Car Spotlight>> Golf Vr6 Turbo

Here's one final spotlight from the VW Fanatics show. At a first glance, it looks like a nice clean, understated build. The Golf has good stance and wheels, but I'm sure a lot of people at the event were walking right past without noticing.

The car has been sprayed in Audi Daytona gray- the only right color for this car in my opinion. Again the bumpers have been shaved together with the trunk to remove any protruding items. The trunk came from the US version of the mk3, so it has a smaller recess for the number plate.

Because of the drop, thanks to a FK Konigsport system, the arches had to be rolled to prevent the 17" BBS RS wheels from rubbing.

Now let's see what makes this VW really special. I the heart of this car beats this chromed, rebuilt VR6. The capacity of the engine has been increased to 3000cc with JE forged pistons. The inlet manifold has been custom made and polished to give it that chrome look.

The intercooler piping is made form carbon, something I've never seen before.

The Garrett GT3076 turbo connects to a Rothe heat wrapped exhaust manifold. As you can see, Eric had everything polished and used a lot of carbon to enhance the look of the engine bay.

But off course it's not all about looks… Eric told me he didn't have time to test the car or put it on the dyno, but friends of him that have the same setup are able to get 420bhp from their engines. During the winter period he will replace the gearbox for one with a longer 5th gear for an even higher top speed.

Eric made a cut out in the wheel wells to reveal the carbon inner housing. It is one of those small things that have a great visual impact.

Of the three spotlights that I made after the VW Fanatics show which one did you like the most? It is a tough one for me, engine wise I would pick this MKIII but looks wise I would go for the Corrado.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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The Corrado is my pick.


Oh SH!T.... simply prerfect


Hardparking lameness.


Now that is a pretty sick car. Love the carbon piping, wonder how they formed it?



fuckng beautiful like the grey mk1.

i love that style tuned cars, just beautiful


I think the car is proper and clean. Not only does it have the stance right, it has the power to back it up... Wish Subaru bays were as easy to tuck as VW bays.


Hardparking lameness? i think not, this is a static drop first of all, so it actually DRIVES that low, and it's got a SIX CYLINDER TURBO, that thing probably eats the pants off of whatever you drive. I think it's amazing! so clean and understated, probably sounds like a beast


car looks detailed to death - pity about the rain.. love the VR6 in all its forms - carbon intercooler pipes are a bit special too..


Nice ride, Very very Dutch haha!


The Mk I for me...


clean, simple, vrt - love it!


Very nice. Nothin' like a clean veedub w/ shaved bay, stance, and power.

I've had 2.8,3.2,3.6 VR6s but something about the old 12v i love the most.

Its the best sounding engine/exhaust out there for any compact car.

God i miss my gti. Reminds me of happy times... carefree days before real life shit..

Weird observation: I get thumbs-up and smiley-nods from young/old alike in my GTI, but i get nothing but dirty looks from people when I drive my WRX and 240..

Hardparkin' and cruising w/ my buddies are my thing tho~! what else is there to do on a tuesday night?

If that's wrong, i don't wanna be right~! ha! now that's lame~!


hola mi nombre es lucas soy argentino tengo un golf gl 1.8 mi 5 puertas( modelo mexicano) solo quiero decirte que soy fanatico de el golf mk3 o golf 3 como se dice aca... mis felicitaciones por tu coche lastima que aqui no consigo esas llantas que tanto me fasinan son un sueño para mi.


WHF man engine is chrome


Hi there 
Just wanted to know where could i get a reliable turbo kit for my MK3  VR6 and do i need to upgrade the computer box