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Yesterday was rally car day at X Games 16 in Los Angeles. After all of the madness on the the floor of the LA Coliseum, Tanner Foust took home gold medals in both of the rally events.

First off, Tanner defeated fellow Fiesta driver Brian Deegan to take gold in the classic X Games rally car competition. A bit later he held off fellow drifters Sam Hubinette and Stephan Verdier, as well as Brian Deegan in the new Super Rally event – where four cars go wheel to wheel around the tricky course.

More X Games 16 rally coverage to come, but  for now congrats to Tanner on his domination yesterday.

-Mike Garrett



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Too bad Ford doesn't sell anything remotely similar to this Fiesta in the USA.


The Rally Car event was a total and complete joke. When three quarters of the races are red flagged because the drivers have no idea what the hell the course is they are doing something wrong.


The SuperRally event wasn't that bad, it was like Dirt 2 in the real world. Except the last race where I think, well according the the tv presentation was supposed to go a couple laps longer then the first two races when the flag man waived the flag a few laps early, and from what I saw Deegan never took the jump in the final race because he thought there were supposed to be a few more laps, but was still awarded silver.


brian deegan. what a joke


Lmao, rally was the biggest joke ever. Rally in a arena? Metal Mulisha is a joke company brain deegan sucks.


rally was indeed a joke... Every year prior to this one, the layouts have been awesome! This year, not so much... even Boris was like... I dont get it? lol

Grats to Tanner though! Deegan too! He really needed the confidence booster after last year's turbo mishap.


The X Games "Rally" events were a complete joke


@SoloTwo: Listening to anything the announcers were saying was a terrible idea. Yes Deegan took the jump, on his 2nd lap I believe, you can see it in replays. The first races were only 4 laps and the final was 5 and they ran all the laps. The announcers for that were horrible, it's like they weren't paying attention at all.


X-games are a complete joke anymore.


Tanner was killing it as was Stephan.

It looks really fun to do. I think they need to work on the start setup though.


if ford sold a street version of tanners car i would buy it right now.


SoloTwo you are only right in one thing the Rally Car event was a total and complete joke.

The track= EPIC FAIL and the some goes to the SuperRally track another FAIL and in the Final everyone did the jump, deegan did the jump on the "last" since it ended on lap4 of 5laps thats why he got the silver, because if you dont do the jump DSQ, ask Dave Mirra lol... but the SuperRally wasn´t that bad but it´s nothing to do with European Rallycross, i got to be honest im from Portugal and i watched from12pm to 3am and i am very disappointed i was expecting more but like i and others said the track ruined the whole show

Wanted to see Block,Tanner,Isachen and Pastrana on the final and what happened??? Pastrana out before starting,Isachen one lap, out with engine failure and Block on the last lap with a big lead, out with engine failure... that track is a car killer...

No comments on the ESPN guys, they need to do homework............


the whole rally section of the x games was a total joke. horrible horrible. what the hell were those women doing in travis' and tanner's car doing in the final event? awful bullcrap.


FWIW, I'll take the new '11 Mustang 5.0, which is faster than any Fiesta. Otherwise, I'd stick with the Subie or EVO.


to all the people saying this is a joke, post pics of ur x games gold medals. then talk. that is all


marc did you even see it? clearly it had nothing to do with the drivers and more with the terrible organization and layouts of the tracks. congrats to tanner and thanks to stephan for being the most exciting thing subaru owners witnessed the whole day haha.


marc-Where is the logic in that statement? The joke is that during the rally (AFAIK) 3 drivers were DQ'd because they didn't stay on course. It's hardly a rally if you don't have a co-driver telling you the course. X Games gold medals, yeah thats worth more than a WRC or Group B trophy...