Event>>coronado Speed Festival Pt.2

It should be pretty clear that most of us Speedhunters have short automotive attention spans. With all the different subcultures we cover on the site, it would be pretty tough for us to only appreciate one type of car or motorsport.

That's one of the reasons why I found the Coronado Speed Festival to be such a fantastic event.

One moment you could see a giant pack of pre-1959 sports cars lapping the track.

And in another moment you could watch a Datsun 510 mix it up with its age-old rival, the BMW 2002.

Then there's the drifting. The drift demos were just a small part of the event, but it was still more than enough to give me a nice coating of rubber particles. Yum.

The US Navy LCAC did a bit of drifting itself, with a choice display of hovercraft donuts…

I'm not sure what made me feel more patriotic, the LCAC display, or this group of Shelby GT350's that took the track afterward…

A little bit of a Can Am flashback as this '68 McLaren M6B slows into a corner.

Somehow I don't think this 1985 Buick Somerset shares too much in common with the one you could find at your local Buick dealer…

One of my favorite cars of the weekend wasn't even racing. It was this Ford Fairlane tucked away in the car show. Absolutely perfect stance right here.

If I were to make a list of my top five favorite race cars of all time, the SCCA Trans Am Boss 302 Mustang would most definitely be on it. Everything about this car is awesome.

Here's another view of JTP doing his thing. It's impossible to tire of this car.

As cool as it would have been to see this BMW M1 on the track, it was limited to the static display area.

I've seen cars like this '58 Alfa Giulietta Sprint Veloce at Cars & Coffee, but it's entirely different seeing them thrown around the racing circuit.

The only word I could think of when I saw this heavily modified Corvette was "macho". Can't imagine this thing being easy to drive.

There was plenty of Datsun fans to like at the Speed Festival, whether it was a BRE liveried 510.

Or the slightly more unique Bob Sharp Datsun 610 owned and driven by comedian Adam Carolla.

Mopars anyone?

This FC3S looks fantastic, in fact it might be the best looking stock body FC I've ever seen.

This patina-covered Corvette looked cool sitting on the tarmac, but it looked even cooler when I saw it cruising through Ocean Beach later that evening.

More from Coronado to come!

-Mike Garrett



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now that's what I call variety! Nice coverage Mike.


Yeah Carolla! His 610 is awesome


That patina-covered 'vette looks just menacing. True weather-marks, not a chemical process, wanted and paid for my a rich guy whos never had his hands dirty. Absolutely LOVE it. The Can-Am car too, I used to seee them at Riverside Raceway in the 70's. Talk about BEASTS.


by the way, the drifters from top to bottom are,

dan greenbank, organizer of the event, owner of part shop max.

nate deck, mattley crue

jtp, team falken (already noted)

martin muench, fabricator at part shop max


Those Datsun's are making me feel amazing Mike! Thanks for the coverage.


This black FC looks awesoome!! that's always about the wheels and drop.


Mike, you're my favorite. Thanks for always mixing it up.


Oh man a wallpaper of the black FC would be awesome....just saying.

Great photos btw!




nice variety! that hovercraft is HUGE!!!


Looks like a great event, superb cars there


Any more drift pics?


Looks like a great event, superb cars there


I was there, didnt see you!


you guys are forgetting my boy RYAN CLEMENS... he is strategically placed in the background of the white coupe, and the black fc... better keep a eye out for that dude. straight MONSTAR...


two beastly vettes, driftin, nd transam action. i really, really love this site


The Vette is AMAZING!!!!


yeah i'm loving it.. love the Datsun vs BMW 2002 battle also the datsun 610 looks good. the black FC3S looks just right.. keep the coverage coming it look like a very interesting event - just quick question - what makes a car 'patina'??


please tell me there's more of dan's s15 in part 3??


Mike, Any pics of the two red Alfas with the yellow noses? They were #s 680 and 681 in Group 5.


Good Mopars never get old;)


Did anyone take a photo of the Lamborghini Espada when it was on the track Sunday for the car show parade lap? I hope Mike Garrett took one.