Check out this video from Formula Drift Round 5 in the crazy
hot desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. Andy Laputka once again has put
together a great summary of the happenings in my world throughout the
competition. I hope you all enjoy it!

– Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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i wanna see dai an caugh go up against guys from jdm allstars, d1gp, and all of the other profesional drifters around the world, better yet, i think they need to do WORLD DRIFT CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!

the WDC would be EPIC. hell even the chinese pros can come.


man your a good sport!! i would be so rattled loosing to dai 3 times in a row... keep the videos coming :D


Who is the new babe Vaughn??? :P


Na, leave the chinese in china, we dont need eBay turbos blowing oil fittings all over the properly built machines of the rest of the civilized planet.

but i agree man, World Drift Championship would be nuts!


Those brake lights on the top of the windshield are such a great idea whoever thought of them....


Am i the only one that saw how straight Dai was following Jr???


There is a big difference between entries in japan and the states. I am not really sure what the judges are looking for besides V8 motors and energy drinks.

QuickStlye Int Drifting

"keep drifting alive"


TBH Vaughan your a bit too cocky for my liking but I can tell you what you can drive! (Brushing the wall btw thats really cool)


i would like to point out that i called mr vaughn gitten jr, "mr caugh gitten jr" my bad vaughn....

and quick style yes there is a pretty huge difference but that would also bring so much more variety, i remember back when the american drivers an japanese drivers went head to head, those were some INTENSE battles!

iv been keeping up on jdm allstars, pro dirft, d1gp, and formula d ( i no there more than jus those) an i must say they all have there talented drivers and amazing machines, now if only we could throw em all on one REDICULOUS course an let em go at it for a while... that would be awsome


Vaughn... i like your Astar suit!

One Goal, One Vision... go gitt' that elusive #1 spot!

Great onboard, inboard, outboard imgaes in the video.