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'It'll probably freak him out' were our very own Jonathan Moore's words when suggesting to Rod that I should cover the Goodwood Revival. You see, ever since Rod discovered I'm about as cultured as gravel, he has been hell bent on introducing me to new and mostly terrifying things. The 'EAT THE CHEESE' scenario that played out at Paul Ricard is something that still haunts my dreams.

The Goodwood Revival is more an experience than a car show and race meeting. The event is a gathering of motorsport, aviation and fashion connoisseurs who meet at the Goodwood venue once a year to relive the glory days of their respective interests.

The attention to detail at the event is sublime. With most of the general public dressing in period clothing, walking into the event was quite a surreal experience. Pictured above is the show outside the main gate. From what I could tell, it was freely open to the public to view this area without a ticket.

The outer static show was HUGE. I literally mean cars as far as the horizon huge. I was slowly beginning to appreciate just how big this show was going to be.

There were trade stands selling all things vintage which added to the atmosphere of the show. The ability to browse and buy clothing, racesuits and assorted memorabilia suitable to the era kept me entertained for hours.

The quality of cars on show was superb, which was to be expected from a Goodwood event.

Even the Red Cross got into the spirirt of things by dressing in war time clothing.

Once inside the gate, one of the busier attractions was a Tesco shopping market that was filled with all the products of the time. The little details were fantastic to admire.

Even the back of this bus stop had posters advertising gigs of the era.

This Mini AA van was on hand to help those in need of assistance.

Modern conveniences were cleverly disguised …

Crossing through the famous tunnel which runs under the track, we were lead to the infield of the circuit.

Where the organisers had recreated the Earls Court carshow from way back in the day.

Inside the door was this fantastic Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. I've never seen one in the flesh and even a hurried look at this was a privilage.

Nissan had this Hakosuka GT-R on display alongside a 240Z.

The layout of the stands was just amazing, Maserati's in particular was a favourite of mine.

With the Jaguar stand a close second.

I'll be back in part two with a look at the race paddock and with a little taster of those things with wings.


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that mustang looks rather horrible with the red and blue AN fittings


I've always wondered at the sheer value/acre of the Goodwood revival, with all those limited and pristine classic racecars, most be some of the most expensive land in the world.

The Ford GT is breathtaking in blue. Please tell me we will get many desktops from you!


that mustang should be pure performance


I like the layout, the people dressed up in period era clothing must have made for a cool atmosphere!!


lets see your fucking mustang pal


Hahah. All those awesome photos, the writing- all free of charge, and you gotta rag on the appearance of functional engine parts? What a douche canoe.


Simply beautiful, can't wait for part 2


wow what an awesome event


The photo of the Gullwing is gorgeous. Desktop resolution please?


Well considering AN fittings were common use on race/track cars of the time period, It is correct to be there. Function over Form anyday when it comes to a race/track car.


Looks like people still dress like they did in the 60's

Pretty cool, some of these shots Paddy.

Especially like the GT40.


wow - i usually go to this event in an offical capacity, missed it this year and it looks fantastic as usual.. love those GT40's.. - we need more shots of the Merc. Gullwing - thanks


Went to this 2 years ago and it is truly unique, and it is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is like nothing ive ever felt before (being only 20) and dressing up old fashioned was awesome... if only the whole world was like the goodwood revival. Seriously, you must experience it atleast once in your life.