Gallery>>the Fatlace 1 Of 1 Show In Vegas

The long break between the Top 32 and the Top 16 last Saturday day night allowed plenty of time for us to check out the Fatlace 1 of 1 Car Show.

The Vegas car scene has been on the up for a while now, and this was the perfect spot to get a look.

Then again not all of the cars were local Vegas machines. Some made the trip up from LA, like this Z33 (the same car I spotted a week earlier at the Nisei Showoff).

For some reason Suzuka Blue is one of the least desirable colors for the S2000. I'm not sure why, because this Suzuka Blue AP2 looks awesome.

This shakotan style 280ZX was getting a lot of looks, banged up quarter panel and all.

S130's don't have near the following of the first gen Z's, but that's not a bad thing.

Looks like Centerlines. Cool.

Speaking of insanely wide wheels, that green NA Miata from SoCal also made the trip across the desert.

Another for the Roadster fans. Boy do I miss my NA8CE sometimes…

Yes that's a Toyota Solara. First time I've ever seen one done like this.

As is if there'd be a show like this without several slammed and accessorized Scion xB's?

Widened steelies…

…or Work Leadsleds. Take your pick.

Not the first time I've seen this Evo X, but always worth another photo.

This bagged Lexus IS was another highlight of the show.

Look at that rear tuck!

Not everything out there was slammed and stretched. This G35 Coupe had a more simple look to it.

Nicely done S14 street car here.

I always get excited when I see an RX8 done like this.

Some more Suzuka Blue love.

Lexus SC + CCW Classics. Nice combo,

Thank you Vegas people (&friends) for providing our regular dose of cool car style!

-Mike Garrett



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I'm in love with that S130 Z. It'd be nice to see the owner fix that quarter damage though.


If the people committing these automotive atrocities had really serious money, would they buy airplanes, rip the wings off of them to render them flightless and useless, in the same way they render their cars un-drivable?


@MZ10 I can assure that is next for that car ;)


Congrats Ian!


I was there such a awesome event thats my friends evo x i remember when it was bone stock its come such a long way



People said the same things to the lowrider and hot rod guys. Look how much good their indignation did. And what does YOUR atrocity look like hmmmm?



Hot rodders and lowrider fanatics don't take perfectly good handling cars and ruin them only for show.


Those eyelids on the green miata look retarded


The owner of the 280zx is a member of hybridZ forum.


Slamburglars represent! :D


280ZX is mega win!


If you guys call these cars fast, I cant believe what you call slow. These are all inexpensive cars. If any of this was done to a Ferrari or such, I would agree with LOL and Timothy up there, but seeing that is not the case...


most of the cars drove to the show... i think that means they aren't undriveable. I give them a lot of credit. If i had independent rear suspension... i'd flush/camber my wheels and ride as low as possible.


first blue S2k is SO sick. seen it cruisin and made me hate myself for not being nearly as exclusive


Desktop of the Rx8 please. My VRed doesnt look quite as clean.


looks like a lot of cali cars in vegas... not many license plates showing but the ones that do all say CALIFORNIA.

good show.


lol is a tool...not everyone shares you taste in cars & styling, why don't you go to jalopnik and spread your hate there. nothing useless about a dropped car, ...if your climate change doesnt tear your streets is the perfect place to slam your car and not worry about it, why dont you jack up your ford pickup and go mud jumping


I am so proud of my son Ian! Such a great job so far on his '79 Datsun 280ZX!!!


Got High ISO? I ove the 2nd miata


the S14 in the last pic looks hella nice.


Most of them look real good.

But one thing I cant understand, why would you slam a EVO like this or any other performance Car?

Its like buying a big high end PC and just play browsergames.


That two tone Subaru? wagon looks cool. While those cars might not be the most practical things in the world, they sure as hell look good!


Somebody mad :)


last picture as background?



Not every body uses there car as a track car, some people actualy do what a car is ment for, transportation! And those big rims don't hurt the performance that much.


More like that green Miata looks retarded. The only cars here that haven't been ruined are the Evo, G35, S14 and I guess the RX8.


Got a question for you guys:

Is it mandatory to have the windshield plastered with flashy stickers?


Not centerlines. :P


Haters are sad and emo.

Cars should make people happy. Those S2000's make me happy.

Hellaflush > Sad Emo Hater



Timothy is a genius! Very well said, I totally agree.


you missed a shot of ian fourniers fatlace r32 wtf!!!!!



stickers look cool, don't take yourself so seriously


S14 in last pic= AMAZING!


That g35 is probably my favorite one posted. Clean and beautiful.


@ Timothy

So you're saying the xB has a perfectly good handling. I laughed.


i got some pretty good pics of that Z33 w the gold rims, the fatlace show was very awesome. when were u there mike?


theres 2 plates showing lol

I wish we had this in Australia.. We maily have Sec-spec as show cars.. Speedhunters should do something on that :P


hey were does red stillies come from???there nice


When will this hellaflush madness end?!


the only cars I liked out of all your pictures were in the last pic and you didn't even get a clear shot of both of them.Thanks for the shot of that awesome toyota solara *sigh* /sarcasm

... actually I do kind of enjoy the silly things people do to those scions. So I guess I saw something worth my time.


sweet deal ian, glad to see your z getting the love it deserves.


No, if they had airplanes, these nimrods would have to do something stupidly expensive to the wings to render them nonfunctional, with the same result as ripping the wings off but without the simplicity or economy. Maybe if they re skinned the wings in three in ch thick, hand cut, marble stone. It would cost more than the airplane and be so heavy it couldn't possible fly.


I believe that the wheels on the 280zx are SSR MK1s, no? They do look similar.


haha nice to see Ian with the Z out an about.


S130 Z FTMFW!!!!!


love the Honda's.. both look cool as hell (they look good in 'Imola Orange' too colourwise!!) plus those steelies on the SoCal Miata suit it down to the ground.. hey great feature.. looks like a fun event.. and the S14 street car is just right.. thanks for the coverage!


lol @ the haters. they probably drive solid rear axle mustangs, therefore can't do anything to their suspension. that 280zx would rape your souls, if you haven't already sold it to nascar/jalopnik.


OMG that 280zx!!! NAileD iT!!!


mike, you rock!


People need to calm down. The cars are still driveable and it's their car...not yours. If you want to stick with +50 offset wheels and stock body, do it. Not everyone tracks their car and even if they did...if it's doing what they want it to do, then its fine. Let people have fun with their stuff.


Every time someone throws up pictures of a flush car people spit hate. If someone put time, money and sweat into making their car into something that they think looks dope, then dope the car is indeed. Anywayyyyssss nice photos mike. This is definitely one of your better collections


seeing a picture of some airbagged car with retarded rims that are HUGE is bad enough, but when the photo says "SPEEDHUNTERS" in the bottom corner its like "WHAT THE F%#K?!!" thats a bigggg contradiction. Why would these cars even show up to a drift event??? why dont they go to "Da Club" and wear giant fur coats with crack cocaine in every pocket.


@drift kid said: Slamburglars all day!

Wallpaper the Miata's.


nice cars.



All forms of legitimate transportation exclude metal-on-rubber and metal-on-metal contact.

The vehicles pictured above can not legitimately be considered to be transportation.




That 280ZX is off the chain! It's a shame you don't see many sexy ones like this.


This fad is equally lame when applied to any vehicle and when displayed in all environments.

The Worst Dressed award goes to the entire flush flash-in-the-pan.


Great pics but there is a lot of missing coverage. There was a BMW crew and a whole bunch of Team Hybrid cars


The call of flushers:



The 280ZX wheels are chassis engineering (can am car stuff).


all i have to say is that there is an unreasonable amount of hate in this post. for every one that said negative things about any of these cars, why dont you tell that to the owner's faces and see how far your hate goes. cause guaranteed they'll laugh in your face. you all sound like a bunch of rich spoiled pricks driving priuses and smart cars. aaaaaaaaanyway WE NEED A FEATURE ON THAT S130!!!!! THIS IS THE START OF A NEW Z REVOLUTION!!!!! btw @Kenny: If you want this to end, kill yourself. Cause this is how it's s'posed to be, and it's gonna stay that way, even when they decide to make f*cking flying cars there will STILL be people driving flush rides. i plan to be one of them.


I like the cars in the last picture the best, and theres no good pix of em.

Im so tired of seeing "VIP" style. its boring.

Personally I think VIP cars should get there own website. i don't think SPEEDHUNTERS should have involvement with Drug Dealer / Rapper cars. If you want to see some hoodrats expensive car read a XXL or something.


What a bunch of fragile ego babies. If anyone says like the things these children do or like, then those children immediately ring a chorus of "You hate us". I hate to break it to you, but people hate you for a lot more important reasons than your lousy taste in car modifications. And if you can;t come up with a better defense for your lousy taste than "You hate us", then you really have no defense at all.


These cars were there for a car show, not to drift. Stop comparing them to drifters and racers. I know for sure that the blue z isn't bagged. He spent a lot of time setting up that suspension to work the way it does and he drives the car regularly. It's just how they want their cars to look.


website needs a name change! i doubt any of these cars could go highway speed in anything other then a straight level road, one bump or dip is going to rip the bottom of the car off, god forbid they had to take a corner and eat the tire right off their wheels! but all and all I guess if you want to be low go for it


Plus one million for Cole. You hit the nail on the head.


"lol is a tool...not everyone shares you taste in cars & styling, why don't you go to jalopnik and spread your hate there. nothing useless about a dropped car, ...if your climate change doesnt tear your streets is the perfect place to slam your car and not worry about it, why dont you jack up your ford pickup and go mud jumping" +1 F*&KN AWESOME

Seriously majority of these cars with bags have great handling set ups, and the one with coils usually have nitrogen track-able struts, Thats what spanner wrenches are for. Maybe if Speed hunters and HF have a partnership your on the wrong blog. Go back to jalopnik with your volvo wagon.


These cars weren't there for the drifting. They were there for a car show. It says so right there at the top, that's why they were there. And a lot of them probably aren't bagged. I know the blue Z isn't. He spent tons of his time in his garage getting that car to ride the way he wants. And it's pretty much his daily driver last I knew. They're all not set up to race, so don't compare them to race cars. But they are all set up the way the owners want them to be, that's enough for me.


Cooper spelled Rice incorrectly. Rice does not have an N in it.


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but for every Picasso, there are a thousand hacks pumping out paintings of dogs playing poker on black felt. Unfortunately, the above event coverage is 100% dogs playing poker painted on black felt.


Stop trying to compare these cars to roadworthy transportation. These owners have spent tens of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours turning them into static models to be placed into a life sized diorama, called a fatlace. Don't confuse these cars with something that could be driven on a road or used as a conveyance to get from Point A to Point B, because they are not. They must be carefully lifted from the pavement and placed upon a trailer to be moved from one place to another. You're all just jealous because you aren't smart enough to take an automobile and make it totally worthless. And stop hating us bu pointing out how stupendously idiotic our behavior is.



Yeah very true dude, Mfest bimmers were there, like that beatiful M5


Jared, I'm going to start sliding the Z soon enough, so it won't just be my daily ;)


Thanks Cole, your words are worth repeating:

seeing a picture of some airbagged car with retarded rims that are HUGE is bad enough, but when the photo says "SPEEDHUNTERS" in the bottom corner its like "WHAT THE F%#K?!!" thats a bigggg contradiction.


Dont know about the US, but here in Oz fitment/stance fans spew the most amount of hate towards any car thats not modded to their special and highly detailed appearance standards.

It doesnt matter how well the car is built, what style it is (jdm, drift, rice, stock, whatever), how fast it may be, how much time and effort has gone into it, it will get hated by these people unless is has the correct amount of low, the correct tyre profile, the correct wheel offset and the correct amount of camber


I like slammed cars!

Some of them actually have incredible engine mods like the hondas from nisei coverage!

In fact I am keen on a huge variety of cars from classics and shakotans to high-end hyper cars!

This 280 zx is simply amazing!

PLEASE keep posting more!

In case you dont like them, feel free to go somewhere else to hate!

70+ comments = it is a rather interesting topic so dont hesitate to post more!


Rook said:

"Every time someone throws up pictures of a flush car people spit hate."

The reason:

Because flush sucks.


lmao, i can guarantee that none of the slamburglars cars are bagged. it's called suspension perfection.


i have an fc thats pretty flush and i daily drive it, track it ANDautocross it monthly. sees more track time than half you haters. if you dont like it dont look at the pictures


That's hellarice. One hell of a lot of rice.


I must say, I usually don't take time to post a comment anywhere...

But the amount of negativity is mind-boggling.

I believe a true car enthusiast can appreciate any car built for

Any reason : car show, drag, drift, autox, street, audio competition, rally, etc etc

The people above that hated everything forget that there have always been cars built like this (minus The wheel poke/tire stretch).

Cars built by Chip Foose and Boyd Coddington: American cars/trucks with extremely clean high hp engines, slammed to the ground with amazing body work/paint jobs an even crazy audio installs.

We forget that we can't decide what's right or wrong when someone decides to modify a car...we It might not be our style but we build our cars to make ourselves happy, no one else.

***t the idiot that said cars with rubber-to-metal contact etc are not transportation, yes ur an idiot. U prove nothing with that statement.


"buy airplanes, rip the wings off of them to render them flightless and useless"



E'sFactory said:

>But the amount of negativity is mind-boggling.

That might have something to do with the overwhelming dislike of flush among the readers of this website.


My car is my way to express myself....I bought it so why should I not modify it the way I want to???? Dyno-queen, drag car,track beast, classic, beater, tuner, whatever, just do you if its what you feel. There is enough negative shit going on without bashing poeples modification preferences don't you think??????????


This is the most retarded string of comments ever. I don't understand the animosity towards this style, why does it get people so upset?

The correlation between dealing drugs "crack-cocaine" (can't believe some hick even wrote that) and these cars is completely irrelevant and ignorant. Pull your head out of your ass

Do what you like to your car IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY, and be prepared to defend it

Do what you want to this website as long as its cars its cool

And if you don't like it DON"T CLICK ON IT


flush = "dogs playing poker on black felt"



Where is the picture of all the fork lifts used to lift those things off of their trailers and set them on the ground before the show, and then lift them from the ground and place them back on their trailers after the show? We all know they are not operable and do not roll on the ground. No sense in hiding the truth.


If the flushies don't like knowing that the majority of the world doesn't care for their joke rides, then the flushies shouldn't read the comments.