New Cars>>the 2012 Mustang Boss 302

Here's a new car announcement that fits in perfectly with our old school theme this month. Today Ford officially announced the return of the Boss 302 Mustang – to coincide with this weekend's historic auto races at Laguna Seca.

The original Boss 302 is one of the most iconic Mustangs ever, made famous in the SCCA Trans Am series by Parnelli Jones. How will the modern version stack up?

Based on the new 5.0 Mustang GT, the Boss 302 kicks things up several notches over the already capable GT.

Ford's press release sums things up quite nicely – "Driving the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 was intended from the outset to be a
visceral experience, packed with raw, unbridled performance across the
spectrum: Acceleration, handling, braking, and top speed are all equally
matched for perfect balance on a car operating within the framework of
legally defined safety, noise and emissions regulations."

Under the hood, the five-oh has been hopped up a bit and now produces 440 horsepower, The only transmission offered will be a close ratio six-peed with a "race-inspired" clutch.

Better yet, the Boss comes with a trick exhaust system that features both tail and side exits to enhance the sound. It's also very mod friendly. To again quote the press release, "We're Ford engineers, but we're also enthusiasts," he says. "We
understand owner mods are part of the Mustang experience, so we try to
help where we can."

The engineers have also built the Boss to be the best handling Mustang ever. Suspension has been stiffened up all around, with five-way manual adjustable shocks and even adjustable steering feel via electronic settings. According to Ford, the Boss will pull over 1G on the skid pad…

A new Boss 302 wouldn't be complete without the famous C-stripes. Also seen are the new 19" wheels and tires which help the Boss achieve those crazy skid pad numbers.

As if that wasn't enough to convince you that this is a serious driver's car – Recaro seats are also an option.

Outside, the Boss 302 gets a unique front fascia with a functional splitter. The rear also gets a unique spoiler.

In keeping with Boss tradition, a number of bold exterior colors will be available.

It might also help to know that benchmark car that Ford used while developing the Boss is none other than the BMW E92 M3.

Yikes, I have may just found a new "realistic" dream car.

-Mike Garrett



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Drop it an inch and we're golden.

Never been an American car person, but Ford has really come around in the last 5 years.

Now we just need a RWD Focus RS


Not a fan of that color, but all the same this car is awesome!


Jeff couldn't be more right.


jeff is right. but we all know that's not the manufacturer's job. they just provide the metal. we make it look pretty.


I always loved the Ford Mustangs ... No exception for this one. : ]


ford is becoming epic


Japonese Rules!!!!


think this one might compare to the roush 427r trak pak?


Another sweet realistically ownable Ford... Whats the MSRP? 35-40k ; 40-45k ; or +45k ??


yeah i usually hate american cars but this is pretty legit.


The Boss Is Back!!!


Maybe the 351 version of this motor can find it way in to a 2012 falcon and then they can bring back the GTHO name badge . No like likely though , The yanks dont like big Ozzie saloons making there so call sports cars look like the P.O.S that they are .


nice, but as per the first comment, it needs a serious drop in ride height.


hmmm like the look of this 2012 Am. Muscle car... beefy... +Recaros.. mega!!


Not a mustang fan but this looks good. Dont like the wheels but it is a "stock" car so each owner will make it look the way wants he it to look. Hope it actually handles well and is not just a powerful dressed up mustang.


it's a shame that this is the only car under 40k with these options..

i love the 370z but i would choose this over the nismo in a heartbeat.

the ONLY thing the boss needs is an OPTION for IRS.

Subaru, nissan , mitsu and chevy need to step up their game and offer vehicles like this to the REAL enthusiasts. actual performance gains with REAL proven track parts from their factory backed race cars.

Subaru offers some good stuff but it could be better.

right now this is the best Streetable/track car for the money right now from the factory for the masses.


Wow Ford really knows what they're doing and they are taking a lot of opinions.

Good stuff


Nice car. I hope they are not still using that truck axle...I mean solid rear axle.


love the idea of bringing it back. one of the most legendary muscle cars of all time. and does anyone else notice how he wheels are kinda copies of the oldskol panasport / watanabe wheel desiegns?


how many fucking Special Edition Mustangs will Ford make????????every month thier a new edition


Mustang involves.


The big three all have muscle cars now. I really think it is time for trans am to make it triumphant return to motorsport. It would be awesome to see all the cars back in race trim and liveres from back in the day. And this would be a great way for the big three to renew it's win on Sunday sell on Monday mentality.

Oh and I love this car I loved the 69 boss 302 more tho.


While everyone looks and talks about what if it had......................I placed a deposit for the first one my dealer gets. Then I will tell you how good or bad it really is. I think it will be a fun ride for the money.


If it only had this or that... sheeezz, some people are never satisfied or cant reada all the details in the PR... there is a Laguna Seca version, lowered stiffer suspension, different wheels, colors, etc...

Just thank Ford for producing this knock out performance machine, not just "another" version, but a serious race car!