Random Snap>> The Aftermath Of Flying

It seems that every time I take a Speedhunting trip, I'm met with a week's worth of frantic activity at the office to try and get caught up with the various NFS game productions. Ack! Stress!… Anyway…

A few of you wanted to see what the Dandy RX7 look like, after the trip it took across the salt on its roof last week. The car caught air at 240 mph and took off for 4 meters before landing on its roof and sliding to a halt. You can see that the roll cage did its job quite well and the cockpit is intact. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the car as I thought it had barrel rolled.

Hopefully a re-shell will see the car back next year :> Props to the SCTA for their safety regulations!




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ugh, I want to cry, she was such a beauty.


i literally just took a moment of silence for the beautiful car


This is sad and great. Sad that car is gone but GREAT that driver lived!


Does this happen to every RX-7 on the salt?




reminds me of the video of the FD flipping.. crazyness


theirs a vido of another FC that takes off on the salts n lands on its roof


Hopefully back with some AERO help i hope! i know the stock appearing body is sweet and all, but it has its limits


I hope they reshell the car and come back again with a meaner aero kit to help with the top speed. Please bring back this FC Dandy! She has been with the owner for so long!


omg so sad..... *cry*

yeah, they really need a front *sniff* splitter at least to stop the thing taking off

*blows nose*


is it odd to say that it actually looks more aerodynamic?


That just makes me sick to my stomach.


seriously blackerninja.. its always the RX7s that fly!! But its pretty obvious that they didnt plan out their aerodynamics and downforce


That'll be one of the easier reshells to do...no probs


Again!? They siad they added aero this year to stop it. That must be every time they've taken it they've flipped it now, sure seems a long way to travel for all that expense.


^^^^provided the cage isnt bent, and if its chromoly, then im sure its cracked around the pillar and halo bar area, this might take alittle more than a re-shell!!


More photos of it Rod!!!!


Good job for protecting the driver. We hope to see her again next year.


OUCH! That driver will be feeling that in the morning.


Remember they first had a bolt in rollcage, and they had to weld it afterward because of the SCTA rules? =)

@W71: In the class the Dandy RX7 competes, no major body work is allowed (the cars must look as stock as possible), so I guess the stock bumpers will stay. But who knows...


Was the driver OK? Were they injured?


4meters ain't low. Nice flight!:D


Running in the GT class, they are not allowed aero that will make any significant impact. Putting a big spoiler or front aero will change it to an Altered or even a Comp Coupe if it gets serious. I wonder if its that short rear of the FC that causes lift. Who knows, this just sucks.


Even in its sad state, the car still looks so majestic


Noooooooooooooooooooooooo the dandy rx7!!!!!!!!


this is terrible, it looks like a delorean now and man do those look bad. i hope they get a car together for next year


good that nothing happened to the driver...but just looking at a car made to go top speeds, that one dont seem to have much down force components


as someone stated above, adding aero or spoilers will class it differently and further raise the class speed record. sorry to hear about this and glad the driver is ok.


i was trying to model my fc after that car too...i liked the fact that it was a clean ass s4 fc.


First of all thank you :R,for the pic.

Hope to see him next year bust some records,and see another great Dandy RX7


I always find it a bit strange to do these Photos of the Year posts. The reality of taking these shots has faded away, leaving just a bitmap; a collection of RGB values which form some kind of automotive related image. And as I look through these photographs