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Picking up where I left off in part one, I had just about changed my preconceptions of the VW scene. Throughout the course of the Edition38 show, I was gaining a better insight into the why behind this scene. The laid back atmosphere helped to perfectly convey more of what the scene was all about. Everyone was friendly, more than willing to have a chat with a complete stranger. There was just a real positive vibe around the place, a vibe I can't remember tuning into in quite some time.

An Equip'd Golf challenged the VW manifesto.

Another tasty Lupo with some simple but effective modifications.

This primer grey Polo on Schmidt wheels was actually staying at the same hotel as us. It nicely portrays how you don't need an expensive paint job to stand out from the crowd.

The campsite was a great source of hidden cars.

Even if the odd one fell outside the realm of the Volkswagen Audi Group.

Even though I approached with an open mind, I still can't fathom the reasoning behind the rat look, especially cars that have been purposedly rusted. Im sure it's a period history will not look favourably on.

The Dubkorps Scirocco looked great in a matte finish camo vinyl wrap.

This Beetle was one I'd be proud to drive. Damn, that's something I thought I'd never say.

This show even gave me an appreciation for 'proper' stance. It's not always about speed, sometimes it's just about what looks best.

This S8 looked like it was ready to complete a drive-by.

This Audi wagon was great. There seems to be a lot of debate around this scene of airbags versus coilovers as to which is the 'truer' form of lowering. I personally reckon if your going to lower the car so much that it's undriveable anyways, you might as well go for the bags as you can go lower and rise up for poor roads and speedbumps. What do you guys think ?

The show and shine stage offered owners a chance to talk about their cars and the modifications carried out to a wider audience. It was interesting to sit and listen to how people have gone about making their cars their own.

This reminds me, my van needs a wash …

Loving the registration plate.

Some cars however were more performane orientated than others …

Falken wrapped BBS wheels were sitting very tight.

To see the otherside of the argument, maybe the 'bagged cars are just too low ?

This Audi 100 has graced the cover of Retro Cars magazine I'm almost certain !

I wonder what our commander-in-chief Rod would think of this sticker bombed wing and wheel lip ?

Hmmmm, something is not quite right about this MKIII Golf. A spotlight is of course coming soon.

A rear view of the MKV Golf from part one as he leaves the show …

I really like the direction Mercedes has gone with their recent range of cars. It's a sort of subtle aggression.

Outside the event was an auto jumble. One man's rubbish etc …

When I spotted this collection of magazines for sale, I instantly regretted throwing away literally hundreds of my own over the years.

Even as I walked back to the van, I was greeted with last moment photo opportunities. This collection of VWs from Belgium and the Netherlands were in the car park but would equally of been at home inside the gate.

2010 was my first ever trip to Edition38 and certainly won't be my last. I took a lot in during the course of the shows and like to think I left with a better comprehension of the VW scene. There were a couple of styling cues here that could easily be transferred to any other scene with a little bit of imagination. It's my own opinion that the VW scene is just miles ahead when it comes to style. What do you guys think ?


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If I was not a die hard Honda guy, I would go to dubs in an instant.


im not sure i agree with you when you said "the VW scene is just miles ahead when it comes to style", as a style is by definition going to be different to another, but i do agree in the sense that the VW scene seems to just know when they've reached their visual objectives weather they are subtle modifications or radical transplants, they always seem to look "right"

top quality write up and very well composed shots as always



That MX5 is nice, he does have the BBS rims necessary for a VDUB show I suppose.......... Some great stuff in those photos Paddy, the black Lupo on the banded steels is cool


The Porsche and Audi 100 are full of win. Desktops please!

As for coilover vs. airbags, I'd go for airbags. Both have their disadvantages. The pump for the airbags has to go somewhere, which renders the boot as useless. However, coilovers are a bit more "permanent."


that S8 is lookin oh so right, and is that a tire i see in the hood of that mk3???? rwd perhaps??? and that mk2 at the end with the yellow headlights...oh man teh secks


Disgusting things were done to that 964! WHYYYY???

And the rat look has been around far longer than the vw scene has dabbled into it. American cars have been having this done to them since the beginning of hot rod days.


I'm still having mixed feelings about the VeeDub scene, which is pretty much the equivalent to the American Dub scene. That's the reason I am not liking (but not disliking) the huge wheels. Same goes for Hellaflush, which has been spread through about every car style. I really dig the slammed, flush, cars with stretched dishes. But ONLY if the wheel is the same size as the stock wheel or maybe an inch or so larger. 20"s on an originally 15" is just stupid IMO. And the "looking good" thing is also kind of dumb. It's just tasteful ricers, all show and no go. I will forever has mixed feelings on this seeing as I hate the stuff I see here in the U.S., which is just garbage, Donks, Ricers, and DUB.


The sickest Miata i have seen!


First of all, I would bag my car for practicality. The coilover guys have balls to remain that low, but no kidneys, as they have been destroyed by the bone-jarring ride. Also, I know what's "wrong" with the white Golf, but I won't spoil it. Also, do you have any more pics of that ratted Golf? with the flares and piled roof rack?


The white golf that is "wrong" ... something tells me there is an old porsche under that golf body ?

cuz there's a tire, not an engine sticking out of the enginespace ... and the old-skool porsche wheels

@ RASPUTIN : Bags Vs Coilovers , i'd do coilovers anytime, but i can understand the practicality its just that im a more performance kinda guy

The Seat has awesome fitment , i ould like some more seats if possible on this site (drive one myself)

ps : +1 for the Mercedes


that mk3 has had an aircooled conversion, its stitting on a beetle pan i believe


oh i want to see thousands of pics of these meeting. love the low bbs style.


That Beetle Golf was awesome. Can't wait for the spotlight.


We don't get to see much of those A3 Coupes here. That car has such a nice roofline.


+1 Mazda FTW!!!


thanks for the pic or my silver lupo gti :)


that car is'nt rat look its fail e.g. he smoothed his boot over the glass and painted it

and by the way its not a golf its a polo coupe and the arches are of a trailer and been welded on


That MK3 has a beetle engine in the back! :) only thing is the exhaust is pretty ugly!


the white golf is rear engined it has a boxxer engine in and its air cooled so vw or porsche engined


I like so the MKIII Golf Alircooled, it's like a 90's VW Brasilia


yup, that Mk3 is built by the Type 3 Detectives, check out their Brasila as well


cheers for the shot on my sticker'd wing ;)


lets sit low and stay there, coil overs is where its at. bags is just tooo much extra weight.


The Equip'd Mk5 is owned by the editor of Performance VW. Running a GT28RS conversion.



Thats my polo LOL....

I built 2face to HEHE.....

New project comin next yr ;)


so many 'tuff' cars in here, just goes to show that the Dubs can hold their own against the other marques.. honourable mentions:- DK's 'Rocco.. we need a spotlight on this, the primered Polo and even the Porker looks good, very brave for the owner to go that low, most Porsche owners haven't got the balls to do that, i love the Merc Benz - very oool.. thanks for the coverage..


Awesome shot of my S8