Guest Blog: Elvis Skender>> The Black Knight

Hey there fellow SpeedHunters my name is Elvis and I drive this 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8. I live about an hour east of San Francisco and I have owned this car since new back in late 2006. In the last year or so I've been so intrigued by the whole "Aggressive Wheel Fitment" movement that so I've not only decided to try out some new things with my car but I actually created Stance:Nation which is a website that showcases rides who are taking the meaning of "aggressive wheel fitment" to another level and running not only super wide rims, but also some crazy negative offsets.

I wanted something different from your everyday Charger, you know, the ones with 26" rims & lambo doors, or your typical American Muscle with the sleeper look, so I took a risk and did something no other Charger owner has ever thought about doing. I dropped the car almost 4 inches (its actually only an inch off the ground at it's lowest point) then I bought these aggressive looking Viper Reproduction wheels and mounted them on. 

Being relatively new to the scene at that time, I didn't nail it right away, but after a narrower set of tires, some wheel adapters and lots of rolling and pulling of the fenders, it was finally looking like I wanted it to!

Before anything though, I have to point out that the car is very much "functional", still. Sure, I may not be able to go over speedbumps, or get into certain driveways, but is that really how we define functionality of a vehicle?

I've tweaked the fitment to exactly where I want it so that I don't get any rubbing whatsoever and I didn't find the need to play around with camber as the car has about -3R and -2 front just from the drop alone. The car will still run mid 12's down the quarter mile, thanks to Flowmaster Exhaust, Diablo Predator, Mopar CAI and other little stuff. 

I am currently running BC Racing Coilovers for my suspension and I'm pretty happy with it. My rims are 22×10 all around with a -12R and -7F offset along with a 245/30/22 tire all around.The front lip comes from the Daytona Charger's, and I chose to go wingless just because everyone that has a Charger, has a spoiler now a days. Instead, I've added a small roofline spoiler which is a small but fine touch.

One of the first things people always ask me is, why I bought this car, out of everything else I could have purchased. Well, you see I am a pretty tall guy. 6 foot 6 to be exact, so I need that space and comfort. Second of all, I absolutely love the pressence that the Charger SRT8 has, even before I did anythig to it. And obviously, all that power under the hood was just another reason to buy it! 425HP, stock, what else can you ask for? 

So what's up next you ask? I want to upgrade to some wider rims in the future, and that's pretty much it. I've had the car for over 4 years now and it's time to leave this one in the garage and get another toy I can play with.

I want to thank SpeedHunters and everyone behind it for being such an awesome and inspirational website to us all, and most importantly thanks to all those who helped me along the way and inspired me to do something different.

-Elvis S.


Robert DeLuna



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This is just pure Thugnificence. Very nice.


I normally don't care for the Charger. Even the SRT8. But this one is spot on. Very Nice!


beautiful car dude i love it! :)


Elvis, your car is an inspiration to all of us trying to do something different. Especially those of us with an LX platform. I'm chasing your status homie. Great write up btw.

Driftsucky (Brian)


easily the best Charger I have ever seen. That drop really looks amazing, never thought I would see anyone go so low in that car


i haaaate the rims but they look good rollin


i would love to have that in south florida


I love it; the wheels, the stance, the whole look


come 2011 -your charger is gonna look like every cop car in the dang US and A -but at least you willl have the best fitment of any squad car on the road!


well played.


I absolutely love it! Except for the extremely low profiles. He's practically rolling on blades.


HELLAHELLAHELLA. love this man.


Elvis, you and AreTee are my inspiration. Thanks for keeping an american car looking slick and not ghetto'd out. Looks mean. Hopefully I can get mine that clean looking (except a V6 with rear mounted turbo). Show a little East Coast pride.


I'm not a big fan of American muscle cars, but damn. that's really nice.


the car looks great, but viper rims on a charger arent new.


This is absolutely better than britney and paris ;p


ur car changed my veiw of the charger srt 8. I LOVE IT!


nice, pure class.


wow man im truely impressed. im the first person to hate on american cars but this car is done RIGHT. very original and very good fitment


Great car owned by a great artist!

Congrats Elvis. Car's looking sharp man.




Nice stance. The Viper wheels fit the Charger quite nicely. Well done dude.


i wish we had Chargers over here... actually, i wish we didn't have tax that's based on engine capacities :(


Way to make it on SpeedHunters!

Seen you on e46fer!


that's f*cking amazing. i love it.


To be honest here, these chargers don't normally hold a large amount of interest to me, but you've managed to convince me otherwise. easily. this cars stance, body and overall appearence has made this car look sick!! and im sure these pictures don't do it justice. hope you buy a drift car as your next toy!!


much respect for the badass american ride


Awesome, awesome, awesome. It couldn't look any better. Rims are spot on.


Yo Bro ill Car this car could never make it on NY streets tho...still sexy


Looks sick man!

'Keep Drifting Alive"


great charger elvis. Looks spot on. would you ever condider supercharging the engine so its got the horsepower to match the looks.


Thank you for doing something PROPER with a Mopar and not just the typical cheesy retro garbage normally associated with these. Add a Keisler 6-speed conversion for even more drool-factor.


Nice cop car


Elvis...ur probably red flag with an eagle in it :P...your car rocks brother. Honestly rocks.


This car has been featured in so many different blogs. Although it is an amazing looking car!


that is the sickest charger i have ever seen. im a cop and thats our normal squad car. ive shown your car to all the guys at my station and they love it too. i love the stance, basically the whole set up. i have a pontiac g8 and it has a similar stance with wheels as well as a custom look. keep up the good work. remember never let them see your break lights, just kidding, holla


Thank you so much everyone! Really appreciate all your comments. By the way, AreTee = Me. I used to go by that a while back! =]


There is a matt black Magnum with SRT8 Charger style kits, it is the only dodge of this style (sort of) that I like more than this.


I still can't decide whether I like this car or not. I refuse to go American, but the quality is superb. But I just can't get over the wheels. I hate donks and such, but this is tasteful, in a sense. I have come to the conclusion...... That I can't come to a conclusion.


efcivicman - 450HP is plenty for me. I think up next will be some 22x11 & 22x12 rims, then I'll get a second car for a couple grand and play with it for a while! =]


where did you get your rims with that offset??


@nattybohdrift "Elvis, you and AreTee are my inspiration. Thanks for keeping an american car looking slick and not ghetto'd out. Looks mean. Hopefully I can get mine that clean looking (except a V6 with rear mounted turbo). Show a little East Coast pride." Elvis IS AreTee. Just thought I would let you know.


im getting a monte carlo now...


Lordy those things are ugly, can hardly tell the front from the back.


I've driven my brother's charger twice and only thing I kept saying during the drive was I LOVE USA lol.....This car is a must see in person.


first car on 22s that i don't dislike. and not only do i not dislike it... i think it's AWESOME! looks like it's about to eat babies. 22x10's on a charger, who'd a thunk it?


always liked the charger, but this one is on entirely different level, in other words: a mopar done right.

never even thought much of those viper rims, that is until i saw them on your car.

the stance, the color, ,the lip, the winglessness. for lack of a better word, perfect!


nuff props to elvis & stance:nation... form > function

illest charger to date. ftw!


car's not functional in a track sense and it's a reproduction wheel so not an original like many people in the stance game like?!?! but ugh... you can drive down the highway though so enjoy!

did speedhunters really let just some guy with a low charger blog? After looking at those wheels long enough I wish it was a viper owner you guys picked out instead.


I could actually get behind the hellaflush movement if more of the cars looked like this.


where did you get the wheels? the offset is insane!


Congrats Elvis, car is looking phresh as always.


Thank you everyone.


SHouldnt the license be blurred out or something?


I love this car it look nice


It alright, nothing special, if you moded the engine it would be MUCH cooler,,,,