Social>>what Makes The Ae86 So Special?

As you might know, this Friday is "86 Day", and once again we'll be spending the day celebrating the lovable little FR machine. To get the community involved, we thought it'd be fun to ask you guys what it is about the AE86 that makes it so special.

In a few sentences or so, leave a comment telling us why this old Toyota holds such a big place in your heart.

We'll go through them and post the most interesting ones on Friday in an homage to one of our favorite automobiles of all time.

So, what IS it about the AE86? We can't wait to see what you come up with.

-Mike Garrett



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What I enjoy most about my ae86 is its underdog status. I do everything from autox,drift, and trackdays wiith it. Even though it isnt by any means fast, I drive with 110% satisfaction and it shows from my local autox trophies. It takes a lot out of someone to make these old school cars perform especially with stock power output and modest suspension.


Its a lil piece of perfection in its simplest form. Beautiful structure, beautiful lines, beautiful finishes, beautiful sliding,..

Watching that old Hachi going sideways next to V10s, V8s.. real monsters.. and not even noticing them haha, thats wut makes it special... Old, Fast, & Beautiful


Last RWD Corolla ever made. As far as I know it is one of the first Japanese cars with a DOHC engine in 1983. Apart from that, the Hachiroku became popular as Tsuchiya's own car in Best Motoring and as tofu-carrier in Fujiwara family :P

Although in Greece it became widely popular throough Drift Challenges started in 2004-2005, it was known years ago when it raced in Greek Rallies (late 80s-early 90s)


Many people will probably comment about one or another attribute that makes the 86 such a cult car. In my opinion there is no single trait that defines my feelings. Toyota stumbled upon a balance of simplicity, versatality, fun, and economy. Before drifting, before the Initial D hype, its was just a car. It was the early owners that realized its unmistakable personality and appreciated the most simplistic of driving experiences only it could offer that really spawned the following. I think that love and appreciation has been so apparent that many non-owners have developed a facination for them. After owning 13 or so over the years, its somthing that can't be explained, simply expressed by a nod or wave while passing a fellow 86 owner. I owe a lot to this car and its brotherhood.


The perfect combination of a practical everyday car, to a lightweight power rocket~


The Ae86 is driveable, just a raw driving experience, no stability management or compuers, just the driver and the machine, the 80's styling was amazing aswell and the AE86 seems to have gotten the best of the era, a true beauty and joy to own.


just look at it *drools a little* its beautiful :) rwd, japanesse, hatch... what more could you want from a car :p


Overrated knock off of the Piazza with a lower power to weight ratio than the Piazza.

Beautiful lines? Thank you Giugiaro and the Piazza that was plagiarized by Toyota.

First Japanese cars with a DOHC? In 1969, Toyota joined Nissan and Isuzu with DOHC engines.

Balance and handling? Sports Car Graphic, April 1984, AE86 .70g, Piazza, .75g.

The AE86 was NOT the best of the era. What sets the AE86 apart is the fact that a large group of people will spend lots of money on them, and make up "facts" that don;t match history. Just like the Civics in the 1990's. Ten years from now, the next flavor-of-the-month will be something other than Civics or Corollas.


Ae86 >>> Sexy..Old School Rocka


As an Aussie I have a slightly different understanding of the AE86. Un like most other countries the 86's made here came with a wheezing carbureted 4 cylinder 4AC that could have trouble breaking 100km/h rather than the mighty 4AG that most other countries got. Top that off with an open centre diff with no LSD options available and un-supportive seats and the ADM 86 seems a little under whelming. However with little to no modification, on the right road, at the right time the little hatch will still have you grinning from ear to ear. The little car just seems to make the road that much more exciting. That's not to say that I'm un-happy with my nice responsive 4AGZE engine conversion or that I'm not looking forward to my JDM diff upgrade:).


@ Komeko: yea you're right it's obviously a horrible car to drive. And Yea those lines aren't beautiful at all.


So you like the piazza better, good for you.


The AE86 is a car with a soul. Not many cars today have this feeling.


@ tim: No one said the AE86 was a horrible car. Someone pointed out the fact that is was not the best handling car, not the best power to weight ratio, not an original design, not the first car with a DOHC engine (or even the first Toyota with a DOHC engine), and that it's only real significant quality is that the owners are willing to spend lots of money on it. If it bursts your bubble to know the AE86 was not the best even at the things fan boys falsely claim it to be the best at, then it's no one's problem but your own.


It's the best car ever because it can be used as a everyday car, drift, drag, rally, pizza delivering, cops car, mother in law drives, etc, etc, etc... It's just awesome...


i fell under the hachi roku spell when i was a lil kid there was a 5 car line in a street a beat up-rust bucket was coming from another street once the driver saw the line he just stop drop the clutch in reverse and took off sideways I had a stupid grin on my face for 10 minutes and i am sure that i've never seen a car do that again on the streets. Later on i saw Initial D for the first time and finally Samuel Hubinette vs Taka Aono "The little Corolla that Could" 2005 Formula D Road Atlanta, 3 Runs eventually Taka Drop the flag due to egine overheating REMEMBER SAM WAS DRIVING THE MOPAR SPONSORED DODGE VIPER!!!! im still trying to get a ride o a friend's USDM LSD 20v swaped =(


last of the cheap, economical, RWD cars. (the 318IS was NOT cheap). Plus decent handling, Plus muthaflippin flip-up head lights.


what makes an ae86 special for me? its simple its love its car that you love or hate its a special felling when you drive it people inside the community know the felling something tha now a days cars cant achieve


I know this is off subject but.. GIMME WALLPAPER!


Everyone loves an underdog


underpowered 4ac, underpowered 4ag, solid rear axle, looks like a kids toy, rolls on golf kart wheels... what's not to love?


The AE86 is so special as it did for Toyota what the Escort MK1/ MK2 did for Ford.

Front engine, rear wheel drive, twin cam inline 4 with a well balanced chassis. Competitive in international touring cars, rallying and drifting.

Over 25 years on, the AE86 Corolla is still winning motorsport championships.


There's a few reasons why this particular vehicle has stuck out like the most delicious piece of candy in the aisle. I have been obsessed with the Toyota Corolla GTS/SR5 for years now, from before I ever had even heard of a cartoon character named Takumi. It was in the late 1980's in southern california that my uncle had contemplated buying one of these "toys" from a toyota dealership. He was a GTS model, with(as he alleges) Razorback window vents... although I told him of the rarity of these, although had heard of people swapping them from other 80's cars. I grew up with him complaining about the fact that he never bought the car and had regretted it ever since. From its factory limited slip differential, to efficient and fun engine/drive FR layout, the car features decent factory suspension, a formidable braking system, and most important of all... Balance. The cars sharp edges and aggressive lines provide for an 80's "arcade game space ship" look that leaves the mouth watering and the eyes with orgasms. The throwback flip-up headlights, multiple bumper editions, and original exterior/interior schemes including the ultra rare black limited provide additional pieces of cosmetic flair. The car performs as well as it looks, with a knack for loving long sliding sideways turns and "big-ass" corners, with an ability to utilize every bit of power produced from the 4ag powerplant to keep the wheels spinning. It is not just any person who can jump into this car and keep it sliding with the big boys. It takes the kind of guy who thirsts for pedal-to-the-floor throttle, and slick heel-toe footwork. The roar of the naturally aspirated 4 banger screaming down any straight away is enough to arouse any japanese car enthusiast in every physical and emotional sense. The reputation this car has acquired, from top drifters in japan, including the king himself has perpetuated its abundant communities and loyal cult fanatics searching through every classified forum and craigslist listings in their area looking for that perfect hachi. The knowledge of the cars abilities coupled with an entire multi-verse of aftermarket parts and accessories from many third party or factory manufacturers makes your journey with this vehicle never ending, and always interested. This is why I believe this car is the most incredible vehicle ever produced, and that there will never be another quite like it.


It still looks like a mini Testarossa


I cant explain it either...


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The AE86is so special because it isn't a 240 or anything else. Its all about being able to compete with higher horsepower cars with under 150HP. The essence of the AE86 is all about a light FR car that focuses on handling rather than horsepower

Happy AE86 Day!!


it's iconic.


The 86 is almost everything you'd want. Little weight, cheap, sporty look, and cheap parts! Doesnt take much for one of these to perform like a dream, or even become a stunning head turner. This is a real budget tuner car, and a classic 2 door from Japan. You can't go wrong with 'em!


minimalist design, teaches you how to be a better driver, super lightweight, driftable, gripable, there truly is beauty in simplicity. only people that know anything about cars knows what an 86 is, and why its so special, only the most hardcore car guys drive them, for the rest of the people out there, its just a piece of junk. but its a gem.


When i look at the AE86 i get the sense that the car is part of something special, that it started something big


NA+FR=BEST downhill~!


its popularity is completely and utterly due to a cartoon. end of discussion.


Well, I guess you could sum it all up IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF INITIAL D!


The 86 is so special because it's not just a car; it's also a spirit. A spirit of why many things exist. A spirit of high-revving FR machines. A spirit of the touge, the mountains, and also a spirit of drifting.


the AE86 is such a great car because its light, has a loud engine with the right exhaust fitted and the little car did won in some drifting even when it was underpowerd compared to the other cars :D

i like the car but its hard to find in the Netherlands


I love my AE86 because of its pure mechanical simplicity. It arrived right at the beginning of computer controlled cars. It's got that classic car feel, mixed with newer technology making it just motor, drive train, and you. You are in complete control of the car. Mixed with nice styling, and a rad group of supporters, its an amazing car to own and drive.


It's so special cause it's truly Japanese car... small, simple and made for one particular use... be NUMBER ONE IN DRIFTING!




first time i comment here.

well first of all. in israel that car isnt very recognized. and is underestimated. thought we dont have any ae86. i own a daihatsu charmant. and changed every single thing to convert it to a ae86 replica.

i love it so much because of it light weight body. well build chassis. and to be able to stay with alot of cars in terms of circuit driving. thats make me so happy with it!



im underage to drive legally, ive never driven one but, this car is a JDM icon basically, i hope to get one when im 16. if i can find one, its mine


AE86 for me isn't really about 80's styling. It's really about the driving feel, feedback, engine response, and cornering balance that makes it the most fun car I've ever driven. After driving one, I realized everything I've read in US auto magazines was total B.S. You don't need high turbo horsepower, 4WD, the latest technology, and flashy styling for fun. You just need a light weight car that naturally tail slides and does what you want it to do. I guess only true driving enthusiast understand why the AE86 is so special.


For me, because of TV series called Initial D that made 86 so popular to people outside Japan.


Lots of affordable fun driving for everyone. It was made to be enjoyed by anyone.


What's not to love about the car? This picture is a perfect example of why I feel this is a special car


"What makes an AE86 so special? Its not something that can be told, its not something that can be watched, it can only be felt. From a first glance the average person would see a mere corolla. Why would anyone want that? It's probably not a V8...its not a doesn't look fast at all...The criticism just builds...until the key has been turned....and the car is on the road..the track....the mountain pass...the average person steps out the car....begins to walk away...turns around...and a slight grin..has just been flashed."-New AE86 Owner


Initial D made it popular


The Ae86 is just the coolest car to drive. Before i got mine, i would see one on the road every once in a great great while and would just say "damn, was that a fucking ae86?,i gotta get one of those!" I dont know, i think its just a perfect car. It has perfect shape, and you gotta love the headlights =D


..... cuz Antonio keeps reminding me how cool it is.


Initial D.


Cheap, fun & plentiful. 'Nuff said.


"The little engine that could." //end//


@Komeko: obviously you don't see the point of this post.

Say what you love, rather than bashing the car

For me, I love the fact that it's such a beautiful piece of work.

It's hard to find new cars with any soul in them. Most cars built now aren't built to be driven. The car drives you, and where's the fun in that?


Pop-up lights :)


It's a simple yet brilliant machine, just like most old cars are. It is lightweight, RWD, not complicated, it has the legendary 4A-GE that sounds pretty sweet, it's built tough like all old Toyotas, it's versatile, it looks cool (especially the Sprinter Trueno hatchback)... and even though it wasn't meant to be a sports car, people who tuned them many years ago saw the potential it had. It has what new cars are lacking, in this era of fat, bloated, heavy and unispiring vehicles. This can be applied not only to the Trueno, but many other cars before the 1990's, it's just that this one gained a lot of fame from Initial D and whatnot. Manufacturers and designers should look back and get "inspired" to make great cars again... I'm sick of the boring and heavy sedans with totally flat side-profiles, that everyday get more and more generic.


I can't describe with words


I wish I had something positive to say here, but I really don't like my AE86. Forged internals 11.7:1 with Weber carbs and its still slow, I have $10k into it but after a year of trying to sell the best anyone has offered is half. My daily driver Neon R/T is more fun, more reliable, faster, cost a fraction, and is even more "underdog."

Anyone want to buy a REALLY nice 86 coupe? It looks good and sounds AWESOME.


I would never call my Corollas a "flavor of the month." My first one was an 84 and I bought it before I could even drive legally! 7 Years later I'm the proud owner of two Corollas and I don't think I will ever have them leave my side. I have owned other cars during my life but nothing as fun as the AE86. The tiny rev happy engine in a small, lightweight, cool looking, balanced chassis creates a driving experience that I have never felt replicated. Good question Speedhunters!




The AE86 is no overrated knock off my friend,,, its a little 6 year old cute girl , who will punch you in your face, kick you in the gentlemans area and spit on you while you crawl in pain, then give you the sweetest smile ever....


Reputation, performance, character, versatility. These, along with a large host of other abstract nouns I’m too lazy to list, are traits universally identified with the AE86 by car guys (and gals) the world over. It’s crazy to think how many millions have turned a page of Initial D, or watched “Dorikin” Tsuchiya rip up the touge in his favorite car; how many have witnessed its proven performance, flying sideways, centimeters off the wall at Ebisu, or breaking the magic 1:00 barrier at Tsukuba. With only its naturally aspirated, aging 1.8 liter heart, the little-JDM-that-could is still killin it. It’s hard to diss a car with so much history and support and ol’ fashioned street cred, which is precisely why this Nissan fan can write about it.


I fell in love with the 86 when I would watch regional racing up at Mosport in Canada. This was in 1995 to `99. Some of the 86's had the 16v, 20v, or rotory motors. Suspension setups were basic to other cars standards, but they handled the track with ease. Rear wheel drive made it look more badass than the typical civic or integra running in the same class. It followed all the basic rules for a racecar.

I have had my 86 for 5 years now, and will never sell it. Had a guy in a Porsche ask about the car, and if I would be willing to sell. Thats an ego boost.


best car ever made


I would say i love my 86 because, its "simple yet robust". like a early porsche without the 50k price..


It's a realistically attainable dream car.


size styling sound sense of humor


AE86 is a the car that seems to have been built by the hands of god!


komeko why the hating? lol it is a great car! "What sets the AE86 apart is the fact that a large group of people will spend lots of money on them" uuuhhhh well doesnt that mean that it happens for a reason? i mean ppl dont choose any car to do this with lol...the car MAKES ppl want to spend money on them and that makes it special. Ive never driven one but to me, the followers are something like the miata followers(me for one) theres just a fun factor that u cant describe! thats why i understand them...i relate to them cuz many ppl dont know the potential and the joy of driving one(miata or ae86)...and u hav to admint that civics were big and even if stereotyped into being ricey, theyre capable cheap cars, even being FWD...and well its RWD, light and reliable...classic!


The AE86 isn't quite perfection...there are all sorts of little things not right with them. I personally don't fancy the coupe version, as I like the fastback more. The ride is quite harsh and, just like any old Corolla, it isn't a good highway cruiser. Any Corolla should fit Mom, Dad, and the kids from when they were still babies until they're 16 but the AE86's rear seats would make 10 year olds cry. And I think the reason why it became a very good tofu delivery that it was just that, a sporty Toyota Hilux.

Not being perfect is completely OK...because what the AE86 has that other "perfect" cars don't have is attitude. A stock AE86 is a car wanting to break out of its shell. And then you put all sorts of things in it: 20 valve 4AGEs, roll cages, classic black Watanabes, you name it. With those things, any AE86 will jump out of its shell, and lose its mild mannered identity.


Komeko - It's great to know that you're so mad. Keep at it champ.


Two words: Manual Steering.


The AE86 is a cult car for a simple reason. It's an affordable car to many with a FR drivetrain. Being simple allows drivers to learn and experience how to drive the car, drift the car, autoex etc.. without ripping a big hole in the pocket back then in the 1980's.

Because of it's widespread popularity, it has allowed many from humble families to nuture their driving skills and move through the ranks. With popular drivers like Tuschiya, Taniguchi from Japan with their own AE86 legends, it isn't surprising that this little hatch has something that many of us from humble backgrounds can identify with.

With the ae86, you don't need to own an exotic to experience driving in the race tracks. Many simply did it in the japanese mountains no doubt some notoriously and added that it of extra spice to motoring culture. hehe!

I guess the AE86 represents motorsports not in all out performance, but something that is affordable and fun. I always respect ae86s that are well maintained with the proper drivers and am lucky to have experienced the raw fun of this simple machine courtesy of my friends.

Rx7 / R34 Owner - never got the chance to own an ae86......................YET.


It was in Initial D lol


When I first got ahold of mine, I had Initial D on the brain :p. But over the years after driving the many vehicles me and my family has owned, nothing has compared to the feeling I get when I drive my old hachi. Despite the fact that when i first got it, it had been abused and pretty much everything underneath it was worn out it still felt like the best car in the world. I cant explain what it is about it, I know its not pretty and its not the fastest or the best handling but it just has that personality that makes driving it fun. I probably wouldnt have pushed any other car over 100mph through the mountain passes where i live in any other car, but just the sound of the 4ag nearing 8000k rpm makes you want to keep pushing the limits. Oh and the piazza is an ugly pos.


The AE86 is a slow car with a weak chassis, ancient suspension design, and will never be competitive with many of the everyday cars roaming the streets today without extensive modification. However, it holds a special place in the hearts of many people across the globe, myself included. It may be slow, but the little rev-happy 4AGE motor has a distinctive tone that emanates from the intake and is pure music to the ears of any enthusiast. It may have a weak chassis and archaic suspension, but it is very nimble, and when combined with coilovers and manual steering, it provides a driving experience similar to driving a go-kart. Just pure driving: no electronic assists, no leather interior or heated seats, just you and the car. I love my little corolla more than anything, and I have never had an experience driving another car that can even begin to compare to the pure joy I get driving it.


The thing I like about the AE86 is that it's a cheap little thing that you can mess with to your heart's content. If you want a practical daily driver and nothing more, you can do that. If you want to go drift, drag, time attack, or even rally, you can do that. If you want to shove a small block chevy V8 that's powered by gravy in it, you can do that. It's the perfect all-rounder.


AE86 is very simple, easy maintance, very balance on power to weight ratio, had a lot of racing part even it's been 20 years old....


I think the Hachi is like David and Goliath are all the other cars.

So its the fantasy of have a modest car and can be better in anything sport whith that simple and efficient car.

And also we have to remember all the storys and people that have drive one.

Its a Japanes legend made by legends.


86 is awesome because you spend so much money on it and girls still wont get in. Oh wait. Ima go examine my life. Later.


The AE86 was a hit in Japan from the start, because it had something for everybody. Of course it had the sportiness that the Levin/Trueno line had from the TE27 start, but it became more refined, enough to be considered a rival to the Prelude and Silvia.

When I started driving in '91, I don't think I seriously thought about getting anything other than a AE86 (B310, TE71 were distant candidates). It seemed everybody who was interested in driving started in a AE86.

I guess for me now, the 4AG sound, the clean and simple styling, and the direct and natural handling are the top 3 things I like about the AE86.

Maybe the AE86's potential, the capability to provide enjoyment to all levels of driving and all levels of modification is what makes it special. From the beginner with just an LSD, to the experienced time attack specialist with a 7AG and fully reinforced body, I think there's a form and state to satisfy just about anyone.

(Unless you're into Piazzas. Personally, I like my pizza from Domino's, but I'm biased because I lived near Detroit in 1984.)


4AGE - the weight and the form dr00l


When properly tuned, there's few other cars that can match the sheer neck hair on end feelings driving a truly angry AE86 has given me. The noise, the smell & the adjustability of the chassis when it's totally sideways are unique.

Drifting an AE86 isn't about power, it's about knowing when to throw the car in - before the corner and using momentum to get you through it & onto the next. It's about driving 100% committed.

I've got other cars whose limits are higher than the 86's, but none of them paste that cheezy smile my face like the Hatchi Rokku. For these reasons, the 86 is destined to become a collectable icon in years to come... You only need to look at Escort Mk 1 & 2's to see a glimpse of the future.


I like AE86 because it's lightweight, simple and has huge tuning potential.


Sports Car for the Masses!!


What makes the AE86 Special to is the driving experience. Driving behind the wheel of one makes me love my car everyday. Although mine is not that fast the RPM shoot so fast that it makes me feel like i'm hauling ass lol. Plus I love it how its such a sexy old beast!


the answer to the question is obvious isn't it? Initial D.


the ae86 is great because through any non car enthusiasts eye's its just a crappy old toyota corolla. but from our eyes its the most well known old school drift cars. the sound of the 4age alone is enough to make any old school jap fan cream. i can only wish that us Australian's got the 4ag. from rust bucket missile drifters, clean flush streeters to full blown race cars the ae86 can do it all. one of the best things about the ae86 is that even thought its over 25 years old we still see so many people choosing them for their track and street cars simple because they have had a love affair with them since they can remember. a goal in life for me is to own a 4age. sure i want something like a nissan s chassis so i can get a reasonable amount of power out of it but the one car i know i would get the most enjoyment and pleasure out of owning and restoring would be an ae86 simple because i love the look of an hachi slammed low on some small wheels with stretched tires and fat drift pipes coming out the back.


When I was a little kid, my dad took me to the racing weekends, we had a special trophy for AE86 here in Portugal in 1985~86, it was massive with 30+ drivers all skiding arround (when no one talked about drift yet). Ever since then, I always wanted one of those cars for my own when I grew up.

Once I got my drivers license at 18, I was fortunate enough to buy my first of many AE86 (the one I have till today), and there wasnt a single minute awake that I dindt spend on the car. I used to work from a very young age as a motorcycle mechanic, and did the leap to 4 wheels once I bought the 86, I think this car/love affair has really shaped my life... today I own a small performance shop knowned for dealing and tuning 86s, I have a bunch of friends that share the 86 love and some clients all over the world...

Sure the 86 is no Skyline or FD, but its something that only a 86 owner could explain the feeling of pure joy driving one (and I dont mean the Initial D fanboys)

Funny how a little piece of metal can change one's life.


Unmatched styling, the best of the 80's all wrapped up in an uber iconic car. I love how every part procured has a story, is often a struggle to find and the awesome people you meet along the way who share the same hachiroku love.


its a great grassroots car for any event, drifting, auto x, gripping, time attack, show, car restoration, this simple layout makes it the most desirable for anybody seeking the ultimate thrills when car driving. its huge aftermarket support and cult like followers would make this the ultimate driving machine.


its not just the car, but the community of owners...met quite some awesome people from around the world solely from the shared interest in such a car...definitely consider alot of them close friends...


A simple car, without stupid thing you don't need; Steering wheel, shifter, pedals, rear wheel spining are the only option you really need. The AE86 deliver it.


Funnest car I have ever driven!


@ Komeko

LOL .70g's vs .75g's, Thats just outright grip! Kinda like saying putting slicks on a Honda civic is going to make it 'handle better' than an elise.

Anyways I think the AE86 is just a piece of motoring simplicity from an era that cant be brought back... Its just fakkin' fun :D


has everything you could want in a car.



fun to drive.

good gas mileage.

rev happy to keep it floored.

unique looks.

and did i mention fun to drive?


Cos we can actually afford one in our lifetime


it's love hate if you're ever owned one. but what it boils down to is the fun to drive nature of this vehicle. easy to work on, easy to maintain, albeit most cars you find are all trashed out. responsive chasis, unmistakeable style, uniqueness no other car can compare too.


is my sweet dream done to reality… ae86 is to lifestyle. .its to meaning of the perfection. the simple's perfection

the best regards from SouthAmerica !

Club AE86 Peru


dude wheres my comment........



So where's the US market dual-cam Piazza? or as it was here the Impulse.

There wasn't one = failure. but hey we'll hairdryer the sohc

Go drive your zoo zoo


standing out in a sea of s chassis.


If you drive a car and it makes you feel good, it is a good car. You don't need a reason to drive it, you don't even have to talk about it. You just need to drive it and when it is gone, something else will come and replace it. With the ae86 you only need to remember that it isn't the car that is special, its the way it makes you feel.


1 word AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


one word: simplicity.


The ae86 dances in a way that no other car does. It's telepathic in it's movements and it's character - every little subtle nuance in motion of the road gets 'vibrated' in frequency to the driver. It's like music that just goes together so well you get goosebumps and your hair stands up on the back of your neck.

It dances, it's utterly alive. It becomes an extension of yourself.


lol @ Van_Williams... sooo true!

i love the way the car handles, the chassis is good for anything! from rally to drifting to time attacks... having a modified ae86 as a daily with no a/c, manual steering, stiff suspension and gutted interior still doesn't bother me because every time i drive my ae86 i just smile, is so fun! and when it's raining i can't help but to take it out for a drive... maybe not the best car in the world but at least is on top of my list...

@ komeko if you don't like the car then don't post anything... you don't hear any of us complaining about how ugly piazzas are...just enjoy car, don't hate them because each and every one of them are special in their one way


Toyotas last great car.


People are lemmings, one idiot will follow the butt hole of the idiot in front of him, and pretty soon, every idiot has a AE86.


Never like the AE86 design. Design is just so-so for early 80s entry level car. I guess European built cars were better those days even today. However, I appreciate the engineering that contributing to its phenomenon handling even until today. Today, there are no more cheap entry level car that in standard form has GOOG CHASIS, hi-performance DOCH engine ( 4AGE ), LSD combined with very good almost accurate suspension set up that contributing to its iconic status. Actually, Ford Escort Mk1/2 was enjoying the fame in end 60s and 70s before AE86. In fact the car makers now, even Toyota itself struggle to make an entry level car with a good chasis to start with. If they do, it is sportcar or supercar level and price range. It is RX7 or juz any Datsun Z is more grandeur but AE86 is still iconic to its fan.


I've never seen Initial D but I've seen plenty of real AE86's and they get me every time. In the early 90's I watched 4 of them going sideways up the main street in my town and I wanted one ever since


It's everything the 510 was ten years earlier but with a 1980's twin-cam motor, the classic F/R lightweight, good power/weight, built when half the rest of the world had decided building crap cars (K-car, anyone?) or FWD-only cars was the way to go.


the car that makes you commit 110 percent.


i drive an 83 box version , but i have had an 86 that ive had the pleasure of beating on for a few months and i loved it ...overall a great car, and i could see how people fall in love wit them, its all about preference, certain people, like certain things, about certain cars, it just seems like this was the "coolest , and most affordable" of all the cars of this body styling..this car has absolutely got a cult following of epic proportions, so to try to show anything but love for these things will always end in a "yeah right!!!"shouting match.....but for the record who wants to drive an isuzu????? i mean.. the impulse turbo was a good car, but it may have been the only "cool " car they ever made


Reputation, performance, character, versatility. These, along with a large host of other abstract nouns I’m too lazy to list, are traits universally identified with the AE86 by car guys (and gals) the world over. It’s crazy to think how many millions have turned a page of Initial D, or watched “Dorikin” Tsuchiya rip up the touge in his favorite car; how many have witnessed its proven performance, flying sideways, centimeters off the wall at Ebisu, or breaking the magic 1:00 barrier at Tsukuba. With only its naturally aspirated, aging 1.8 liter heart, the little-JDM-that-could is still killin it. It’s hard to diss a car with so much history and support and ol’ fashioned street cred, which is precisely why this Nissan fan can write about it.


The 80's styling and intial d are the reason this car is boom for me.


The AE86 is so loved for one simple reason, its the most unadulterated purely innocent car that we still have left. We love it because it reminds us all why we first got into tuning and cars, younger years when life was easier and more fun. Before money, sponsorships, and big power played a hand in anything we do. We love it bc we love the little speed head/engine nut that still lays within us all.


What made it special in the 80s? Well, IMO the combination of a few factors: the Corolla/Sprinter lineup going from 2T-G to 4AGE and thus making it much more reliable (no more 100k rebuilds!), most other car manufacturers already abandoned the FR layout for econobox sized cars, simplicity of the suspension (four link live axle!) and the styling (mini-Soarer/mini-Celica XX).

What makes it special today? Decently priced (ahum) car that is capable of relatively cheap (ahum) repairs/upgrades (reuse various parts from other Toyotas), high availibility of aftermarket parts and the fact that the car is uncompared in weight.

What makes it special for me? Apart from, obviously, owned one: seeing that I know about 50% of the (positive) people around here!

@komeko: so what if the styling of the Trueno was inspired by the designs from Giugiaro? They all copied/reused from other companies. Wasn't the Piazza built on a Kadett C floorpan?

BTW: did you know the Carina 3 door coupe was released before the Trueno (by the end of 1981!) and already had the sunken wipers and rain guards in the door. So if there was a knock off by Toyota it was definitely started with the Carina! ;)

@tom: lemmings buy Scoobies and Civics. Why? Because they already rule the street in OEM factory trim! The AE86 only rules by pratice! ;)


Hey Komeka, STFU.


this car has my heart reason why because my family has owned many 86 i grew up watchin dem fix the cars making them faster thats why i love them so much i mean im from Puerto Rico where u see bout 15 corolla on the highway


The ae86 is a car that treats the driver fairly. You get out of it exactly what you put into it. It doesn't do you any favors or expect any from you. After a good day of drifting, I get the feeling that WE drove well. Our performance was the result of working together.

When I look at my car, I get the feeling that it's looking back at me. Like it appreciates me as much as I appreciate it. I don't get this from all the other cars I have owned or driven. That's why I love the ae86


a neon more fun, more reliable? lol. wait 5 years and then tell me you still beleive that.

for me, initial d has nothing to do with why i love them.

it was tsuchiya. it was driving in 1995. it was the grin on my face. same grin that my old GTR r32 gave me, the same grin that my JZX100 gives me now i'll grant. but something was different.

it was more raw, it was more of a real car for me. it had enough power (just), it had the right suspension (back then i was driving a N/A r31 skyline - it was a boat in comparison). Granted a stock example like the one i drove, would have nothing on my chaser....with what i've done to it. though i still find myself searching for one that i considering worthy of my cash...

I guess at the end of the day, for me, it was all about the chassis.

hence my search also includes AE71's....


Media indoctrination


Not cool question... What makes AE86 so special? Everyone has diffrent opinion. Its like you have asked- what makes drifting so special? ... It is just AWESOME in every way. Check out the curves, add RWD, low price, recomended by Drift King- what i have? Yup, thats the legendary hachi-roku!


i love the ae86, first inspirational car, taught me how to drive it to its limit and finding a comfort zone...

pretty much a shell with a motor and the driver, no assists required which makes this car so raw and very alive to drive giving me an adrenaline rush everytime i drove it.

its definetly a old styled and fashioned car which gives alot of flare.. still a popular car today and will always be my first car


It's piece of history , first real drift machine.

But it's still not a BMW ...


Having owned my 86 since 1994, the feeling for this car has never changed, it's a joy to drive, zen and the 86 :-)

P.S. I can't recall the piazza winning any races! It was also known as a dog of a car in handling terms. It may of been styled by an Italian, but it sure wasn't one of his better designs! In Australia it was a dog of a car and new the dealers had to discount greatly just to sell them...yeah it's a classic compared to the 86!


Probably my favorite car ever!

I currently own a AE111 Levin BZG with the 4AGE 20v blacktop and goes like crazy. I cant imagine what it must be like in a little lightweight RWD car, must be epic!

If they were a wee cheaper, i would go and buy one tomorrow!


Unmatched styling, the best of the 80's all wrapped up in an uber iconic car. I love how every part procured has a story, is often a struggle to find and the awesome people you meet along the way who share the same hachiroku love. Put simply, it's the 86 life.


86's are great, there is always something wrong with mine though lol and i love fixing it. its the last in the line of cars with character, pretty much after this cars became.....well characterless. Also here in Aus you don't see many around, its nice to have something others want.


It defines true driver skill by showing guts and courage. It brings out certain driving characteristics in anyone skilled who gets behind the wheel. It proves that practical and functional is also beautiful. Most of all it has shown us time and time again that it is not about how powerful the car is, it's about how BALANCED a car is and can be pushed to the limits. Tsuchiya keiichi, initial d, and pure 86 driving magic is what makes this car so damn lovable! Long live the awesome little Hachi Roku's!!!!!


nothing I have ever driven hard e.g. nsx's , type R's ,S body's , Porsche's , top of the ranges BMW's or Merc's etc etc, Nothing ! come's close to the fun of driving an 86 on the limit,

add to that 4 different shape's to choose from ,

An unreal amount of after-market parts ,

An absolute joy to work on and tune ,

Fuck know's how many other reason's.


TE71 corolla is best corolla. 2TC-3TC FTMFW. AE86 is pig disgusting.


You can't explain it. You just know it's best.


The AE86 is a car base in its finest basic form.Anyone who works on them knows this.

After that it a paradox,an 86 paradox.


This machine is special as it was one of my earliest memories about cars. My dad drove it 15 years ago. I remember sticking my head out of the sunroof of that car travelling at high speeds at the highway!


The AE86 not only holds a special place in the drift and grip cultures of the world but also is just a great example of a Japanese car and motor combo. A lightweight FR with great bodylines, iconic flip up headlights, and performance most companies still strive to replicate. Then you have the 4AG. The high revving and absolutely bullet proof little motor that has survived more abuse than about any other engine ever. Not only does this car and engine work amazing for performance applications, but she'll get you where you need to go for years and years with only an oil change and gas in the tank. Toyota built an absolute icon that has created quite a legend for itself.


It's one of the last bits of steel in a plastic fantastic world we live in. There's no way I could sell mine without losing a piece of motoring contentment. Even though it's a pig with no carpet, half a dash, no interior except for 2 seats and cable tied together I cant fault the smile I get from getting it sideways and exceeding the limitations of the tyres.


Because I want a 14 year old child prostitute for a girlfriend, just like Takumi.


Cause the AE86 isn´t expensive (used ones) and its a great car for beginner-drifters and it don´t need much HP in it because the hachi-roku is already built so light that you can even have a lot of drift-fun with a about 100 horsepower engin in it . . .

and the look of a AE86 is timeless and its always fun to see some trueno´s or levin´s drifting.they´ll always stay special and will always be a favourite of every drifter :D


Because it looks at me the way I look at it.


The popularity is based on the fiction believed by people who have never owned or driven the AE86. Look at the number of comments ending with "I will own one some day". Magazines say it is supposed to be popular. It's all hype that has nothing to do with the car itself.


The AE86 is in my point of view the icon of drifting. My first meeting with this car was in the Initial D anime series. If i look at drifting events almost everytime a AE86 is in the race with high spec competitor cars. I look at it if it's the underdog. But this little motor is still capable to handle al drift events. A car that will always be in the hearts of true drifters...


Initial D, low cost chassis, great body lines.


Well, to begin with, that's one of the first drift cars. Secondly, it's simply perfect. The third reason why I like it, maybe, it's Initial D :D


What makes the AE86 so special to us? Simple answer: The AE86's reputation precedes itself! Everyone here knows how iconic the AE86 is and is the most recognized car in the world. We're all humans and as humans we have an instinct to be attracted to something that is well recognized. You see someone wear a cool Hollister shirt, you tend to get one yourself. If the AE86 didn't have any reputation behind it, then it'll be just be an ordinary car that's you'll just pass by.


The largely molded plastic interior transmits a feel of economy, not sport, as well as a lot of engine vibration transference.

As for the instrument panel, well, maybe the less said the better. Sophistication is not unknown to Toyota's dashboard designers - the Supra's is super - but they apparently haven't gotten around to the Corolla yet, and it really hurts the overall impact of the car.

The 1.6 liter four banger is a carryover from the '83 models and it says strictly "commuter".

It is not particularly tossable or fun to drive hard.

The corolla toils away admirably. Torque is not overwhelming.

The Corolla is an econo econosport at the end of its model cycle. Toyota expects to sell considerably more front-drive Corollas that rear-drive in 1984. The new body and sport package are a good way to extend the car's life just a little longer.


fujihara takumi


Never driven one, but i have to say, pple who aren't really driving enthusiasts or don't know much about driving don't know the hachiroku, but for me,this car is a must buy, with it's small economic high revving engine and super light chassis it's perfect for these modern times of high gas prices and less money to spend on what yu love, driving cars fast, wish the new FT-86 would take more cues from the Ae-86 and have a toyota engine instead of a subaru boxster, and be a car that everyone can enjoy like the Ae-86. Hope i can buy one someday.


Great White Buffalo


Who cares why they're popular, as long as these fools keep showing up at the track with them, thinking they have a chance, and loosing to my FF, 130 HP, boxmobile. Nothing beats the look on a disappointed takumi-wanna-be's face after being thoroughly dominated by the boxmobile.


What makes the AE86 so special to us? Simple answer to that: The AE86's reputation far precedes iteself! We all know the AE86 is the most recognizable and most iconic car in the world today. AE86 is a cult with several followers at its belt. Humans have an instinct to be attracted to popular things. If ones was to see a cool Hollister shirt on someone, they tend to follow along and buy their own. The AE86 is no different from that analogy. It's not about the performance, the reliability, the FR config, the traction, the anime series....It's all about it's reputation. Had the AE86 Corolla never got into the spolight, it'd be just an ordinary car one would just pass by without noticing it!


None of us can read and learning about cars is too hard. We get all our information from cartoons and comic books, oh yeah, and video games. Those all say the AE86 is the best car on earth, and anyone who disagrees is a hater.


How a fad works-

Kid One thinks something is neat, and does it.

Kid Two wants to be friends with Kid One, and does what Kid One is doing.

Kid Three isn't getting any nooky, sees Kid One and Kid Two, and does what they are doing because he thinks he will end up getting nooky when the girls see what they are doing, or maybe he will get sloppy seconds or thirds from Kid One or Kid Two.

Kid Three through Kid Ten Thousand see Kids One, Two, and Three, doing something, and think they will not be part of the group unless they follow along.

Pretty soon everyone is wearing parachute pants and no one knows why.

Time to look for the next fad.


just lock at that picture!!


banpei, Kadett C -> Kadett GTE!


I'm from Malaysia and I owned a 1986 JDM spec kouki Levin for 5 years from 2005- early 2010.

Without fail the lil "Hatch-Rock" (a name I coined for my red pocket rocket) always gave me a smile every time I get behind the wheel. Anywhere from just driving on the mountain roads to taking it to 10:10th driving in Sepang International Circuit, it never fails to excite.

Its perfect chassis balance ( it had true 50:50 weight distribution before BMW started using 50:50 as a marketing weapon) meant corners such as Sepang's Turn 12 can be truly taken flat out in 4th.

Ok, with only 130bhp it ran out of puff on the highway especially with the ridiculous gear ratios ( 110km/h @ 4000rpm) but Corners was what the AE86 was about. If anyone cared to ask, I still say it was one of the best car I ever owned.


for the record...WTF is a Piazza? Just wondering. Cause the rest of the drift world used either an s13 or an 86 for their first drift car, and some still use them today and havent moved on to a new car. It's a proven chassis, it's light, and you can shoehorn almost any engine into it and the more power you put in it, the farther it flies. It WON'T DIE. if not for my extreme dedication to Nissan, I would have made sure my first vehicle would be an 86. no doubt. it's part of the elite crew of old "little engine that could" group of cars like the s13, the e30 3-series, and the Datsun 510.


Well, I would love to have one of these, but because most people don't know what they have when they rarely pop up, they are either beyond molested, or haven't been treated properly, I probably wont have a good chance,especially living in the U.S. without the money to spend. But what do I see in this car that makes it so special? As someone above said, underdog status. Plus, it's an NA/FR and is just raw. It provides the fundamentals you need to enjoy such a nostalgic car. Sure Initial D was a bit of a hype, but that doesn't mean it isn't a flexible car, the show was about the cars "potential", as quoted. Plus the fact it was the last of Toyota's great FR cars for a long time (Supras are soulless monsters, IMO) and will forever be a true nostalgic to me.


In addition to celebrating "86 Day" this Friday by asking you all why the AE86 so special


Well for me, this car has taught me a lot. The AE86 is not fast, not great with the specs on paper. Only those who own it and drive it hard can then appreciate it. I'm on my 3rd one now. Had one in Australia with the stock SOHC engine there, now on my 2nd one in Japan with the 16V twin cam. This car for some reason has given me more driving pleasure than any of the previous cars I've owned. I've owned an 180SX with an SR20DET with mild mods, Corollas, Landcruisers, an RX7 again with mild mods just to name a few. I've driven other fast cars as well that grip like hell and gives you that awesome G factor. However there is that special blend of raw, natural driving fun with the AE86 that makes you appreciate cars. It teaches you a lot since there is near no driver aids, you can do a lot to the car, it's simple in design but perfect for an all rounder for any condition. Practical and very thrashable. Good old Toyota design which is hard to break and easy to fix. To get the most out of the car, you have to learn how to use the car. Not like the new cars these days which takes care of the driving parts for you, speed, traction and cornering.

The AE86 is affordable has an ageless design look, and many variations on looks can be done with the car. The cult was already there with the car before the animated initial D. That only got the new generation into the passion for the car and added another excuse for those who don't understand the car to bag it more. There are geeks who like it and real enthusiasts who throw money at the car and spend way more on the AE86 than a brand new GTRs price tag.

You won't be breaking any records, but you will enjoy this the most. Also these are not so common on the car theft list which is also another major plus. Enjoying the high entry speeds and being able to catch it when you lose it before smashing a wall or something else is always a major plus, can't really do that with a Supra, GTR or larger ones as easily as you will be going faster and moving much more weight.

All in all, I am grateful for the guys behind Toyota who made the car for us all to enjoy. Regardless if there are parts of it copied from other cars or ugly to some and shitty to others. This is a perfect all round package for me. I still like and will own other cars but I'll always keep an AE86.


Because InitialD is a documentary based in fact that proves conclusively that the AE86 is faster than every other car on earth, except maybe Speed Racer's Mach 5.


why are they so special? well i bought my 85 ae86 coupe automatic 4ac for $100.00, converted to 5 spd manual, and its still running! Like a champ


many reasons :)

its used by the drift king keiichi tsuchiya, it was used in the inidtial d series (which i f****ing love btw), it was the last rwd corrola, its basicly just a great drifting car by design, its a classic, an OF COURSE! it looks AMAZING! i <3 pop up lights :3 im also a huge 180sx fan :D lol


Its so lovable because it can really define the "underdog" status as being the best example from this class. It has huge potential for many different types of motorsport that it just really has to be loved!


Wikipedia says it's the best car in the world and Wikipedia is never wrong.


Great White Elephant.


I was given a 1985 Toyota Corolla GTS HB in July, 1998 by a close friend. It was a present for my 18th birthday. 12 years on…I still have the car in my possession and I was recently a groomsman at that friend’s wedding. Obviously, I had no idea of the vehicle’s rich history in Japan at that point. There was no Internet, no Initial D, and no hype. Heck, the only reason I was even eyeing the car was because I was told, by my best friend, that it had the same motor as an AW11 MR2 but was roomier and cheaper on insurance. It is kind of funny how things turn out sometimes.

I’ve only had it on the road for 3 years out of the 12. With school, work, and family taking up the majority of my waking hours it was difficult to allocate time/money to it. It was lovingly referred to, by my family members, as my “broke down car”. Now that I’m finally settled into my career I am able to give it the attention that it deserves. I finally got it running recently and got misty eyed when it happened. But I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friends.

As I've gotten older, I've come to the realization that the 2 constants in my life have been my friends and my car. I cherish those friends of mine that have stuck by my side through thick and thin, sick and sin. Although we are not able to hangout as much as we use to anymore due to our careers/family/other responsibilities, I find it comforting to know that we can still get together once in awhile to catch up and share an afternoon wrenching on each other’s cars.

That’s my 86 life.


Rear wheel drive, lite, nimble, and a whole lot of fun. What more is there.


keichi tsuchiya (drift king) owns one!!


I love my AE86 because it's is by far the most fun car i've ever driven. Even though mine is just the SOHC SR5, it still holds it's own throughout just about any corner. I can't help but love the little AE86.

It's fun to drive, easy to work on, there's loads of aftermarket (if you know where to look) , and it's just an all around good car.

Another reason i love this car because of the huge following that it has.


Ask 'em why they wear their pants around their knees. Same answer: "Uhhhhhh, wellllll, everybody else does, so I do too."


Its taillights where used on the Lotus Esprit from 1987-2002


to some up the AE86 and to why its so special... no other car is made the way that car was anymore, no other car has the agility and weight that car produced so why is it so special? well because it holds a special place in anyones heart that has a passion for FR car's


Its the grandfather of drifting. no matter how underpowered, or outdated it looks, we all come to respect how its an amazing car with many memories and a great legacy it leaves.


Absolutely nothing.


There have been plenty of times where I have had to explain the answer to the question "Why is the AE86 so special?" A lot of people give you funny looks when you tell them your project car is a 1985 Corolla. Yes, the car is old. No, the car is not fast. However, I promise if I take you for a ride, you will love it.

The AE86 is special because it is driving in a raw form. The chassis is capable of doing exactly what you want it to do. There are no special tricks or techniques for AE86 driving. You get in it and you drive it with all of your capabilities to wring out every last bit of speed or drift angle. At the same time, every piece of the car is singing a song to tell you what it's doing. From the high rev engine to the whining differential to the feedback in the steering wheel, the AE86 desperately wants you to know every little detail about it's functions. Your commands are executed with direct purity while you are simultaneously sensing the car's moods so that you can push harder and harder. The machine is not being driven by the driver, it is an extension of the driver's senses and instincts. There are not many cars that accomplish that better than the AE86.


i think the 'fans' did it.. its the modifying, club goers, meet organisers and people who love a particular car that give it that kind of special 'adoration, pastiche.. legendary status.. also the look of car, the rarity, the handling... all of those 'things' that are part and parcel of loving, owning and wanting something that you desire..




Special as in it's retarded? OK, that's; believable. For a second, I thought you meant the other way.


@ onelungderryl

Amen brother. How about because it's NOT a 240SX?

There are two groups of people: Those that drive underdog corollas and those that choose 2.0L+ Turbo cars. David vs. Goliath.

YOU DON'T GO OUT AND BUY AN AE86 WITH YOUR HEAD, YOU BUY IT WITH YOUR HEART. In a sea of turbo NIssans it's the little car that won't give up and often proves that you don't need a ton of horsepower to have a good time. Not everyone will understand it and not everyone can drive them. Those that do however, do so because those moments where David shocks all and beats Goliath inspires a little bit of hope in all of us. We drive the AE86 because we're told its too old and too slow to compete, but we throw up a middle finger anyway and show that we can still be a nuisance to cars with triple the horsepower.


So many clueless comments making underdog and David and Goliath allusions. Take a hint, David won, and the AE86 doesn't win. The only victory the AE86 had is in the fictional cartoon.


What makes it special? Three chromosomes short of a set, that's what makes it special!


Lou, my DOHC Impulse is in my garage. JDM engine. I bring it out on special occasions just to teach punks like you how hopeless the counterfeit cars are.


Funny thing, everyone says the AE86 is such a great drift car, but as soon as the big money got involved in drifting, the AE86 assumed also-ran status. In fact, no AE86 has won a national or international title in D1 or anything else in the last EIGHT years. Where are all these claims of motorsports and drifting victories 'even after 20 years' coming from? In fact, from the results, it looks like a Sylvia or Impreza would be a better choice for D1 competition, or a 350Z, Solstice, or Grand Prix for Formula D. The AE86 'hangs' with those only in the first round, then gets eliminated, and goes home.


why is it such an iconic car? because of initial d? because of mr tsuchiya? beats me, man! all i know is when i jump in my lil blue coupe and smash out (or at least the 4ag's approximation of "smash out") onto the 520, then to I405, then to I5, then to I90, and finally back onto I405 with my windows down and the stereo off, I get goose bumps. the car handles fantastic, and when the 4ag hi-comp is screamin', whatever the hell was bothering me that day is all but forgotten. can't be mad when you've got a humungous grin on your face, ya dig?


@ D Man,

The game has changed in the last eight years, the 86 hasn't. NASCAR-V8 powered Scions, Supercharged V8 Nissans. Does it come to a suprise that a 100hp 86 has a hard time making top 16 when the rest of the grid has now 5-8times the amount of power and corporate backing? Many pro-86 drivers and sponsors ditched the 86 because it has such a disadvantage in the current pro-drift venue. It's easier to just V8 a S-chassis like everyone else and call it a day. It's not the easy road to success.

Again, you've either driven a Corolla and get why people love it or you haven't and just crack Initial D jokes w/ your friends. It's what separates the comments in this blog....

And why so much hate on 86 day? We don't jump into the S13 or S14 day thread and start running our mouth about how at least the new Civic is RWD? C'mon now, it's one week, you guys still get the other 51....


D Man has a point. I just went down the winners list from the Solo and Club Racing championships, and I can;t find an AE86 ever winning a national level race in the last 20 years. All of the claims that the AE86 is such a great and successful autocross and road racing car are just as fictitious as the claims it remains a competitive drift car.


In Japan, we call this car inchikirare.


So, Danny B, you are admitting that all the claims above about the AE86 being competitive to this day, and hanging with cars with so much more horsepower, are in fact lies. Thank you for the admission.


Tommy Suell -AE86 Drifter

Team Drift Championship 2007

1st place Team Drift @ Just Drift 2005/06

1st place Team Drift @ Drive Fest 2005

1st place Team Drift @ Portland FD Champ car 2007

1st place Team Drift @ Cleveland FD Champ car 2007

1st place Hankook series April 2004

1st place Hankook series May 2004

1st place Hankook series June 2004

1st place Hankook series July 2004

1st place Hankook series August 2004

1st place Hankook series September 2004

Toshiki Yoshioka -AE86 drifter

1st place D1GP Vegas 2006

Darren MacNamara -former AE86 drifter

2006 EDC Prodrift Title

the list goes on.....


it's a simple car, made for nothing more than fun and driving pleasure

i'm still amazed everytime i watch ueo...he really shows the car has the devil inside and how far you can go wtih less than 200 hp


Every single post purporting the specialness reads like a quote from Wikipedia or some fan boy website. No facts, nothing verified to be true, and every tangible claim proven to be false.

Keep livin' the lie.


Tommy Suell-10 first places finishes between 2004-2008

Darren MacNamara-2006 EDC championship winner

Toshiki Yoshioka- 1st place 2006 D1GP Vegas

list goes on.....


"national or international title"

Not local events with one competitor in attendance.


the best tofu delivery car!!


nothing is more soul satisfying than hearing 4age +4k rpm

eight six day tommorow!

bay area folks:

ae86 meet @milpitass


I love it because up to this day, it still turn heads, maybe even more than newer cars.


It was a very nice platform to drive and mod until Initial D and what the USA did to drifting in general. Thanks to that, now 8 out of 10 ae86 AND S-chassis owners are fanbois trying to be takumi. If you are hurt or offended by this comment, you probably are one of those 8.

Owned one for 12 years (bought for 800 bucks), loved it, sold it for more than what it is worth and the car probably is sitting in a junkyard totaled. So many experiences and good moments but the time comes when you have to move on and prices get ridiculously high when fanbois start paying stupid prices for such cars and parts for such cars.


Good call Learn! One wonders how the Elks Club Fun Car Day in Butt Crack, Nebraska was left off the list of NON national and NON international NON championships.

Danny B did betray part of the hole in the myth, just before he started into another chorus of "I'm a fan boy and no truth will shatter my dream world".

The only thing that brought the AE86 out of the hole ot was in was the lack of RWD cars and the fact that the AE86 had 20+ years of aftermarket parts development when drifting gained popularity.

As soon as big money got involved in drifting, competitors didn't have to settle for AE86s just because nothing else had readily available aftermarket suspension parts. Once the competitors had a budget, they went out and spent the money to develop parts for other vehicles which had more promise than the AE86 ever had. Low and behold, everyone discovered that once they had the tools to fine tune the suspension on other models of cars, they found that the other models of cars have BETTER HANDLING, BALANCE, AND POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO THAN THE AE86! And when the goal is winning, the AE86 can't do the job.

This has all made the AE86 completely and totally irrelevant to drifting and motorsports as a whole.


for me its simple ... i just love my little ae86 its really fun to drive, and just have the time of your life when drifting!... and easy to fix if somethig breaks ... its just a great car to own and love !!!!


Hiro, honto ni? In Yokohama, they were always called fukuseipiattsa. But Bogus works out to be roughly the same meaning anyway.


Love/Hate Relationship. Drive the AE86 long enough and that is what you will develop. Its one of those cars that you LOVE to drive, but you HATE to own. Doesn't make sense really.



Yay, for all those who are driving an 86 or has one in there garage, or there brothers garage......the later being myself, thanks brother. See yall at the NST shop later on today, and im looking forward to the drive out to san antonio.


the AE86 is completely and totally irrelevant to drifting and motorsports as a whole.


The most important sentence on the whole page.


Is it able to be competitive? The AE86 still competes with cars that are better and still beats cars that are better on occasion. If the AE86 wasn't competitive, it would just be in last place in every event it ever entered. So what does it mean when the Corolla DOES beat other cars to win an event? It has been done, how does such a crappy car do it then? Since when does a car need to win countless titles in order to be considered a worthy competitor? By the logic I'm reading, the AE86 can enter an event, make it to the finals by beating other better cars, but because it doesn't take the gold it's not competitive. No car will ever be the BEST, AE86 included, but to say that it isn't special or that it can't still be competitive is just plain ignorant. What about a 510? It's old, it not still special? can it not still be made to be competitive?


Well the fact that it's got old school Toyota reliability means you can take it just about anywhere and not have it let you down. When I look at an AE86, I see history. A story behind the car. It's something that disappeared after the AE86 ceased production.


"reads like a quote from Wikipedia or some fan boy website - every tangible claim proven to be false"

So true Diogenes.


danny b you are my white hero!


Danny B wrote:

"it's one week"

Get serious. Crapolla day lasts five weeks. Crapolla month lasted a year and a half. This subject is like the fart that will not dissipate.

Enough with the Crapollas already!


What makes it special - Arrogant owners who will repeat the same lie over and over until they confuse everyone ignoring them with acceptance of their lie.


Danny B played on one of those little league teams where they didn't keep score and everyone got a trophy at the end of the game.

Don't confuse "Showed up and got it's butt kicked" with "having a realistic chance of winning".

The AE86 shows up and gets its butt kicked, because it has no realistic chance of winning.


It's a has-been.


Do they make the owners memorize the same BS speech when they buy one of those pathetic cars? Because it looks like every fan boy recited form the same script.