that, it breaks your heart

Pace cones, it's drifting not drag.


@Oblong - tell me about it, rallying is where my heart lies really, shame it doesn't get covered on here at all, ever, except for Ken "Buy my way in" Block. Maybe next year when MINI are involved it will get some exposure again.


Please bring in Remmo Niezen and Paul Vlasblom, the championship isn't "allstar" without these 2 contenders!


how to train a dragon? wtf! works for me though haha thanks!

huge thanks also to the jdm allstars team, the guys in my team and everyone that made this year a lot of fun!


Dreadful end to the championship. Last minute rule changes, some extremely dodgy judging (although this has happened all year) and broken promises ruined it even more than the weather - JDM Allstars, you have really let us down. Sure, the drivers are still in a different league to the B 'Hold the handbrake for ever' DC, but the organisation this year has sucked hard. Real shame, thought they had something good happening. Shame we didn't get to see Driftworks' Phil Morrison who is the only person in the UK bar the Aussie Fink pulling off truly backwards entries on demand.


can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have the first picture as desktop? and the picture with Fink inches away?


3rd picture from the bottom is what this is all about


Well done to fink, it will be a suprise if he isnt doing FD next years if only selected rounds. The event wasnt great, deciding battles over 1 run was just poor!


Great photo's Ross! :)


speedhunters send me stickers XD


phil morrison didnt drive at wembley/silverstone because of a wrecked motor i read on driftworks and bon bon was in another car

fink hasnt had it easy he has worked his way up the table and only taken one win,just been consistent

to be honest ive been to the street events and they have been amazing, just this combo with TRAX doesnt really work because of the short time on track, great pics ross


i used to live at that track when my dad did f1 back in the day....love that place