Random Snap>> Watching Alms With Style

As I made around the Mid-Ohio race track to the various photo spots during last Saturday's ALMS race, I spotted this classically stylish gentleman watching the race from his very clean example of a VW camper bus. Being how we're now knee-deep in old school month, I couldn't help but to take a photo.

This man is doing ALMS right.




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thats why I love enderance racing


For the last 2 years I wouldn't call most of the ALMS races endurance racing.


solotwo - ALMS races are still longer than any GT1 race. Some races are 6,10 or 12 races.


More aircooled VW's!!!!


I remember walking past giving this guy a thumbs up! I love it!


What's different about the last 2 years of ALMS schedules? There's only been a few endurance races ever on their yearly schedule. 12 hours of Sebring and Petit Lemans are the only two races they run on the ALMS schedule that could be considered an 'endurance race'


Thanks for pointing out the obvious soloclone. I live a half hour from Road America and have been attending sports car races there for as long as I can remember. I had grown to enjoy the ALMS events of the past that were a 500 mile affair, which would be considered more of an endurance race. Both last season and this season a majority of the races have been shortened to a short 2hr and 45minute event. Not what I would personally consider endurance racing.


Like I said thats why I like endurance racing. you guy took everything I said out of context.


lovin the red mazda 323 in the side of the picture


Fact of the matter is, IT STILL BEATS NASCRAP!

At least the cars on ALMS are real, not tin can's turning left for 300-500 laps. I will watch ALMS even if it's 20 lap races, vs. NASCRAP!