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HKS and Taniguchi have for years been a winning combination, setting records wherever they go. Time attack has always helped push the tuning envelope further, as extreme parts and modifications eventually trickle down and are able to be used on street applications. This is what will eventually happen with the R35 GT-R. HKS definitely have something up their sleeves as we all saw at the recent R's Meeting event. 

Once Taniguchi pitted after his second track session I went to take a closer look at the R35. The temperatures on the screen showed that a good thrashing was given but they weren't as high as I've seen on these new GT-Rs so I'm guessing that whatever cooling upgrades they have carried out, are working efficiently. 

Then came the big surprise as I glanced at the HKS lap timer. While most tuners were out for nothing more than a few demonstration laps, HKS was out to break records! On the second outing Taniguchi managed a best lap of 1'45"82, the fastest an R35 has ever gone around Fuji. The top speed, 300 km/h (186 mph)!

That puts the R35 in hot pursuit of established older GT-Rs like the Autech Tsukada ATTKD BNR34 and Auto Gallery Yokohama BNR32 which both lap in the 1-minute 43-seconds (on street-legal, semi-slick tires)

HKS, up until late last year, were using the stock radial tires on the R35, managing a best of 1'48"94 before switching to slicks. Their first attempt on the sticky race tires yielded a best of 1'47"126 with Orido behind the wheel. You can see the video of the lap here. Now with the new 20-inch Advan A-005, the time has dropped further.

The very loud titanium exhaust.

Behind the 20-inch Yokohama AVS Model F7s are serious Endless brakes, forged monobloc 6-pot calipers front…

…and back.

The passenger side footwell was gutted out to allow…

…the laptop to be connected, making last minute ECU program alterations quick and easy.

The dry carbon wing has been bolted down directly to the trunk lid… 

…the aluminum stays allowing 9 different angles to be selected.

Taniguchi looking through his lap times on the HKS Circuit Attack Timer module.

The R35-specific EVC boost controller is fitted in front of the gear selector along with the HKS AFK A/F meter.

I would personally love to see what the HKS R35 would be able to do around Tsukuba, with and without the slick tires. The bar has obviously been raised, so it will be interesting to see how all other R35 tuning shops will respond.

R35-only time attack even at Tsukuba anyone?


Nobuteru Taniguchi 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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too awesome.


MB Battles look great on the gtr!

lol jk


Very nice, too bad it was wearing slicks.. IMO all tuner cars should stick to street legal rubber..


Those Advan 20 inch wheels are heavy !

Drop to forged-wheels, size 19 or even 18, and you'll see the lap time go down.


Wow that video is really cool to watch, the noise is just pure awesomeness and I'm also pretty impressed with the shift time of the gearbox. Never really noticed it, but it's just instant gear changes.


so HKS is in hot pursuit of the existing (older) cars, because it's within 2% of their time, except that it's running slicks and they are running street legal tires????????

kinda sad that we get no real info on what their mods are

i still think the first pic makes the car the MOST sexay r35 of all :)


Impressive! The day they get 2-300kg out of that pig (sorry) then the laptimes will get really really interesting.


Great feature! In the sencond picture on the dash there's a button that says "Carwings". Any idea what that is for?


love the dash picture.. those dials look cool - those Yoko AVS F7s suit the car too! all in all fantastic - we got a video roll for this one??


That is one good looking car... black on black is so sleek..


The HKS R35 is just too beautiful I would love to see it on the track


awesome as expected, although it looks like its not finished


DESKTOP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the R35 is a beast! it eats ferraris for breakfast...


HKS never dissapointing.

Nob needs an a casttle in his name near to the HKS fabrique.



The R35 needs 20" wheels to clear the massive calipers. You can see in the pictures the caliper is pretty darn close to the inner side of the wheel.


i love seeing $70k+ cars with wires draped all around their interiors.

business as usual at HKS.



F7 Advans are forged BTW.

and there are many other reasons for wheel selection. Not just weight.




HKS bring R35 GTR madness!

Awesome Dino!


damn hot car! would love to have been there to hear it..


nice spotlight, pretty detailed compared to others but engine pics and specs would have been nice! lol



If you're hoping "Carwings" is some kind of badass active aerodynamic feature then prepare to be disapointed. It's actually just Nissan's information center services that work with your navigation system to give you info on traffic or other stuff like perhaps on locations you are trying to reach.




loving those rotors! reminds me of cactus' haha


Amuse, Mine's & MCR GTR-R35 !!!