Car Spotlight>> G’s Mark X

Out of all the cars that Toyota had prepared for us at Fuji Speedway on Friday, this G's Mark X G Sports Concept had to be my favorite. It's nothing new, we have seen it before at Tokyo Auto Salon back in January, but admiring its lines under the strong summer sun I really couldn't keep my eyes off of it!

The idea of creating a fire-breathing performance sedan out of the new generation GRX133 Mark X seems such a good idea, now that there is nothing on the Toyota lineup to even match what the old Mark II and Chasers of yesteryear used to offer. The G Sports Concept, "G" of course comes from Gazoo Racing, is based on the top of the line 350S version of the Mark X using the same 2GR directly injected 3.5L V6 as found on the Lexus IS and GS. Being a primarily stylistic exercise the engine has been left as is on this particular car, delivering an adequate 318 HP and smooth torque curve peaking at 280 lb/ft.

But after sampling the Modellista tuned Mark X + M Super Charger that Toyota kindly prepared for us (which sells in Japan for just over ¥5,000,000 or $59,000), I discovered first hand how savage the 2GR can feel with a little bit more power. The supercharger kit would be the perfect match for the G's Mark X giving it 360 horses and an instant throttle response with a towering 367 lb/ftm of torque. 

The G's treatment continues inside with suede clad Recaro seats and lots of carbon accents to differentiate it from your regular run of the mill Mark X.

That is one logo we will be seeing a lot of in the future, as Toyota models get more exciting thanks to the in-house tuning that could potentially be offered for every model.

The navigation screen doubles up as an auxiliary meter display giving the driver access to virtual gauges.

The fit and finish is typical bullet-proof Toyota…

…but with no manual version of the Mark X available, the smooth shifting 6-speed Toyota torque converter will be the only transmission choice.

Aesthetically the big sedan has been beefed up thanks to an aggressive body kit…

…with a beautifully designed front bumper which screams, "get out of my way," to cars in front! All the carbon detailing is great to see against the pearlescent white and like all modern cars these days the Sports Concept is fitted with LED DRLs.

The big 20-inch G's wheel run Yokohama Advan Sport tires in 255/30ZR20 sizes front and back. To help haul the 1,500 kg sedan down from speed, big 6-pot calipers are fitted up front along with 355 mm diameter drilled discs with smaller 4-pots and 345 mm discs at the rear.

The detailing is extremely well done with a few interesting touches like these carbon hood side outlets to help rid of hot air from the engine bay.

The rear bumper features a carbon diffuser from where the quad exhaust pipes exit from. 

Carbon side outlets on the rear bumper are another great touch.

As Akio Toyoda announced last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, things are changing for Toyota. The enthusiast hasn't been forgotten and if the upcoming FT86 and this G's Mark X are anything to go by we are in for a new generation of exciting cars from Japan's biggest car maker.

Gazoo Racing  

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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hot. would like a cleaner and simpler bodykit though.


Man that's some piece! Great styling.


That is pure sex!


Nice but en^gine/power wise no match for the BMW M5/Audi RS4/6 segment


I gotta say, that looks pretty cool. One of the very few good looking Toyotas in the last decade.


I just wet myself.....


Very impressive. This is one of a kind to drive ....





fkn dope, finally something new that i like


Love the detail in this car. Rear end looks great! Keep up the good posts!


If only these things came in manual. *sigh* Still, it's an amazing car. I'm not too fond of the body kit on this concept though.

You know, while I love the GS, I think it would be so very awesome if Toyota scrapped the GS and replaced it with a Lexus variant of the Mark X. I think this car would do very well in other markets.


Beautiful looking car, can only hope this makes it into production!


I don't usually like the Mark X, but this is looking GOOD!

thanks for the great photos and writeup


wwwooow, looks fine, now how come there's no manual version?!?!?!?!

how well does that torque converter works?! hope it doesnt drops rpms in order to match them

ohh and nice touch with the LED DRLs but they should implement a way to turn them off or desactivate them somehow, it sometimes gets very annoying. i hate DRLs, but at least these will look cool


omg. i'm in love with this thing..


lovely styling.. especially the hot air vents at the side of the bonnet.. cool (ironically)


This is one of my favorite toyota's in years!


sick car but why won't they make a manual would be mean to see one of these ripping it up on the D1 circuit


No manual? and that kit takes a bit of getting used to... but still, thats a damn nice car!


Looks great! These are the kinds of cars Toyota needs to be making. The absence of a proper manual gearbox leaves something to be desired though.


According to the last post it "eats IS-F's for breakfast." Yeah it looks good, but I don't think so.


Wow. That's the most beautiful car I've seen since I left my garage. But please, more power and for the love of God, a manual transmission!


good as long as this and the ft86 make it to europe, i will forgive toyota for the travesty that is the prius and the auris hybrid.


Can anybody say "DESKTOP!!!!"


Anyone from Australia think the front quarter looks like a HSV GTS (VE model)?


That car is absolutely fantastic! Good to see some good looking cars coming back out of Japan again


This, car it's realy nice


Sharp, crisp design lines. Love it.


daymn!! that car looks fyine! love the stance of it! but do agree with the engine power, with the E92 making over 400...But can be fixed by slapping a turbo on tho?!!


Woah ! One of the best looking cars I ever seen.


Toyota is coming back. Yes. More please. :D


As always Toyota is proving themselves as a world competitor in the everyday sports car. Pushing the limits in technology and performance, "LFA". But with this domination has come very big problems. This is know doubt a beautiful car and would be a perfect performing vehicle for any die hard Toyota fan. I think greater detail could be payed to the problems St hand... just saying


damn this car is pure sexxxx !

some walls pppppplllllleeeeeaaaaasssseee !


wow.....awesome car.................


Dan: yeah i thought "HSV" as soon as i looked at it, lol.

I'd still drive one though...

with a manual, it would be a very high level of awesome...

even without, would make a great daily...


Mark X is RWD ?


Automatic? Burn it.


"The Enthusiast hasn't been forgotten" but it only comes in automatic?


Exterior wise, the car needs a lower hood line (and maybe shorter doors, the car looks too tall).

As for the drivetrain, it needs an inline-6 and a manual transmission. Then we would have a winner!

Great "car spotlight" Dino! I always wanted to see this car in detail.


Had the pleasure of inspecting this very machine at Toyota Amlux in Tokyo just last week. I was always a bit 'meh' about the Mark X... I always thought them to be a pretty weak and diluted evolution of the X chassis.

But, after seeing it in the metal, I'm convinced. It has genuine presence and style. I like it a lot. Will definitely consider upgrading the JZX100 if/when these become eligible for import into Australia.


WALLPAPER PLEASE!!! Mark X G Sports Concept ROCKS!



Agree on the 6mt part, but I6 engine's are dead and belong in the past.


misses the point of the chaser and the mak 2 still cool though dont get me wrong


This would make a great daily/grocery getter/family car. I'd rock it regardless of only being available in an automatic.


Wallpapers please.


Wow, could this be a modern Toyota I actually LIKE?! Unpossible!


it's pretty but i think the bumper takes more air than the engine really needs. This car is no big-turbo-multi-intercooler-heat-factory monster (like say a Brabus bullit ) so this wide open mouth is just a big air trap (crap?), slowing the car down. this ins't a performance car, it's just a looker.

there, i've said it.

and sorry if i express myself a bit late on this topic.


ah, i forgot,

did anybody thought that those wheels looked like revamped/remodeled/modernized CR Kai(s)??

cause i do

I thought that the Gazoo badge on the trunk meant the car was honed with their race expertise ( i don't necessarily mean a race-proven car) and seriousness in the product (enough go-poke for the money ) but i think this car is just for people attracted by it's sporty-classy bodykit or for ignorant people thinking it's good because it's a GAZOO.

With gazoo, Toyota is only doing the the same thing Merc, BMW and AUDI have been doing for decades with AMG, M and S-line :

sell the looks (bodykit+rims) of the one with the big engine without the big engine (we see a lot of C200CDI looking like C63AMGs nowadays in Paris) -for a lot of money!

In the end I think this new car is just a commercial move. And that's sad.


long live the x-body. good to see a fresh look for the new cars


The new Cressida?! Copmre it to the old pretty much different nice and sexy car waaaaa


Rear looks like a TSX


I hope the guy who engineered the drivetrain get punched in the face, give us a god damn manual


Where can get this kind bodykit?cost?