Car Spotlight>> The New Rusty, The Undead

There are a lot of dumb things you can do with a car. The list can be pretty endless. But what, photographer, BMW enthusiast, and stance addict, Mike Burrough's has done to his beloved Rusty is far beyond the normal human comprehension of stupidity. 

But this is some oh-so-amazing stupidity. 

Not too long ago, Rusty was about to be sent to the junkyard after an almost fatal accident. But luckily, Mike decided to hold back from junking only to restore it to an even greater glory than its former self. 

The most striking change to the new Rusty is the chopped roof. At first glance, it looks very odd. But after soaking in the whole car for a while, it actually works very well. It's insane to see take a hack saw on a fairly newer bodied car! The chop is 5" lower from stock.

The body was rubbed in used diesel oil to blacken the metal and rust. The result? Striking.

The interior also received a ratted out makeover. The dash, as you can see, has been redone to compliment the look of the whole car. The interior no longer has an interior, and from this photo (which was posted on our Facebook page), you can see that even the seats have changed.

All creature comforts have been thrown completely out the window. 

The newly undead Rusty sports an even more slammed stance with shortened struts, raised strut mounts, and notched frame to drop it another 4 inches.

When it came to new wheels, Mike opted 17×9 -10 and 17×11 -10 24k Gold Plated magnesium Ronal Racing splits.

Yes, you heard me, 24k gold.

I'll leave you all with this parting shot.

So stupid, so amazing. 


The Godfather (aka Rusty) @ Bimmerforums

The old Rusty @ Stanceworks



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THIS car...I've loved it in all its incarnations.

The definitely not feeling them. Great fitment yes, but gold wheels? Its like taking a badass like Cint Eastwood and making him wear slippers...

I prefer the older version, because it was a perfect balance between badass car and "stupidity", as you put it. But now, Im just not sure if Mad Max would drive this anymore...

the paint treatment is utterly brilliant though =D


I've been following this car for a while now, and was always amazed at how how Mike's been able to push the envelope and keep it classy at the same time. The chopped roof is one step too far for my tastes, but I still admire his creative drive.


That is FUCKING baller.


not trying to b a dick... but, whats good about this????????? i just do not see it and have not seen it ever... scrap it already


wallpaper for the last pic please!!!


car is overrated imo


Speechless... No word to describe her Beauty.

Need wallpaper.


Liked how it was before. This is to much IMO.


Haha... love it! when you finally have a car you never want to get rid of, no matter how banged up it is, you guys will understand. I love how this car is simply crazy... i love how sometimes this car makes no sense, but at others, it makes perfect sense... idk... I "get" this car. I understand what the creators were feeling. I hope this car is never scrapped... I think it's tight. It's got heart and soul... and that's something hard to find these days...


This car is a speedhunters car. Nearly all of the car culture style is in this bimmer (just like speedhunters sharing all sorts of car cultures from around the world). From rusted hotrod style to ratrod style to jdm style to eurodm style (whatever u call it) to stance style.. etc. You get what i mean? Its a piece of art.. ON WHEELS! Too much influenced on car cultures. Great car! I love it!




wallpaper for last picture, please


american rat rod meets german sedan, AMAZING


WTF? what's up with this rust-bucket trend? What's wrong with this market nowadays?


Love the wheels, is a cool car, would be an awesome sight

i only dislike those seats, their way to hardcore for me, looks painful, they do work with his theme, but are still awful


I just dont get this rat-rod trend and I think it's even worse when you start doing it to newer vehicles. Why spend the time and money to purposely make a car look like a POS. I'm not really down with the show-car scene but can definately appreciate the time, attention-to-detail, and craftsmanship that goes into some show-cars. I dont know why anyone would do a half ass build, hack up a car, and be proud of it. The rat-rod/"hella flush" trend is cliche.


Eh I'll pass.


two words for all the haters: MUTH4FUCK!N STYLE! car is over the top, showcases a good bit of creativity that you just don't see much of anymore.

wasteoftime/wasteofmoney/hackjob? no. it's his car, let him do what he wishes to it. and it's hardly a hackjob, looks like a decent bit of fabrication



stupid? You betcha. Although words that cannot be mentioned on speedhunters would be more fitting


let the haters hate, because this is yuck *bar rims*


this car is next level... just awesome


Wallpaper of the last pic plz!

I can hardly understand how sick this is.


Great .......................until you get to the chop. that ruined it honestly.


amazing!!! so jealous!! Wish we could do that here in NZ!


Maybe the most difficult thing about customizing cars y just knowing when to stop. The wheels don't work for me, And the top chop is too big, it makes the car out of proportion, it seems too wide.

I am not a hater, i have to add that the engine swap and the interior mods are great.


Dictionary definition of slammed lol.


I really really really want this ride.........illest


This car is an abomination and should have been junked a LONG time ago. The chop looks ATROCIOUS and that interior is terrible. I hope you get in an accident with that car, it crumples and you die a fiery death.


"rubbed in used diesel" - I'm just being a dick, but isn't "used" diesel already combusted in a diesel engine?


The rusted dash is dedication!

The stance is friggin slammed!


has he done the 1J swap in it yet?


if im not mistaken is'nt rusty packing a toyota heart now?


Well, there goes that.

It was cool before, but now it's just stupid... and not in a good way. :/


This car is BALLLER. I love the roof idea.

You guys should check out my forum.


Not feeling this at all. Talk about trying too hard..


hope he has his tetnis(sp?) shot


I used to love this car. Even in it's last form it was alright. but the chop top makes it look terrible. You can label me a "hater" but truth is, this has been taken too far. You either die a hero or live long enough to become ruined.




gold wheels or not, this car is baller. i miss the old rims tho.


This is unimpressively impressive. I can't stop looking at it.


The wheels make the car. Its crazy, nothing stupid about it.


The wheels make the car. Its crazy, nothing stupid about it.


that roof chop look terrible. look around at quality chop jobs, the good ones chop and re-angle the pillars to flow. this literally rook the roof has been chopped. and the gold wheels... wtf.


OMG. This car used to be so cool, but now it looks like something a hillbilly would drive. It's just plain ugly. Some cars make kewl chopped rat-rods this one doesn't! I personally consider think that no BMW should be treated like this.


Pretty cool.

think he should have left the roof unchopped though. It ruins the proportions of the car. It's also done pretty poorly.


I love when people give advice about what should have been done to the car. If you think it should look different then buy one and build it that way. If you can't appreciate the way it looks as it was built by the owner/artist then go f*ck yourself and find something else to look at. To the owner, artist, and photographer behind this car, my hat's off to you. Only by pushing the boundaries of style can you inspire people to try new things.

BTW- I love new and old rusty and will probably love the next iteration of rusty too.


To each his own. Stance is amazing, but rust is something i try to avoid on all m vehicles.


its a nice piece of shit!


A think this fünfer lost its original beautiful body lines.

Even if I admire the work, I can't help thinking the chop unbalances the hole design.

I miss the old one..


i preferred it without the chopped roof...


That looks terrible. "Soak it in" and realize this thing is a piece of garbage. It's ruined. That chop top looks really really bad. I cannot emphasize that enough. Garbage.


I really USED to love this car.


uncreative whiners who love shiny shit and have no personal goals with any car will bitch and moan about this. but im guessing anyone who has really worked on a car and understands the work involved can appreciate this even though it may be over the top. which in my opinion makes it very cool in my book.

if you cant understand this, go whine about it to someone who gives a crap about your problems.....


Talk about jumping the shark. The chop destroys the lines of the car.


look like an attempt to do this, but with a beemer...

or this...

most people are drooling over it, but it just doesnt work with a more "modern" car and that roof "hack" is very badly done


last picture..... all i could do was smile and laugh out loud. that car i rediculous. in every good way possible!! :) i want to see it in person.


I'm sorry to say this but it was better before , way better , the chopped roof is too much ,i like the wheels but they don't go well with the car ,i absolutely love the "slammage" though.


RATROD on Bimmer? totally insane... salute for creativity, dare to be different :)


modification is all about how you make the car something that you love.

Although, would you rather live in a rusty corrugated iron ghetto or a clean house?




This has gone too far. I loved this car in its previous forms, if that's the right word, but I think it's because the roof chop is so obvious that it doesn't really work for me now. Ah well, I'm sure Mike will come back with some other wacky creation before long.


I absolutely hate the chopped top, the old look was SO much better, front mount oil cooler and intercooler hanging out with hoses everywhere it also had nice fitment already on bags. this has poor wheel choice unmatching of the car and the chopped top sets it over for me.


lol wth that last picture is out of control haha


Absolutely stunning and awesome in every way.


This is the most awesome BMW i have ever seen in my life.......nuff said.


this car makes me think. it's like the Devils old part exchange.. - i love those rims


Haters make cars like this famous.

I do like the banged up style, but would never go this far myself. lol


attention whore


I dunno, I mean yeah sure I get it but in the end I just dont get it, ya know? This is like piercing your body 1000 times just to out-do the other guy, big deal. NEXT please.


Love the rims, but the new roof looks like sh*t!


I "get" this car.


Can i have the last pic in high res. wall paper material


Mike and Yuta (that 240z) should get together for a photoshoot.


This used o be a great car...


this is hard. this car is way fun


LOVE THE HATERRS!! keep em coming ...... its all about style .... sum may not appeal to u

but honestly u cant tell me this shit aint HARD!!!!


That roof is just ugly ! Good work at the interior,fits good to the car.


I still love the style and individual personality that Mike is always able to eek from his cars, but the contour of the roof looks a tad off, Maybe a 1 inch chop only on the A pillars is all that is needed to correct it.


I don't get this style or this car at all. Why would you purposely make a car look like shit? Then again, if the owner is happy with it, that's the important part and apparently there are more people who like it, so I won't bitch about it even more.


Stupid camber. Stupid chop.

It was awesome before, it's crap now.


What's good about it? it looks rubbish, trying too hard to fit in, it's good for the scrap yard thats about it.


Biggest pile of sh** I've seen in a while.

Typical Speedhunters fanboy rubbish.


WALLLLLLPAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2nd from the bottom!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks everyone.

To those who say the chop looks bad, we decided to extend and widen the roof instead of angling the pillars. We tested both looks and the angled pillars looked horrible. Realize that the roof had to be extended 13" and widened 4" to make it line up again. The welds are unfinished and un-ground, but in due time I'm sure we'll wrap it up.



if rat rods have "style" then hobos must be fashion icons


What the pho? (noodle soup) REAL 24K GOLD?


This car isn't made to look like a POS, it is a POS. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Great job Mike!


this thing is dope, except that they used like 4 pieces of metal for the roof.

the chop itself is cool, and the stance is ridiculous.

hell everything about this car is ridiculous, which makes it cool.

i love how someone said that fitment is great but the roof is lame. like d00d, you do rdalize that you're so far out on a limb talking about ridiculous negative offsets and stretches as being perfect, but not digging the roof.

gold wheels > all wheels! gold wires = heaven


The car is interesting i'll give it that, and maybe it would be cool on a movie set or in a museum maybe? Or even as some garden art? But f*#k driving that thing around on the road, the seat looks mega uncomfortable, you would be the number 1 Tetanus victim in the world, and why make something virtually worthless intentionally (apart from to please yourself if thats your thing) and then go and put 24k gold rims on it!? Art? Maybe. Car? No! In my opinion it looks as though people are getting so bored with the car scene that this is now where they have to look for interest. Start driving the nice cars you build and enjoying them instead of making them unusable (aka show car) or even worse, making something into a "rat rod" just to be different. OF-COURSE ITS UNIQUE....ITS UNIQUE BECAUSE ITS RIDICULOUSLY CRAPPY AND NOONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD DO THAT OR WANT THAT! But yeah, as I said, it is interesting to look at.


this car is like when you're at a party and you're sorta sauced and you meet a girl who's arguably unattractive yet you find yourself checking her out all night. it's like that.


Wow! Mike B doing it his own way, but using trends from the hot rod scene (chop top, bomber seats) to make a jawdropping ride. Looks like a WWII German Tank!


Love it!!

DOnt care about what everybody say's! It takes some balls to take the chop!

"Dare to be Different" is a slogan that fits the car perfectly!!!


it´s one of those projects that you really like it or you really really hate it, for me is the stupidity at it´s finest i love it!!


This bimmer turned so bad ass! The gold Ronals are a great contrast to the rust and the stance is amazing! The interieur matches perfect. The only think that I didn't immediately liked was the to chop, first it looked unproportional but after looking at the pictures a few more times I like it. Rusty turned once again mind blowing unreal!


car is just great, but rims don't fit


Exept of the wheels... Great!


AWWWWW ! Yeah ! Glorious reborn !


Its too bad so many peoples opinions are stupid. this car is rad. super creative and badass. if you dont like this car i would really not enjoy seeing whatever stupid cliched cars you find enticing (bbs's!? sweet!). keep killin it mike, the car is bodacious.


No matter what you say, good or bad, this car has served it's intended purpose. It sparks an emotion, whatever yours may be. I think were all tired of seeing cars and just not really caring about them. Caring about cars and style is what we do, it's why were all in a full blown obsession with this hobby/lifestyle. If you hate it, at least you feel something. I could care less what anyone does with their car, just as long as it's not some hack job, slap together POS.

This Car Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a deathtrap.



if this is style, i guess the hobo begging for change is a fashion icon....


To make it short. One car mixed with all sorts of car culture. I dig this bimmer. Im falling in loooooove!


Haters make this car famous.... Oh really? Other than the hellaflush fanboys no one else gives a poop about this car. I give him props on his work and effort, but that is it.


I agree with everyone else that has said this - WALLPAPER OF LAST PICTURE


love it!!!! hans down!! lol, haters gonna hate!, but theyre jelous cause they aint got the balls to rock something so hardcore


The car was ALREDY dead... now he killed the car!! WTF?


also, weld up the rear doors, hack the back out and turn it into truck!!!!


Dont know.... im a huge fan of BMW's especially old ones but this.... i seen this car before and it looked awesome but now the chop and interior strip, is taken it to far i think...


It was awesome before and its on godfather status now.

I like how people are trying to put rational into this, the point of this, is for it to be ridiculous and it's ridiculousness makes it that much more awesome.

I say keep going you 1jz,chop top son of a what used to be a new bimmer.


Imagine this if it were a wagon....would be way sweeter. I think it's mean as, to save a car from the rubbish pile is awesome.


Cars the bee's with the amazing wheel fitment but that dash is some bunk shit.


This thing is nasty dude big props


I've liked every variation of his 5, but this version with the darker body, bright wheels, and chop is just rad.


I love it! I wouldn't want to own it, but damn am I impressed! Saved te first shot for a wall paper and I envy the WWII P40 theme. BADASS!




you have out done yourself again mike. i hope the welds come out as clean as the dash did. everything looks phenominal hiding the oil cooler in the valance looks more sleek, while i've never been particular to gold plated wheels, I must say, the Ronals look super baller like this.

the bear


thats f******* sick man


i love it! ridiculousness, absolutely useless and yet so extreme and awesome! :D


love it! the "undead" look is hot.. wheels are amazing.. would have cost a mint though! 24K gold!!



Also, that last shot looks a lot like it was taken in Ocean City, MD, site of H2O International (which i hope will be covered on SH!)



from a junkyardcar to a showcar

im impressed


The grammar in this article is horrible.


Car looks like complete shit.


Love it. you sh** talkers can talk all the sh** that you want, but i highly doubt that the owner, nor the car will give two shits about you.

the car has tons of character. every speck of rust and every dent each have their own story to tell. also, if the owner has so much love for his car to fix it from a near fatal accident, leave it fu**ed up, show all of its battle scars, and CONTINUE to drive his car, how can you hate on that.

Much respect for the car, and for the dedication of the owner.


This car was better before.With a normal roof it's much more better.As a result I see a victim of subnormals.


looks awesome

just loose the stickers and the shark on the side


fail. simply fail


just because some states an opinion doesnt make them a hater, so all you nutswingers calling "haters" STFU AND GTFO! KTHNXBYE.




It is the ultimate antithetical BMW ... could he do more? Way, way cool and to the nay sayers, you simply don't have the stones to go this way. BTW: too, not to, when describing excesses. You just have to love the Frankencar ... and it is lose, not loose. Please ...


i like it very much its not just a car its an ART work


In a freak fire accident last night, the garage which housed the 2010 Speedhunters Rat and Car of the


Rusty Slammington, a car that is either absolutely loved, or absolutely hated. There was never any middle