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Earlier this week we asked you guys just what it is that makes the AE86 such a special car. The response has been positively overwhelming.  With the massive amount of submissions we've received, we'll be dividing your responses into a few separate posts – sprinkled with AE86 photos from the vast Speedhunters archive.

So what makes this old Toyota such a big deal?

Let's find out.

What I enjoy most about my AE86 is its underdog status. I do everything
from autox,drift, and trackdays wiith it. Even though it isnt by any
means fast, I drive with 110% satisfaction and it shows from my local
autox trophies. It takes a lot out of someone to make these old school
cars perform especially with stock power output and modest suspension. –

It's a lil piece of perfection in its simplest form. Beautiful structure,
beautiful lines, beautiful finishes, beautiful sliding,.. –

Many people will probably comment about one or another attribute that
makes the 86 such a cult car. In my opinion there is no single trait
that defines my feelings. Toyota stumbled upon a balance of simplicity,
versatality, fun, and economy.
- Justin

The AE86 is driveable, just a raw driving experience, no stability management or computers, just the driver and the machine – DriftKid018

It’s hard to dis a car with so much history and support and ol’
fashioned street cred, which is precisely why this Nissan fan can write
about it. –

 It's really about the driving feel, feedback, engine response, and
cornering balance that makes it the most fun car I've ever driven.
 After driving one, I realized everything I've read in US auto magazines
was total B.S.  You don't need high turbo horsepower, 4WD, the latest
technology, and flashy styling for fun.-

Minimalist design, teaches you how to be a better driver, super
lightweight, driftable, gripable, there truly is beauty in simplicity –
Trevor Ogden NJ

The essence of the AE86 is all about a light FR car that focuses on handling rather than horsepower – JakeDanna

The car's sharp edges and aggressive lines provide for an 80's "arcade
game space ship" look that leaves the mouth watering and the eyes with
Alexander Lampert

I have had my 86 for 5 years now, and will never sell it.   Had a guy in
a Porsche ask about the car, and if I would be willing to sell.  That's
an ego boost. 
- 86rida

I have owned other cars during my life but nothing as fun as the AE86.
The tiny rev happy engine in a small, lightweight, cool looking,
balanced chassis creates a driving experience that I have never felt

Underpowered 4ac, underpowered 4ag, solid rear axle, looks like a kids toy, rolls on golf kart wheels… what's not to love? – 86lol

The little car just seems to make the road that much more exciting.- Jamekins

This is a real budget tuner car, and a classic 2 door from Japan. You can't go wrong with 'em! – Steve O

It's a simple yet brilliant machine, just like most old cars are. It is
lightweight, RWD, not complicated, it has the legendary 4A-GE that
sounds pretty sweet, it's built tough like all old Toyotas, it's
versatile, it looks cool –

It's hard to find new cars with any soul in them. Most cars built now
aren't built to be driven. The car drives you, and where's the fun in
that? –
Brandon Campbell

I love my AE86 because of its pure mechanical simplicity.  It arrived
right at the beginning of computer controlled cars.  It's got that
classic car feel, mixed with newer technology making it just motor,
drive train, and you.-

Front engine, rear wheel drive, twin cam inline 4 with a well
balanced chassis. Competitive in international touring cars, rallying
and drifting. Over 25 years on, the AE86 Corolla is still winning motorsport championships. –
Phil Roberts

The 86 is so special because it's not just a car; it's also a spirit. A
spirit of why many things exist. A spirit of high-revving FR machines. A
spirit of the touge, the mountains, and also a spirit of drifting. -

More in a bit! Thanks for all your great responses.

-Mike Garrett



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Yey 86 day

Im going to the Titty Bar !


I also have an AE86 and all the words above are fully truth.

When you drive it, you love it :)



Ah, awesome!


one of the dopest cars ever, i wouldnt have heard of it without initial D anime series. beautiful car and if the drift king says its the hardest car to master, then it must be truly coveted.


How about this quote.

"The AE86 is like crack. A horrible addiction that will ruin your life. You want to quit but it feels oh so good. It might not send you to rehab but it should. It will steal all your money, give you lots of trouble, and you will do illegal things with it. But most of all the car is girl repellant."


my dream car (11th pic going down) 86 with a 13B turbo ;) FTMW!


Happy Hachi Roku Day to all the owners and fans out there!!! Great pics and accompanying quotes.


there should be an mx5 day


Brandom Campbell is totally right.

But for me a Hachiroku is like have a nice day, you get tired of emotions with simple and good memories than simple life and a Hachiroku can bring you.


That are awesome quotes about the AE86, I've also love the sound of the little engine, its sounds more raw than a Honda VTEC engine! And it could sound like a classic rally car without the crazy high revving power :)


I have owned many 86s in the past and yes they are a blast to drive because ultimately it is WAY more fun to drive a slow car fast then to drive a fast car slow....


Brilliant article. MOAR


Best Thread ever! Thanks for nice pics and comments!!


I think you should ask same question about mustangs and skylines:P




Hell ya Mike!


Hella nice 86 feature. My dad drives a hachi and even if it's an sr5, he still loves it to death. Props to all the 86 owners!


Happy Hachi Roku Day!!!!!


864life! keep it coming!


Happy Birthday to all 86 and owners!!! Keep sideways!!!


intial d!!!!!!


wishing all AE86 owners (and fans) worldwide, a very Happy Birthday...


i love ae86's