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You are probably looking at one of the nicest RX-7s that will be on display at the 2011 Rotorstock Show in the UK next year. Responsible for building this car is Miguel at Newera Imports, one of the most established sport car exporters in Japan. Under strict instructions from his customer, Miguel was to look for the perfect, low-mileage RX-7. After much searching through the massive car auctions that are held in Japan each week Miguel secured the right car, a 1997 FD3S with 47,000 km (29,000 miles) on the clock.

A lot of people don't realize how hard finding cars like this is getting nowadays. With the majority of the good ones long gone, shipped off out of Japan over the years, Miguel job is getting harder and harder, but with the right contacts he is still able to maintain the high standard his company has always been known for. I got a call from Miguel telling me I really had to shoot this stunning RX-7 before it was shipped off and that he would be at his yard in Chiba the next day fitting…

…the last parts to go on the car, the Weds Sport SA55Ms wrapped in sticky Dunlop Direzza Z1 tires.

Needless to say this is one car I wasn't going to pass on shooting.

Miguel's yard is located right on the loading docks, resembling something out of a Fast and Furious movie. Luckily a ship from Thailand had just arrived giving a very unique twist to the background. The exterior of the car was where most of the work was carried out with a full body conversion consisting of an RE Amemiya 2005 front bumper, wider front Panspeed aero fenders and side skirts…

…and Panspeed overfenders for the rear.  A rather large, color-matched Vatman GT-wing is the final piece of the puzzle.

Under the stock hood the 13B has been lightly tuned with a Blitz SUS filter, an intercooler hard-piping kit…

 …and a GReddy compression tube for better flow and response.

The Kakimoto titanium-tipped exhaust system liberates the true rotary sound, which is just so muffled from factory. To aid with rear end downforce an RE-Amemiya rear carbon diffuser with vortex generators was also added.

The interior gets a nice cozy Bride reclinable bucket seat with Sabelt harnesses along with a triplet of Apexi EL gauges neatly arranged on top of the dash.

Carbon fiber detailing always looks so good against a white body, items like the RE-Amemiya front canards and the Craft Square mirrors.

Here is Miguel driving the car up and down the docks for the benefit of the camera. No he didn't drift around, contrary to what some movies may imply, that kind of stuff doesn't go on in Japan as all docks are continuously patrolled by security!

The Vatman GT-wing has a nice wavy lower section, said to improve straight speed Stability. The wing stays are adjustable so you can dial in the amount of downforce you require.

The FD sits on HKS adjustable suspension, which Miguel had to raise up to its highest setting shortly after these pictures were taken so it could be safely moved onto the ship without damaging the aero parts.  The owner will be completing the car once it lands in the UK with a few more modifications like an aero hood, full Bride bucket seats and more engine parts to make it perfect for when Rotorstock 2011 rolls around.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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It's all very delicious except for the mirrors and the weird fat wing.




DOLL! oh man... oh..


LOVE me some WEDS!

4th pic is a DESKTOP for sure!


the docks remind me of pro street


Thanks for the write-up Dino! Can't wait for it to arrive so I can make a start fitting all the other bits I have sitting here for it. Miguel really has done a superb job with this!


This is just Awesome, can't wait to see it in the U.K at the end!


Excellent pics as always, Dino. Makes my camera skills suck by comparison!

Customer spent over a year deciding the exact spec. of this RX-7 right down to choosing the wheels & correct sizing. Went into total detail. It was fun being in constant communication and creating this project for him before shipping. We love work like this (Look out for the N2 AE86 coming shortly..!!)

This RX-7's now on it's way to the UK to make Steve even happier.


thats money right there


Very nice. Simple, tasteful and effect. Some more engine tuning and its the shiznit


Pure autosecks


Ugh...I want one so bad! It makes my pants tingle :)


My dream FD3S!!! I love the while colour!


i dont mind the wing as long as its functional

those wheels are nice though


were is the inspiration in this car?

feels like every other rx7 out there.

not clean. not cohesive. not sick.

i mean its nice, but not outstanding :(


Awesome Steve! Can't wait to see it in the flesh :)


Love Love Love :D


It's pretty good I guess. But there is one in Brisbane, Australia that looks just as good if not better but it's also packing over 400hp atw.


the only thing i dont like about the car is the green cluster. looks like a ford taurus


Daym those WEDS SA55 in BLC is sex, WEDS knows how to make BLC rims.


An FD3S will always be a timeless classic, so I was really disappointed when it was replaced by the RX8.

The RX8 doesn't even have half of the coolness of an FD3S.

MAZDA, please bring back the RX7!!!!


The only thing i dont love about this is is......... the fact its not mine!!!!! Well done Steve great job!!!


I would love a car like this.

Amazingly clean.


i've always wondered what those rims are called. lol.


The RX-7 is such a sleek, beautiful car. I love those smooth and curvy body lines.

Too bad the RX-8 is not so pretty compared to it, and I fear its replacement won't be too nice either... :(


Awesome super sexy FD


its very nice, the wing is too high though


uuffff this car is a dream love FD3S


beatiful , and the rims are sex !!!