Car Spotlight>> Ls2 Powered Perfection

What do you get when you work for 10 months, 5-8 hours a night beside your normal day job? If you had spent that time working on your car it could have looked like this Nissan 240SX. For 10 months straight Tyson Schmidt and his dad Dale have been working and perfecting this car.

The base car is a 240SX from 1992, but not much is left of that car. It all started with the front end conversion that has been fully tubbed. In the process it also gained the Instant Gentleman frontbumper. The frontbumper matches perfectly to the DMax widebody.

The widebody makes the car look really buff with its wider fenders. We also get a better look at the rollcage that has been built to Formula D standards, does this mean we will see it competing against our very own Mad Mike and Matt Powers in the future?

The room where the magic happens, this also provides a better look at the custom front end.

I have never seen a cleaner engine swap, Tyson and his Dad have done an amazing job. The LS2 engine has been taken from a Pontiac GTO together with its 6 speed transmission. Other items that have found their way into the engine bay include headers, motor/tranny mounts and a oil pan made by Sikky.

The interior is definitely different. It really is a love or hate thing. Tyson went with a Buddyclub racing seat and a Takata harness that will keep him in place. The rest has been gutted to shave of those extra pounds and covered in a tartan pattern.

Of course there is more than meets the eye, like the fiberglass roof and the fact that the door handles, gas tank lid and trunk lock have all been shaved. It is the overall package and the quality of the build that makes this car stand out. I wish I had a dad that is as passionate about building a car as Tyson's dad.

My hats off to you both you have done a great job

-Jeroen Willemsen

Photos by Andrew Thompson



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Ski pole hydro brake is great, love this 'ish


wow this thing looks bloody incredible. dont no how long it will stay that way if we see it in FD


this car is sick and unique to any silvia ive seen


Dope set up.

What specs are the wheels?


Love the interior, just a great job in general.


First picture to desktop section, please.


Its a clean car but god I hate LS swaps.


3 photo... desktop...


Desktop of 3rd picture, por favor.


Tuff car cuz love it


Still wouldnt waste money on a fukn shit s13 :( cheers kunt


This is the perfect 240. Perfect.


@Cem Hikmet

fuc you sir.


Great job on a sick build, props fa sho...


I love the super clean engine swap, but that plaid has got to go.


I like the hidden Brake master/Clutch Master/Booster, not like there would be room to fit them in anyways. Dope in all power hungry way tho.


That engine bay looks incredible.


thats awsome, engine bay looks so nice, but covering the interior in a pair of pajama's, pass.


Can't run tubs in FD, dude needs a rule book


What a fantastic build, Definitely something different!


That is super clean! Too bad its gonna be drifted and thus, banged up. :)


impressive build, amazing... although the interior is not quite my cup of tea


I heart everything about this car. Some people are going to hate the interior but it has so much personality. Its like the pop-sickle stick birdhouse you made when you were a kid that everyone knew was hideous and non-functional but you didn't care cause you designed and built it yourself. I would love to see this car with a crazier wheel setup in the future. I think it would bring the whole package together.

27 word...........

i think i just came on myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Pure inspiration.


Fab work and paint look amazing and I love the tartan wrapped interior, but I just cant get with those wheels.


When did "front bumper" become one word?


why do u destroy you're car whit swapping a damn v8 in it?


Definitely a clean car, and the work that went into it looks phenomenal.

It'd probably border on perfection if it weren't for the V8 and wheels.


diggin the nascar wheels


...this red thing kills my eyes...


very nice build. makes me super jealous!!


2nd pic desktop please!


Badass! well done


desktop of the 1st pic please! saw this yesterday, one of the cleanest coupes ive ever seen, beautiful!



WOW! I love this car great job! I could build cars with my dad but this wouldn't be what would be the finished car. More like a late 60's Muscle or Early 50's Rod.


came out real nice. always though Instant Gentleman would make for a nice race car look.


that thing is flawless, i want to see videos of it


Very well thought out. tons of work and it shows!


Wheels are Diamond Racing


Love it all... but the interior. Not my taste personally (maybe tartan down the middle of the seats on an old Porka, but not an S13). Rest of it looks very nicely done though, would be a whole lotta fun to drive that's for sure.


love it, no details on the daimond racing? ugly interior wrap , everything else is great


Epic!!! I love it all

Now we just need to see (and hear) a vid of it sliding.


5 Stars! soooooo clean!


no door handles = no FD


incredible car! Clean design, powerful engine and great interior...

I love it!




Great execution, everything looks super clean. Paul bunion interior needs to go though.. God that's hideous. And why go through the trouble of having door handles and what not to get that "clean" look, but not mold the rear overs? Everything else is spot on. Great job


wheels are areo's 15x10 -12, this is a local Missouri car from my local forum


no one said the car was gonna be drifted, the guy said the cage is FD standards.

I like the engine swap, the interior and the widebody.

The bodykit makes it look like it has down syndrome and the wheels look like they belong on a bronco.

Colour scheme is also shit, everyone knows silver over grey is the best two tone for a S13.


/\ kevin....sooo you can run no fender wells in FD, but you can't run tubs? Please explain. Nice car by the way, the interior might get old after a few drives, its too distracting.


What kind of wheels are those?


i like those stock car care type rims.. and believe it or not - the interior.. cool... + roll cage?!! win-win!


Pigge and Cuz, when you start driving competition cars you'll see the reason behind the LS swap ;)

I'm considering dropping the SR from my car atm to do the same thing.



I love that car!

perfect smooth style!


a lot of different views on this one a very well built car. Dont like the ls swaps either as some of you have stated, but really nice. will be a sic drift car. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY COMPENSATE FOR ALL THAT WEIGHT ON THE FRONT END???`


a lot of different views on this one a very well built car. Dont like the ls swaps either as some of you have stated, but really nice. will be a sic drift car. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY COMPENSATE FOR ALL THAT WEIGHT ON THE FRONT END???`


sigh.....what has the world come to? LS motors are being swapped in everywhere, getting rather sick of it. I understand they are great motors but IMO they take away from cars that shouldnt have them...just my 2 cents


Clean swap...thats a lot of work for 10 months and the craftsmanship looks great.


Love the battle S13, the inside picnic rug is not for me but it is your car and your individual tastes.

For all the haters out there did the interior get him attention and are you talking about it?

Good job mission accomplished.

But really a V8? (sigh)


what kind of sideskirts are on it? they're not instant gentlemen, or oem silvias.


Amazing car! the most beautifull 240 i ever seen!


That car is a serious work of art! I'm in love lol


Great interior =)


first or third photo to desktop sectioon!!!!!


Thanks for all the comments guys.

About the interior, it looks a bit aggressive in the pix, but in real life it's not so bad, and really works IMO. The car was built to be drifted, Tyson is taking it to Indy very soon, so there may be video coverage of that available. As far as the LS motor, I didn't like the idea myself, as I'm more of a purist, but with all things considered (power, weight, cost, modability, etc.), it's a very smart decision for someone who is actually going to compete with the car.

Sideskirts are OEM Silvia, wheels are AERO.


better wheels and this thing would really be fresh


Some bagpipe exhaust tips would make this the ULTIMATE Scotch Ride.


I would choose an LS over an SR or KA in a heartbeat. We all know it gives better power, but some of you guys don't realize that it also weighs less than the other two motors...


I hate, really really HATE LSx engine swaps. The car looks amazingly clean though.


Great looking car, bud! Interior looks awsome and grabed my attention. I'm doing an LS swap into my Silvia right now and power per dollar, nothing out there beats an LS swap. And weight difference is comparable to that of a KA setup, not to mention the reliability factor. Good on ya!


Where on earth did you ever get the fabric to cover your dash and interior? I want it in green!!! LS engines are awsome. I'm doing the same swap in my Silvia. Good on ya, dude.


Siiick car! Minus LS motor, everything is epic. Sick of seeing ca going with LS motors..regardless of their specs


I've read somewhere that modern LS Engines are not much heavier than a SR20. In fact I think weighs a little less!


CMON, first or third to desktops, please!!!


Okay you guys......It's EASY to criticize a Car........HARD to build one as NICE as this!!!!! EXCELLENT JOB!!!!


He wont be competing in Formula Drift or any form of motor sports for the mater without door handles.........


red and black lumberjack, with a hat to match



- Jowe


I saw this car out at a ClubFR drift event last weekend. This thing looks great up close. Really good quality work. The LS2 sounds great!


I normally hate V8-swaps

but i love this car!


wallpaper last pic please 1366 x 768


I see there a lot of jealous ppl on here. Anywhere from ppl calling you out on making frontbumper one word instead of two all the way to the idiot talking about the ls swap putting a lot more weight on the front end when indeed the swap is lighter than the stock ka24. This car is beautiful in its every detail from the checkerboard int. to the dirt track wheels, and that engine bay. Frickin crazy and the time put into this new age performance machine still blows my mind. Not a bolt unturned and replaced. Makes me want to throw out the sr20det now. As if a five speed wasn't enough, you had to make it a six. This car is amazing and will continue to turn heads with tuners and the hot rods as you can tell by the many comments your getting in the first 2 weeks of being on here. Keep up the good work and get that super charger on there quickly hahha, Mad props bro and let the neg. feedback entice you to make your car ...."YOUR" car!!