We’ve already seen Will Roegge’s Pikes Peak film featuring Jeff Zwart and his record breaking Porsche Cup car, this time, team blue and teal’s video guy, Skylar Smith, pops out a fantastic bit of raw in-car footage of Monster Tajima’s run at this year’s Hill Climb.




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kickass job on the video guys! Amazing run! A race video that actually has funny moments hats off to you Falken you are my fav Tyre company thank you for giving me more reasons to love you :D


I was waiting for a video like this. I was on the hill just past those crazy guys laying down on the inside corner. I was anxious to see the in car footage since his transponder broke and everyone was saying the time was off. Clearly not as seen in this video. Awesome, can't wait for next year!!


Our pleasure Syn!


compared to the porsche gt-3 this thing was all over the place. it seemed that putting down the power down was an issue on the dirt. very choppy on the throttle! better watch his mirror that porsche might be getting a little closer next year!


Absolutely awesome including a couple of moments that really raised the heart rate...

I can only imagine what this kind of footage in 3D is going to be like!


It is a bit hairy at 2:38. Tajima's Monster understeered during the left hander and almost ran out of road, coming very close from plowing into the spectators on the right side of the road!


The corn was not too bad in Colorado.


This is how car videos should be. All car. All noise. Nice work.