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With over 100 Nissan GT-Rs to look after, Phoenix's Power in Kyoto is one of the biggest R35 tuning shops in Japan. Their vast premises are inundated on a daily basis with customer cars in for latest upgrades or regular scheduled maintenance, much like the car you see here. Having been just fitted with a fully customized race exhaust system and a very eye catching series of exterior bits and pieces I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with it before the owner came to pick it up.

Nakatsuji-san, the shop manager, is as surprised as anyone at how crazy his customers have been getting with their R35s. With almost no parts initially available for the car after its release in late 2007, people have been playing catch up lately trying to extract more power and performance out of the big new-gen R.

This particular car has received quite a lot of attention with hardly anything being overlooked. Inside the big 20-inch Volk Racing G2s you can find massive Rdd 400 mm 2-piece slotted and floating rotors which enhance braking power.

The prohibitively expensive Mine's dry carbon hood is not only beautiful to look at with its additional twin louvered outlets…

…but just as functional as the stock one in directing air straight down to the turbines to help keep them cool.

On top of the extensive engine mapping that has been carried out to unleash the true potential of the VR38, the intakes have been upgraded with the full GReddy hard pipe kit along with special Airinx foam filters and blow off valves. This all results in about 120 additional horses, bringing power up to the 600 HP mark.

From GReddy are also the larger intercoolers, neatly fitted within the factory shrouding. The plastic engine cover was removed to show off the intake plenum, an item that will shortly be polished to a mirror finish to match the GReddy parts.

The most noticeable item however needs to be the straight-through titanium exhaust the owner had custom made. It not only allows the big twin turbo V6 to get rid of spent gasses quicker, but also gives it a truly menacing bark.

However its true pièce de résistance has to be the electronically controlled sub silencer which at a flick of a switch can muffle the racecar-like burbly idle to almost stock exhaust levels.

Here are the commands for the electric actuator, which can be controlled manually, or set to open automatically above a pre-set rpm level. 

Since the exhaust system does away with having a twin exit, the right side outlet is the perfect place for the custom transmission cooler. How is that for god packaging!

Phoenix's Power is a certified member of the RH9 club and this particular car belongs to the "Phoenix's Kyoto Racing Club" or PKRC, an invitation only club that requires its members to have some pretty high-performing cars!

The PKRC guys can usually be found blasting down the empty highways at night, which is probably why this R35 is fitted with a massive carbon fiber GT wing.

The owner likes to take the car to the track often hence the addition of the HKS Circuit Attack Counter in the interior.

The stock airbag-equipped steering wheel has been replaced with a classic Nardi and mounted onto the MCR boss with carbon fiber flappy gear paddles.

Other bits of kit include the Blitz SBC-iD boost controller.

Here is Nakatsuji-san of Phoenix's Power ready to move the car back in front of the main office where the owner was waiting. Thanks to both for allowing me to get a few shots of this impressive "R."

Phoenix's Power

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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es una hermosa maquina kiero saber cuanto cuesta


Gorgeous Dino, just gorgeous. Can always count on good skyline coverage from you.

How goes the upgrades you were getting down at Tomei?


WOW! That is one sexy GTR! I normally don't like wings like that, but it just looks so damn good! Thanks DIno.


Love it! Just wish the hood and boot lid were painted to match.


Lovin' It !!


Variable-loudness exhaust is what dreams are made of.


Gorgeous Dino, just gorgeous. Can always count on good skyline coverage from you.

How goes the upgrades you were getting down at Tomei?


Wow, amazing


Loooks great!! i think the black boot lid boosts the cars look.


More of this exhaust control system, is it after market or custom?


1 picture to desktops please!


Hiding switches in the overhead sunglass holder is totally trick. I'm going to have to remember that!


Loving the car but wuz up with those pepboys toggle switches?


Looks really good, and mighty impressive too. Should've recorded the sound.


Now this is one impressive build. Single exit exhaust? Transmission oil cooler? carbon fiber paddle shifters? DO WANT!


looks a little cheap with the wires hanging around and those random switches on the roof dont work for me. and where those aerocatches are placed looks sloppy, and the gtr steering wheel is fine, no need to waste money on a nardi one. maybe it is a fast car but it needs more attention to detail.


If you could mingle this one with the other one you posted...perfection sits somewhere between the two.


@notchtop_sr those wires are head phones lol


As I was nerding out on GT-R related goodness at R's Meeting last Sunday I heard an announcement